[RecoChoku] Yonezu Genshi “Ma and Deer” single top! Ukasukaji “Golden BITTER” Album No. 1 -RecoChoku Award Monthly Best Music Awards announced in August 2019-

Recochoku Co., Ltd. Yonezu Genshi “Ma and Deer” single top! Ukasukaji “Golden BITTER” Album No. 1 -RecoChoku Award Monthly Best Music Awards announced in August 2019- Recochoku Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichi Kato, “RecoChoku”) is pleased to announce the “RecoChoku Award Monthly Best Music Award August 2019”. [Image 1

In the “RecoChoku Ranking”, Yonezu Genshi “Ma and Deer” won the monthly ranking. This song is the theme song for TBS Sunday Theater “No Side Game”. Suddenly it flowed in the first episode of the drama without prior notice, the person himself tweeted that he was in charge of the theme song, and became a hot topic around SNS. Also, because it is a theme song written down, it is a song that pushes the back of the protagonist who is advancing in adversity, and it captures many viewers, such as flowing at the perfect timing along the story every time in the drama. To The synergy with such drama also helped, and when it attracted attention at the beginning of the distribution, it became the most downloaded song in August in about two weeks. In the RecoChoku ranking, since the release on August 12th (Monday / Holiday), it has been ranked first in the daily ranking. In addition, we won first place in the weekly rankings announced on August 14 (Wednesday), 21st (Wednesday) and 28th (Wednesday), and ranked first in the monthly ranking in August. Furthermore, in the album monthly ranking, “Paprika” that provided music to Foorin was ranked 5th, “Lemon” was ranked 6th, and 3 songs were ranked in the top 10 including related songs. [Image 2

As for “Album Ranking”, Ukasukaji “Golden Bitter” won the 1st monthly ranking. This work, released as a limited-edition mini-album on Monday, August 19, 2019, includes the new song “We are not afraid”, as well as “Niko and. .. “CM song” Word “, all 7 songs including” On the night of defeat “and” Hi-Five “which was first released on last year’s national tour and became the first sound source this time. From the same day of the release, we started the national hall tour “Ukasukaji TOUR 2019 WE ARE NOT AFRAID !!” with the album pulled, and the music video of “We are not afraid” using the first day video as soon as possible was lifted on the 20th of the next day. The release week was lively and exciting. First place in the daily ranking and first place in the weekly ranking announced on August 21 (Wednesday) and 28 (Wednesday). It became the most downloaded album in August. Ukasukaji was formed based on the concept of “a project to create various communications with music and soccer”. On September 29th (Sunday), “MIFA Football Park 5th anniversary party” will be held at Toyosu PIT to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the MIFA Football Park operated by Toyosu by the MIFA affiliated with Ukasukaji. “WE ARE NOT AFRAID !!” & Tokyo performance held! This will surely be exciting. [RecoChoku Award Monthly Best Musical Award] August 2019 (announced on September 1, 2019)
■ RecoChoku Ranking 1st place: “Ma and Deer” Genshi Yonezu (distributed on August 12, 2019) 2nd place: “Is there still something I can do for love?” RADWIMPS 3rd place: “us” miles 4th place: “Fate” Official 髭 男 dism 5th place: “Paprika” Foorin recochoku.jp/ranking/single/monthly/
■ Album ranking 1st place: “Golden BITTER” Ukasukaji (distributed on August 19, 2019) 2nd place: “A COMPLETE -ALL SINGLES-” Ayumi Hamasaki 3rd place: “You don’t have to be strong until dawn (Special Edition)” Nogizaka 46 4th place: “Weather Child” RADWIMPS 5th: “SCARLET feat. Afrojack” 3rd generation J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE recochoku.jp/ranking/album/monthly/ * 1. Recochoku ranking is the total ranking of downloads (single and high-res singles) distributed on Recochoku. * 2. Album ranking is the total ranking of downloads (albums) distributed on Recochoku. * RecoChoku Award is the original Recochoku Award that counts the number of downloads for each target type during the target period and recognizes the most downloaded songs.

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