[Soken Global Co., Ltd.] The Smile Road Osteopathic Group provides conditioning support for artists at “WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL 19”

Soken Global Co., Ltd. Smile Road Osteopathic Group provides conditioning support for artists at “WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL 19” The “Smile Road Osteopathic Group” operated by Soken Global Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hideto Fukuda, hereinafter Soken Global) is conditioning the artist at “WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL 19”. Provide support. [Image 1

The Smile College of Osteopathic Group has not only dealt with various injuries so far, but also provides physical care for many athletes, not only to return the body to a healthy state, but also to return the athlete to a body where maximum performance is possible. It has been a goal, and we have focused on supporting athletes at the top of the industry. With the desire to utilize the experience, technical capabilities, and know-how cultivated so far in a wider range of industries, the “WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL 19” will provide conditioning and massage support for artists and dancers. In addition to supporting the best performance according to the artist’s unique style, we will also create the potential of judo reduction and acupuncturists.

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■ Official site: https://wiredmusicfestival.jp/ WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL will be held on September 7th (Saturday) and 8th (Sunday) as an outdoor area rake-off event at Japan’s first international airport exhibition hall AICHI SKY EXPO, with the first 2DAYS to be held for the 5th anniversary! Held in 2019, the 5th year milestone will be held 5 minutes on foot from Chubu International Airport Station The event was decided to be held as a debris event at the venue. In 2019, by moving the location to a venue directly connected to the airport that is also accessible from overseas, the scale will be expanded to attract customers from all over the world, especially in Asia, and the appearance lineup including overseas headliners will be announced Here!
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The Smile Road Osteopath Group operates 35 stores in the Kanto area of ​​Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama, Miyagi Prefecture and Yamaguchi Prefecture, mainly in Tokyo. Based on the philosophy of about 450,000 “patient use. For patient smile” annually, we work with many friends every day. This is an osteopathic group that provides sports athlete support at the industry’s top class as well as general patients. Utilizing advanced technical capabilities and know-how, we provide support from physical condition management to treatment in a wide range of industries. [Image 9

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Company name: Soken Global Co., Ltd. Representative: Hideto Fukuda, Representative Director Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 8-14-24 Nishi-Shinjuku KF Building 706 Established: October 2003 Business description: Healthcare business centering on osteopathic clinics, acupuncture clinics, relaxation salons, and gym management, wholesale and sales of home medical massage medical equipment, etc. URL: http://www.egaodo-souken.com/ List of sports support contracts so far Yokohama FC / Nippatsu Yokohama FC Seagulls / NISMO Super GT Rio Olympic bronze medalist Kenji Fujimitsu T-League “Kinoshita Meister Tokyo” “Kinoshita Aviel Kanagawa” a-nation 2017, 2018, 2019 BANFF TOKYO (Banff Tokyo) / Del Miriole Cloud Gunma Minato Rakubi School / Special Olympics Japan FREEDOM beach 2019 in AOSHIMA / World Judo Championship Tokyo Japan Roller Sports Federation Link Hockey Japan National Team / Honolulu Triathlon / Soner Pocket BMX Pro Racing Team “GANTRIGGER” / Judo Romania National Team Motor sports “KCMG” “GAINER” / Kodokan Hawaii Judo Class / PASSPO ☆ Mach Vehicle Inspection MC86Y ’s distriction Super GT / Adenau Super Endurance Y`s distriction GTNET GT-R Super Taikyu / San Diego Padres Kazuhisa Makita Beach Volleyball Inoue / Samantha Thavasa Girls Collection Tournament Golf Kise room / Tamanoi room / Sumo Ozeki Tochinoshin / Kakekko S & C school / Ball park Synchronized swimming Mano Kimura / Kagino / WBO Super Lightweight Aston Parikute The New South Wales Waratahs Super Ruckby The ACT Brumbies Super Ruckby Many other athletes

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