[Adastria Co., Ltd.] Masami Hamada and Nana Komatsu are participating in forest art! niko and … This fall’s new WEB movie is released!

Adastria Co., Ltd. Masami Hamada and Nana Komatsu are in the forest art! niko and … This fall’s new WEB movie is released! Pay attention to the unaffected dance of two people “Niko and …” is a style editorial brand developed by Adastria Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and President: Michio Fukuda), whose corporate slogan is “Play fashion!” ) “Will appear on September 11th (Wednesday) with Masaaki Suda and Nana Komatsu, brand ambassadors, and Chie Morimoto (Chie Morimoto) ) Will release a new web movie “autumn true true true”. The music used is Ukasukaji’s “words” following the previous work. In addition, TVCM with 6 patterns will start broadcasting from Thursday, September 12. Please expect by all means.
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■ Movie concept With a woman collecting leaves A man who sublimates art like sparks The time when sparks and leaves start beeping Create with instant life of nature decaying in the forest. In the ultimate realism of nature, Manipulate dangerous things such as light and wind Enjoy the unnatural nature of art. Establish the moment of change of this season. Like an autumn specimen. Men and women become part of the art and part of nature and rhythm. Beyond the clothes frame, wear nature as if your skin expands. An irreplaceable feeling that burns and a beautiful space when it decays It is interlaced and expressed like a lattice pattern. Sena Museum (The Forest of Art to Visualize and Settlement) Fascinate the amount of heat that is scattered to disappear Burn the painting to our hearts. [Image 2

[Image 3

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■ Shooting episode This time, the shooting was done surrounded by nature. Mr. Hirota and Mr. Komatsu were impressed by the number of art sets that were created in large forests, like art works, “Evolving with each increase!” There were many challenges that were not seen in the niko and … movie where two people appeared, such as making movements with choreography and using large puppets. Immediately mastered and went to production. It was a beautiful movie that made you feel the beginning of autumn and the art with the perfect movement of the two people who have co-starred many times.
■ Shooting off shot [Image 5

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■ Performer Profile Masaaki Suda Born on February 21, 1993, from Osaka Prefecture. Debuted in 2009 with “Kamen Rider W”. Since then, he has been active in a wide range of dramas, movies, stage performances and radio. Recent appearances include the drama “dele”, “Class A, 3 years-you are now hostage”, the movies “Aoi, Wilderness”, “Spark”, “My Neighbor Monster”, “ , Love. “,” Archimedes War “,” Taro’s Stupid “and so on. The waiting works include the movie “Ito” (scheduled to be released in 2020 / starring) and the leading stage “Carigura” (performed in November 2019). Nana Komatsu Born on February 16, 1996, from Tokyo. Acted as a model since 2008. After that, she appeared on TV and CM. In 2014, she made her movie debut with “Thirsty.” Directed by Tetsuya Nakajima. Recent appearances include the movie “Silence-Silence”, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable, First Chapter”, “Slope Apollo”, “Love is After the Rain”, “Coming”, “Samurai “Marathon”, “Goodbye lips”, etc. The movie “Closed Ward-Each Morning-” (released November 1, 2019), the movie “Sakura” (scheduled to be released in early summer 2020), the movie “Ito” (scheduled to be released in 2020 and starring), etc. Is
■ Interview with Mr. Koda and Mr. Komatsu Q: What are your thoughts on shooting? Komatsu: Art is completely different. Tomita: Yeah! It’s evolving as you increase the number of times. Komatsu-san: It has evolved a lot. Tomita-san: The rear car (and the scene) is also good. The road was beautiful. The place where I went was “Autumn”. How many autumn leaves did you use today? Komatsu: It was amazing. Q: Did you try moving the puppet? Komatsu: It might be difficult to handle. Mr. Hamada: Yeah. If there are 2 or 3 more weeks … Komatsu-san: You might be a professional. Lol Mr. Hamada: You can be a professional. Lol Q: What kind of role should Mr. Komatsu do if you make a video at niko and …? Tomita-san: I like a slightly more manic world view. Komatsu: I’m stuck! Lol Tomita-san: Do you do a man? Komatsu: It looks interesting! A man … Hirota: I won’t come out … Komatsu: It ’s a lie! ? Mr. Hamada: Because I am the director. Komatsu-san: (I) played a second role? Mr. Hamada: Yes. Komatsu: That’s amazing. Mr. Hamada: Because there are men (and clothes). Komatsu: That’s right. surely. Mr. Hamada: It looks good. Komatsu: It looks difficult. Tomita-san: I’ll have this hair wig (pointing at my head). Komatsu-san: Until then! ?
■ Ukasukaji Profile Ukasukaji [Image 7

