[Soken Global Co., Ltd.] Smile Road Osteopathic Group provides conditioning support at AK-69 LIVE TOUR 2019 “THE ANTHEM JAPAN TOUR”

Soken Global Co., Ltd. The Smile Road Osteopathic Group provides conditioning support at AK-69 LIVE TOUR 2019 “THE ANTHEM JAPAN TOUR” …………………………………………………………………………………………… “Smile Road Osteopathic Group” operated by Soken Global Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hideto Fukuda, hereinafter Soken Global) is AK-69 LIVE TOUR 2019 “THE ANTHEM JAPAN TOUR” In addition, we will support the artists and related parties by utilizing the advanced technology of the Smile Road Group. [Image 1

Left: AK-69 Right: Sou Global Co., Ltd. Representative Hideto Fukuda The Smile Smile Osteopathic Group has not only dealt with a wide range of injuries, but also the physical care of athletes and artists, aiming not only to return the body to a healthy state, but also to achieve the maximum performance. Until now, we have focused on supporting athletes and artists at the top of the industry. With the desire to utilize the experience, technical capabilities and know-how cultivated so far in a wider range of industries, we will provide conditioning and massage support for artists, dancers and related parties at AK-69 LIVE TOUR 2019 “ THE ANTHEM JAPAN TOUR ” Decided to do. In addition to supporting the best performance according to the artist’s unique style, we will also create the potential for judo reduction and acupuncturists.
■ Event Overview 9/27 (Friday) Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO [69Homies Only] 10/19 (Sat) Nagano JUNK BOX 10/20 (Sun) Toyama MAIRO 10/24 (Thu) Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO 10/25 (Friday) Shibuya Duo music exchange [69Homies Only] 10/27 (Sun) Sendai Rensa 11/8 (Friday) Kyoto MUSE 11/9 (Sat) Wakayama SHELTER 11/10 (Sun) Kobe Harbor Studio 11/24 (Sun) HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3 11/29 (Fri) Aomori Quarter 11/30 (Sat) the five morioka 12/1 (Sun) Koriyama HIP SHOT JAPAN 12/7 (Sat) Takamatsu Monster 12/8 (Sun) Matsuyama W studio RED 12/13 (Friday) Live House Hamamatsu window frame 12/14 (Sat) Yokkaichi CLUB ROOTS 12/21 (Sat) 柏 PALOOZA 12/22 (Sun) HEAVEN’S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2 1/11 (Sat) Kagoshima CAPARVO HALL 1/12 (Sunday) Kumamoto B.9 V1 1/13 (Monday) Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS 1/17 (Friday) Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO 1/18 (Sat) Okayama YEBISU YA PRO 1/26 (Sun) Sapporo PENNY LANE 24
■ AK-69 [Image 2

A lonely HIP HOP artist. As his lyrics say “Darely choose a steep road”, he is a rapper who aims to reach the top in a difficult environment. He won first place in the Oricon General DVD Chart and won the “Best Hip Hop Artist” at the Music Award MTV VMAJ 2015. Received the first Japanese interview with “HOT97”, famous as the No.1 HIP HOP radio station in New York, and performed live at events hosted by the station. In Japan, the Arena Tour including Nippon Budokan was successful in 2014, and in the following 2015, a hall tour was held around 13 cities nationwide, which is the largest career. Shined three times in the usage rate No. 1 of professional baseball players appeared (’14, ’15, ’17). From top athletes such as boxing world champions, soccer players, jockeys, gymnastics, and martial arts, to IT companies and many managers, they receive great support from all directions. In January 2016, he founded “Flying B Entertainment Inc.”, where he represented himself in search of further “independent”. In April 2016, he signed a blitz contract as the first artist after restarting the legendary HIP HOP label “Def Jam Recordings” in Japan. On November 23, 2016, the first full album “DAWN” was released from the label. And October 18, 2017. The Nippon Budokan live “DAWN in BUDOKAN” will be held for the first time in about three and a half years. A new page was created in the history of Japanese HIP HOP in a large crowd with all seats sold out. In March 2018, the Budokan performance “ DAWN in BUDOKAN ” video product, in May the shocking single “ BRAVE feat. Toshl (X JAPAN) ” was delivered, and in June, this single included the ultimate collaboration Released BEST album “Musou Collaborations -The undefeated-“. 24 tours nationwide from September ended with great success at the Sapporo performance on January 27, the long-awaited Def Jam Recordings 2nd album “THE ANTHEM” was released on February 27, and it was the first time for the third time The 2nd consecutive Budokan performance was held on March 30 and March 31, 2019. To summarize the 15th anniversary of solo debut, the first day was divided from 2004 to 2011, and the second day was divided from 2012 to 2019. We paid great success for the crowd. “Even if you win, how you win” Without bending the belief of AK-69, The true legend is now dawning … [AK-69 Official Site] URL: ak-69.jp/
■ About Soken Global Co., Ltd. [Image 3

The Smile College of Osteopathic Group is an osteopathic group that provides sports athlete support at the industry’s top class as well as general patients. Utilizing advanced technical capabilities and know-how, we provide support from physical condition management to treatment in a wide range of industries. Company name: Soken Global Co., Ltd. Representative: Hideto Fukuda, Representative Director Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 8-14-24 Nishi-Shinjuku KF Building 706 Established: October 2003 Business description: Healthcare business centered on osteopathic clinics, acupuncture clinics, relaxation salons, sports gym management, wholesale and sales of home medical massage medical equipment, etc. URL: http://www.egaodo-souken.com/ List of sports support contracts so far Yokohama FC / Nippatsu Yokohama FC Seagulls / NISMO Super GT T-League “Kinoshita Meister Tokyo” “Kinoshita Aviel Kanagawa” / a-nation 2017, 2018, 2019 BANFF TOKYO (Banff Tokyo) / Del Miriole Cloud Gunma / Minato Ruckby School Special Olympics Japan Japan Roller Sports Federation Link Hockey Japan Representative Honolulu Triathlon / BMX Pro Racing Team “GANTRIGGER” / Judo Romania National Team Motor sports “KCMG” “GAINER” / Kodokan Hawaii Judo Class / PASSPO ☆ Mach Vehicle Inspection MC86Y ’s distriction Super GT / Adenau Super Endurance Y`s distriction GTNET GT-R Super Taikyu / San Diego Padres Kazuhisa Makita Beach Volleyball Inoue / Samantha Thavasa Girls Collection Tournament Golf Kise room / Tamanoi room / Sumo Ozeki Tochinoshin / Kakekko S & C school / Ball park Synchronized swimming Kimano Mano and Konno players / WBO Super Lightweight Aston Palychte players The New South Wales Waratahs Super Ruckby The CT Brumbies Super Ruckby Many other athletes

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