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“Sadamasashi Christmas Dinner Show 2019” Held

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[Hotel Nikko Kumamoto]
“Masada Sada Christmas Dinner Show 2019” held …………………………………………………………………………………………… Hotel Nikko Kumamoto (Kamitsu-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, President and CEO: Hiroshi Kawasaki) will hold “Sadamasashi Christmas Dinner Show 2019” on Monday, December 9th.
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“Sadamasashi” is loved by a wide range of generations with energetic music activities such as unprecedented 4,300 solo concerts, collaboration with many artists, and music provision. Spend a special night drunk with the voice of a national artist.
[Event Overview]

● Event name “Sadamasashi Christmas Dinner Show 2019”
● Date and time: Monday, December 9, 2019 Reception / 18: 00 ~ Dinner / 18: 30 ~, Show / 20: 00 ~
● Performance Masashi Sada
● Venue: Hotel Nikko Kumamoto 5th floor banquet hall “ASO”
● Fee ¥ 43,000 (Dinner, Drink, Show) * Price includes consumption tax and service charge.
● Reservation method: Telephone: 096-211-1184 nikko-kumamoto.co.jp/)
[Masashi Sada Profile]
Born in Nagasaki City. Singer / songwriter and novelist. Debuted as a folk duo grape in 1973. Started activities as a solo singer in 1976. Produces numerous hit songs such as “Kanpaku Declaration” and “From the North Country”. In addition to over 4,300 concerts, as a novelist, he also announced “Summer” and “The Lion in the Wind”. Many works have been made into movies and TV dramas. It has also gained popularity as a personality of NHK “Tonight’s Live and Sadamasashi”. In August 2015, established a foundation-like Lion Foundation (approved as a public interest corporation in July 2017). A variety of subsidized projects and disaster area support projects. May 15, 2019 Self-cover album “New Self-Food” 2 titles released. National tour started on the 18th of the same month.
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◇ About Hotel Nikko Kumamoto ◇ Opened on May 31, 2002. Located in the center of Kumamoto City, adjacent to the largest shopping arcade and office district in western Japan. Great location within walking distance to Kumamoto Castle and government offices. In addition, Kumamoto’s largest banquet hall that can accommodate up to 1,500 square meters, 600 square meters of medium banquet halls, and 11 small banquet halls can be used for large-scale conventions and banquets. receive. The 191 guest rooms are spacious, with a view of Kumamoto Castle from the west toward the restoration and the magnificent Aso mountains from the east.

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