Kayak, “Our Koshien! Pocket” collaborates with “Shibu Sakuzu”! Popular songs such as “Honda Engineering Theme” resonate in Koshien!

Kayak Corporation Kayak, “Our Koshien! Pocket” collaborates with “Shibu Sakuzu”! Popular songs such as “Honda Engineering Theme” resonate in Koshien! ~ “Shibudai Festival” invitation ticket present campaign is underway ~ Kayak Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Daisuke Yanagisawa, Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers: 3904, hereinafter “Kayak”) is a popular sports RPG “Bokura no Koshien! Pocket” (iOS / Android) We are pleased to announce that collaboration with the popular band “Shibu Sachizu” has started on Friday, September 6, 2019. Three popular songs specially recorded for this collaboration will appear as baseball cheer songs (BGM). [Image

[Collaboration Overview of “Our Koshien! Pocket” × “Shibu Sachizu”]
■ Collaboration started: Friday, September 6, 2019 * Update to the latest version of the app is required.
■ Collaboration contents Known as a regular of large-scale music festivals in Japan and overseas, the song of the popular large-scale band “Shibu Sachizu”, which exposed the topic at the “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2019” held in July, In Koshien! Pocket! In the baseball game held in the game, the popular song of “Shibu Sachizu” will appear as a specially recorded version as a support song (BGM). Powerful performance with the power of “Shibutsu Shizuru” enhances the game’s excitement!
■ Appearance music ・ “Honda Engineering Theme”: Attack Inning ・ “P-chan”: At chance ・ “Fight on the corner”: Defensive Inning
■ Participating artists Fuwa Daisuke: Base Ichiro Kita: Trumpet Hideki Tachibana: Alto Saxophone Takuya Matsumoto: Tenor Saxophone Satoshi Kito: Baritone Sax Koichi Yamaguchi: Keyboard Ippei Kato: Guitar Masataka Fujikake: Drums [Inviting 2 groups of 4 people to the “Shibudai Festival”! Twitter campaign now being held! ] “Our Koshien! Pocket” will support this event by co-sponsoring the “Shibu Sachizu 30th Anniversary-Shibudai Festival” held on September 16 (Monday / Holiday). To commemorate this collaboration, we invite 2 groups of 4 people to the “Shibudai Festival”.
■ How to apply for “Shibudai Festival” Twitter campaign 1. Follow our official Twitter account (@koshien_pocket) 2. “Boku no Koshien! Pocket” application Twitter posted on the official Twitter account RT * Only elected people will be contacted via DM. * Please note that if the follow is canceled or not open at the time of winning, the winning will be cancelled.
■ Outline of “Shibu Sachizu 30th Anniversary-Shibudai Festival” ・ Date and time: September 16, 2019 (Monday / holiday) OPEN 11:00 / START 12:30 / CLOSE 21:00 (wristband exchange from 10:00 on the day) ・ Location: Kanagawa / Higashi-Ogishima East Park special venue ・ Appearance: Shibu Sachizu Orchestra, ZAZEN BOYS, clammbon, ROVO, Shibuya Rin Orchestra, GOMA & The Jungle Rhythm Section, Yoshiho Nakamura, Charan Po Lantern, GEZAN, Chestnut Coder Quartet, YAKUSHIMA TREASURE (Wednesday Campanella x Ool Taichi), T-junction, Suga Dairo Trio, Hogaki Hosumi Iga Yoshida & Motoharu, MULL HOUSE (Akira Ishiwatari, Eiichi Hayashi, Katsumasa Uemura, Akira Toyama), toconoma, CRCK / LCKS, DALLJUB STEP CLUB, Kunihiro Izumi Orchestra, iron-cut albatrosket, wind dance, etc. * Rainy weather decision / stormy weather cancellation shibutaisai.com/ [Secret story of collaboration music] On August 8th, it was recorded at a live house in Yokohama. The only members who participated in this recording are the core members of Shibu Sachizu. What’s more, it became a very special organization because the band master, Fuwa, played the bass himself. Before the recording, the members of the waikibiki producer said, “Please play with the image that Shibu Sachizu is in the Koshien Alps stand …” the members laughed, “What is it?” Speaking of Koshien’s support, it is a brass band. However, if you perform too much of the brass band’s sound, you will lose the “feeling of astringency”. On the other hand, if you give too much “feeling of astringency”, there is a possibility of moving away