[Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.] A new song of “Java” created with gorgeous guests has started distribution! Dance members of SANABAGUN., Sawagi, and Philosophy also participated.

Sony Music Labels Inc. A new song of “Jabba” created with gorgeous guests will be released! Dance members of SANABAGUN., Sawagi, and Philosophy also participated. Immediately after making a major debut in June this year, a member of the rainy day lived in various places for a month and lived selling tickets directly to the fans for a tour of Tomei Osaka alone. The new song “Kimiha” since the major debut single of JABBA DA FOOTBALL CLUB, a four-person rap group “Java” that has attracted attention due to its unique activities, such as holding a “nationally open recruitment” tour in a stance everywhere “Best” was released for download / streaming only. “You are the best” is a love song with the theme of “Blessing”. It is a love song that spun the words / messages of “life-size” that is truly a lie in the members’ own life events and the current location of each life. Following indie era works and major debuts, the artwork for the music is not limited to artist photos and art direction for jackets such as m-flo, but also NIKE, Ploom TECH, and fashion brand FACETASM Yasuda Takahiro, who also handles art direction for The graphic symbolizes the sensation, cuteness, and romanticity of the music. [Image 1

Many gorgeous guests participate in recording this song. Sawagi’s member Takuto Untangame, the trumpet member, Junichi Takahashi, the member of SANABAGUN. Guest participation of genreless people lived in Nagoya and Osaka for a month, toured nationwide in the form called by people who took care of various places, fans and related people who met at live sites in various places It is a collaboration unique to the characters of Java members who value the bonds with other people more than anything else, and are strongly supported by those people. Starting from the release of this song, the “National Open Call” tour “To Kimi no Machi” will start in earnest with 15 performances nationwide. I’m planning to go to the place that spoke to me throughout the year. Most recently, he appeared in omoinotake’s own project at Shibuya O-WEST, Tokyo on Monday, September 9th. It is a three-man live with omoinotake and THREE1989. Of course, new songs are also shown in various places. Also, in the product sales corner of the tour venue, if you showed a smartphone screen that shows that you are downloading and purchasing “You are the best” to the staff selling Java official goods, “You are the best” Artwork stickers will be presented. [Image 2

I want to check the tour schedule.
▼ Click here for each delivery site of JABBA DA FOOTBALL https://smr.lnk.to/GK6teWN
▼ “National open call for participants” tour “To your town”
▼ September 9 (Monday) TSUTAYA O-WEST “ Dogenzaka Sway ” September 13 (Fri) Fukuoka BEAT STATION “THINGS WE SAY SPECIAL” September 15 (Sun) Kawasaki City Higashi Ogishima East Park “ BAYCAMP 2019 ” Monday, September 16 Sendai space zero “Get Backers” September 20 (Friday) Shibuya VUENOS “Hot Cnady” September 21 (Sat) Shimokitazawa THREE “night after night vol.39″ September 28 (Sat) OTODAMA SEA STUDIO “ RUDIES ON THE BEACH 2019 ” October 6 (Sun) Niigata NEXS “lyrical school Tour 2019 ″ BE KIND REWIND SERIES” October 12 (Saturday) Shinsaibashi, Osaka “ MINAMI WHEEL 2019 ” October 19 (Sat) Kumamoto RECORD HOUSE WOODSTOCK “ JABBA DA FOOTBALL CLUB x macomarets ” Nov. 9 (Sat) Shinsaibashi, Osaka “ Amemura Tengoku 2019 ” We are still accepting requests for acclaimed live performances! ! → http://jbfc.jp/s/n63/diary/detail/175921?ima=0102&cd=live * Please check the official website for details such as the performance time of each performance.
▼ “You are the best” sticker gift plan
▼ Come to the “To Your Town” tour, and you will be given the “You are the best” artwork sticker for the very “best” you who downloaded “You are the Best”! ! In the product sales corner of each venue, please show the staff who sells official Java goods that you can download “You are the best” on your smartphone. Stickers are limited on a first-come-first-served basis and quantity! ! * It will be held after the Fukuoka performance on 9/13. * Please note that depending on the venue, there are restrictions on the availability and time of product sales.
▼ JABBA DA FOOTBALL CLUB major debut song “New World” music video (FULL ver.)
▼ https://youtu.be/8IKvHz0eO3U
▼ “Jabba” LIVE MOVIE from “Oh? Then, Where is Cheese?” Tour Final @SHIBUYA WWW 2018.7.6 Fri. https://youtu.be/9Dqbq8DC0iM
▼ Release information
▼ “new world” June 5, 2019 release Limited edition (SRCL-11137 ~ 8) CD + DVD, play pass included ¥ 1,800 + tax Standard board (SRCL-11139) CD only, first-pass version with play pass included ¥ 1,200 + tax * Click here for purchase / distribution / streaming watching → https://smr.lnk.to/NWdkTWN “DO N’T WORRY, BE HAPPY” February 6, 2019 (Wed) release OMKCD-0017 ¥ 1,000 + tax Label: OMAKE CLUB Click here to purchase DL / Streaming / CD http://jbfc.jp/s/n63/discography/OMKCD-0017?ima=2247 “I & i” Music Video https://youtu.be/dSlwaAWSuNo “FUCKING GOOD MILK SHAKE” Released on 14th March 2018 (Wed) OMKCD-0014 ¥ 1,000 + tax Label: OMAKE CLUB DL / streaming / CD purchase etc. http://jbfc.jp/s/n63/discography/OMKCD-0014?ima=2247 “Touch the Moon” Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIE6BsdHp5s “OFF THE WALL” Released on 15th March 2017 (Wed) OMKCD-0011 ¥ 1,000 + tax DL and CD purchase etc. http://omake-club.com/discography/off-the-wall/ “STAY GOLD, LIFE GOES ON” Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq5fJJlO57A
▼ JABBA DA FOOTBALL CLUB official site / SNS link
▼ HP: http://jbfc.jp/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/j_b_f_c Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jabbadafootballclub/
▼ Formed in 2014. Immediately after the formation, the first album “QUEST” was released in a limited number of 500 and sold out immediately. Energeticly active by holding a regular party “NEW VACANT STORE” to create their own place and appearing in events of any genre. In 2017, 2nd album “OFF THE WALL” was released. Selected as Spotify’s featured “Early Noise” and appeared as the first artist in the event • Successful national tour • Appeared in large festivals such as Summer Sonic and Bay Camp, without the barrier of the band scene / hip hop scene Become a unique existence to be active. The latest EP “FUCKING GOOD MILK SHAKE” was selected as Tawarekomen, held the first nationwide one-man tour, and succeeded in the final performance at SHIBUYA WWW. In the same year, he appeared on Fuji Rock, a hip-hop group that is rapidly gaining in recognition and ability. In 2019, she released EP “DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY”, which recorded the new song “i & i” that greatly expanded its musicality, and graduated from the label OMAKE CLUB. In June of the same year, she made her major debut with the single “Shinsekai” from Sony Music. Currently, “Nationwide open recruitment” tour is started until the end of 2019.

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000002188.000013546.html https://prtimes.jp

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