[EXest Co., Ltd.] Business collaboration with Japan’s largest ticket agency “Ticket Pia”! About 100,000 registered events can be sent and booked in English to foreign tourists visiting Japan!

EXest Co., Ltd. Business collaboration with Japan’s largest ticket agency, Ticket Pia! About 100,000 registered events can be sent and booked in English to foreign tourists visiting Japan! A new service “Event Picks (Trademark Registration Pending)” has been released, where guides that make use of individuality and specialty areas select events from “Ticket Pia” from their own perspective and introduce recommended points in English! EXest Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Nakabayashi) that operates WOW U, which allows foreign tourists visiting Japan to search for “what to do in Japan” for travel Mae and Naka Yukihiro (hereinafter “EXest”) is a business collaboration with Pia Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Pia”) that sells tickets for leisure and entertainment and plans and manages various events. We are pleased to announce that “pending”) has been released.
◆ What is Event Picks? Event Picks is a new function that introduces events selected by a guide called “WOW U-mediator (trademark registration pending)” from a unique point of view, and proposes everything from purchasing tickets to guiding. WOW U-mediator is a person who provides tours that give the best experience in Japan for foreign tourists visiting Japan, as well as transmitting the wonderfulness of Japan to the world as content. In Event Picks, WOW U-mediator himself selects events related to his / her interests and specialties, and introduces recommended points from his own perspective along with basic information. They can also purchase tickets (accept ticketing and receive tickets) and accompany events in response to requests from tourists. Event Picks will be added as a new feature of the service site “WOW U” operated by EXest. [Image 1

WOW U https://www.wowu.jp/ * WOW U: A service site where foreign tourists visiting Mae and Naka can find out what to do in Japan. In addition to searching for keywords and major areas, users can search for destinations and experiences using multiple methods such as WOW U-mediator, tourist spots, events, and Konomy for AI recommendation functions.
◆ How Event Picks works [Image 2

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◆ Event Picks Release Background About 100,000 events are registered in Ticket Pia, Japan’s largest ticket agency operated by Pia. Some of these events are registered not only for Japan but also for people from overseas, but there were various issues in promoting and selling them to overseas visitors. One of the major issues was language (English) support. If you are a foreign customer, you will need to translate the registered event contents as well as your interaction with the customer in English. Ticket purchase procedures were another issue. In Japan, phone number authentication (valid only for domestic numbers) is required at the time of application, and purchase must be done at a convenience store or ticketing location to receive tickets. Therefore, it is difficult for foreigners living abroad to receive tickets in Japan. In order to solve such problems, this time, “Event Picks” is a new function that was jointly released with the cooperation of WOW U-mediator, which has uniqueness and characteristics. Event Picks solves Pia’s issues when sending event information overseas, including “Dissemination and promotion of event information in English”, “Procedures for purchasing tickets for travelers to Japan”, and “English guidance at event venues” And made it possible to approach foreign tourists visiting Japan. WOW U-mediator selects multiple events that match your sensibility and field of expertise from the Japanese event information provided by Pia. After that, we created a dedicated page in English with basic information about the event (event title, date / time, place, amount, etc.) and recommended points unique to them based on their sensitivity and knowledge. Through WOW U, we will send and promote them to foreign tourists visiting Japan. The role of WOW U-mediator is not limited to event information transmission. They can also go with you to guide you to the event, together with ticket purchase procedures (ticketing and ticket receipt) and, if requested by the traveler. If you accompany the event, you will be able to smoothly handle English in the venue, and you can also propose manners and ways of enjoying unique to WOW U-mediator. In addition, before and after the event, it is possible to provide various ways to enjoy Japan by using the event as a guide to sightseeing spots near the venue. Future prospects In the future, we will increase the number of event pages that the guide (WOW U-mediator), who makes use of personality and expertise, introduces from its own perspective, expanding the options for travelers in Japan, and “I want this person to guide me.” Create a system that enhances the travel of foreign tourists visiting Japan by choosing (hiring) a guide, such as “I want to go to an event with this person” or “It may be fun to participate in an event with a guide” It is a plan. ◇ About WOW U WOW U is a service site where foreign tourists visiting Japan, such as “Travel Mae” and “Travel Naka”, can find out what to do in Japan. In addition to searching for keywords and major areas, the site covers multiple search methods such as a guide called WOW U-mediator (pending trademark registration), sightseeing spots, events, and Konomy for AI recommendation functions. WOW U https://www.wowu.jp/ ◇ About Ticket Pia Ticket Pia is a shopping site that sells tickets for music, sports, theater and movies. In addition to purchasing tickets, we also offer an email service where you can get the latest information and a “resale service” to find alternatives to tickets you can no longer go to. Ticket Pia https://t.pia.jp/ [Overview of EXest Co., Ltd.] ・ Company name: EXest Corporation ・ Location: East of Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-25-4 Grand Maison Ebisu East ・ Representative: Yukihiro Nakabayashi, Representative Director and CEO ・ Establishment date: December 1, 2016 ・ Number of employees: 11 (as of April 2019) ・ Capital (including reserves): 141 million yen ・ Business description: Matching platform management between tourists visiting Japan and professional guides, local media management, local guide education activities, regional revitalization projects ・ Corporate site: www.exest.jp ・ WOW U site: www.wowu.jp/ ・ WOW U-media: wow-u.jp/media/ ・ WOW U-media (Facebook): www.facebook.com/WOWUmedia/ [Inquiries regarding this press release] Public Relations Manager of EXest Co., Ltd .: Miyuki Shido and Kanako Ito Email: cs@exest.jp

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