from the image of Koshien. The key to this performance was how to achieve this delicate balance. “Fight on the corner” used in defensive inning is a song with a tension that seems to fit perfectly in a pitching game with a short breath. “Do you want to slow down BPM because it is a defensive song?” “Because I want to match the tempo of the game, enter the drum early.” Mr. Fuwa will direct the performance direction while directing. As a result of playing about 7 to 8 takes, a performance that takes advantage of unison like astringent wisdom has become a form while suppressing the ad-lib element conscious of the brass band. The recording of “Honda’s theme” and “P-chan” proceeded smoothly, and the recording of all songs was completed in about 3 hours. In order to complete a sound source that beautifully expresses an unprecedented theme of “Koshien” × “Shibutsu Shizuru”, the cotton-drawn producer seemed to feel that “this is perfect for the game!” Thank you very much to all the members of Shibu Sachizu who played happily from the beginning to the end! I want to see your performance at the real Koshien Stadium someday! [Comment from Keita Wataiki, producer of “Our Koshien! Pocket”] The brass band’s big cheering team is indispensable for high school baseball games. Enthusiastic performance further enhances the dramatic game development. While listening to the performance of Koshien’s brass band, the dream of collaboration was the dream of “If Shibu Sachizu’s music was played in the Koshien Alps, it would be the best”. For this collaboration, we had a special performance and recording of popular songs including “Honda’s Theme”, and a wonderful sound source that perfectly matched the game was completed. Be sure to play “Our Koshien! Pocket” and aim to win Koshien while enjoying the music of “Shibu Sachizu”! [About “Shibutsu Shizuru”] In September 1989, the first live performance was performed mainly by Daisuke Fuwa. Although it is a large band based on free jazz, it is active not only in orchestra organization but also in medium and small organizations. Play accompaniment has become one of the starting points, so theatrical feeling is strong. There are various elements such as jazz, rock, folk and pop songs in the performance, and the music refuses genre division. The stage is composed of musicians, dancers, dancers, performers, video, etc., and it is described as a festive band because it is a series of simultaneous “events” that enthuse the audience. FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL (Sun), SUMMER SONIC (Sun), GLASTONBURY FESTIVALS (UK), MOERS FESTIVAL (Germany), ROCCELLA (Italy), NANTES (France), QUEBEC (Canada) Received high acclaim and performed several long-term European tours, festivals and solo performances. [About “Our Koshien! Pocket”] The latest work in the “Bokura no Koshien!” Series, with over 9 million downloads in the series. The player will become a high school baseball player, aiming to participate in Koshien and win while working hard with members of the same team. The best part is that you can experience teamwork with 9 people who are fighting together (up to 15 people can join the bench). In addition, we can enjoy the production of characters that can be cultivated while having a personalized attachment, practice mode that can be continued while enjoying with dice, and game mode of tactical battle with the opponent team. [“Our Koshien! Pocket” basic information]
■ Genre: Fighting sports RPG
■ Download (Google Play / App Store): games.kayac.com/welcome/koshien-pocket
■ Supported OS: Android 4.1, iOS7.0 or higher
■ Price: Free (with in-app purchase) * Packet communication fee is required to use the app.
■ Planning / Development: Kayak
■ Game official site: koshien-pocket.kayac.com/ [Outline of Kayak Company] Company name: Kayak Corporation URL: www.kayac.com/ Location: 2-14-7 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Pref. Established: January 21, 2005 Representative Director: Daisuke Yanagisawa Masanori Kaibata Tomoki Kuba Business description: Interesting content business in Japan

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