Unit by Mr.Kazutoshi Sakurai (Mr. Children) and GAKU-MC. Sing “Japan with the Soccer of Victory” with the Japan National Football Association official soccer support song. The activity started when I talked about making a 2014 version of “Do not take your hands!” Previously announced in May 2006 under the joint name. 1st album “AMIGO” was released in June 2014. In July 2016, the 2nd album “T-shirt and us” (recorded in “Anniversary”) was released. Furthermore, in August of this year, a tour of five locations nationwide “Ukasukaji TOUR 2019 WE ARE NOT AFRAID !!” will be held. MIFA, to which Ukasukaji belongs, is a project that creates various communications with music and soccer. MIFA: http://mifa.co.jp MIFA Football Park: http://mifafootballpark.com MIFA Football Park Sendai: http://sendai.mifafootballpark.com MIFARA: http://www.mifara.com
■ Interview with art director Chie Morimoto Q: Please tell us about the particulars of this web movie. Ms. Morimoto: I was particular about drawing calmly without adding too much emotion to the beauty in nature. There was no composition at all, and I took a picture in the heavy rain forest. Q: Brand Ambassadors Mr. Hamada and Mr. Komatsu are the second tags since the movie in spring. Please tell us your impressions at this site. Ms. Morimoto: Although they were inorganic like leaves, they flew their lives swaying, I was surprised that two people could move without a signal like a wind flowing in the forest. Spring was natural, but this fall / winter is unnatural, but the eyes and Thanks to the two people, it was possible to create a picture that felt emotion at the fingertips and moved the heart a lot. . I think it ’s really amazing.
■ Art Director Profile Chie Morimoto (Chie Morimoto) [Image 8

Head of goen ° Inc. Communication Director / Art Director. Visiting professor at Musashino Art University. Joined Hakuhodo after graduating from Musashino Art University in 1999. In 2006, he became the youngest ADC member in history. ’07 Established goen ° Co., Ltd. with the motto of “Inventing encounters, making dreams come true and connecting people”. NHK Taiga drama “E”, morning TV series “Teppan” title work, “half, blue.” Poster design, corporate advertisements such as Canon, KIRIN, niko and … I was also in charge of advertising. The activities include Yumi Matsutoya and Mr. Children’s artwork, movies and stage art, and zoo and nursery space direction. In 2011, won the ADC Grand Prix for the first time at Suntory’s “Song Relay”. He has received numerous prizes including the Itami Juso Award, the Architectural Institute of Japan Award, and the Nikkei Woman of the Year 2012. He is the Artistic Director and Jury Chairman of the Kineko International Film Festival.
■ TVCM overview Broadcast start date: Thursday, September 12 Broadcast area: Nationwide (some areas may not be broadcast) CM seconds: 15 seconds (4 types), 30 seconds (2 types)
■ About niko and … Niko and … is a “style editorial brand” that develops apparel, miscellaneous goods, furniture, and food and drinks. In addition to practicality, we have a lineup of items that make you feel somewhere humor, so you can “explode” unexpected surprises and discoveries and eventually “appropriate” your lifestyle. Based on this message, we are developing business for men and women in their 20s and 30s. 135 stores nationwide. The niko and … TOKYO store will have a special corner linked to the world view of “autumn true true true” to commemorate the release of the new web movie from Thursday, September 12th. Props and puppets actually used in the movie will also appear. Please come to the store at this opportunity. niko and … TOKYO 6-12-20 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo J6 FRONT 1F, 2F Official WEB store [.st]: www.dot-st.com/nikoand/
■ About Adastria Adastria Co., Ltd. (Representative Director, Chairman and President: Michio Fukuda) is a casual fashion chain with more than 20 brands in Japan and overseas, including “Global Work”, “Nico and” and “Lawley’s Farm”. “Play fashion!” Is a corporate slogan, with the desire to “deliver a lot of excitement to the world while enjoying fashion and life”. [Image 9

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