[Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.] “Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT” delivers new rugby charms from Marunouchi “Marunouchi Rugby Shrine” appears in the Marunouchi Building to pray for the happiness of all people who love rugby!

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. “Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT” delivers new rugby appeal from Marunouchi “Marunouchi Rugby Shrine”, which prays for the happiness of all people who love rugby, is now available in the Marunouchi Building! Rugby exchange base “Kominkan” opened / “Rugby Bench Art” by famous athletes and characters completed Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. is conducting various activities to further excite the tournament as an official sponsor of the “Rugby World Cup 2019 (TM) Japan Tournament” (hereinafter “Meeting”). Mitsubishi Estate established the Marunouchi Rugby Shrine on the exterior of the Maru Building on August 20, one month before the start of the tournament. This shrine is a shrine that prays for the happiness of all people who love rugby, and is located within the precincts of the world heritage “Shimogamo Shrine” in Zinza, Kyoto City. I pray for the connection between people born through rugby and the new encounters. In addition, “Kominkan” is the new Tokyo Building 1 as a place where various people related to rugby, including residents of the virtual city “Marunouchi 15-chome” in “Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT.” Opened on the floor. At “Kominkan”, various events and talk sessions are held as needed, with the concept of “connecting places” for people who meet through rugby, as well as sales of rugby fans watching T-shirts and bags, art scrum-related goods, and rugby. We lend books with the theme of. Furthermore, “Rugby Bench Art”, which has been installed in the Marunouchi area since January this year, is now available. “Rugby Bench Art” is a bench art that combines famous athletes and popular characters with rugby balls. In June of this year, bench art by Toshino Shinji, Chico, and Yuzuru Hanyu joined the Marunouchi area. [Image 1

■ Marunouchi Rugby Shrine On Tuesday, August 20, 2019, the Marunouchi Rugby Shrine was erected on the exterior of the Maru Building to pray for the happiness of all those who love rugby. Our shrine is located within the precincts of the world heritage site Shimogamo Shrine in the city of Kyoto, and sings the god of “ Zasha Shrine ” deeply related to rugby, connecting people born through rugby, We pray for a new encounter and tie an “ellipse edge” in the shape of a rugby ball. Also, rugby ball shaped ema (300 yen) will be sold at Marunouchi Happ. Stand & Gallery (2 minutes walk from Marunouchi Building). On August 20, 2019 (Tue), Shimogamo Shrine came to the priesthood and held a erection ceremony. * In the precincts of the world heritage site “Shimogamo Shrine”, “Saita” is deeply associated with rugby. It is said that there is a profit of ball game improvement because the “soul” of the god of God of “Zota-sha” “Shintama Life” leads to “ball”. Also, in 1882, the first three rugby students in the same precincts, the former three high schools (now Kyoto University) and Keio University, played rugby in the Kansai region. A stone monument of “Kick Land” was built, making it a sacred place for rugby. Installation period: August 20 (Tuesday) to November (scheduled) 2019 * Installed throughout the day Venue: Marunouchi Building (Marunouchi Nakadori side) Special feature: A shrine built on a lawn inspired by a rugby field, A rugby ball type bell is installed. There is a picture board on the side of the company, You can apply for an elliptical ema (paid). [Image 2

■ Komikan (public hall) Opened on the 1st floor of the new international building as a new base where various people related to rugby, such as Marunouchi 15-chome residents, who currently have about 5,000 people, can interact. We sell Niwaka rugby fans watching T-shirts and bags, art scrum (see below) related goods, and rent out books on the theme of rugby. It will be used as a place for “new encounters” and “new values” brought by rugby, and as a place for rest for the Japanese rugby fans. Venue: 3-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo New International Building 1F (Marunouchi Nakadori side) Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00 [Image 3

■ Event information Title: Sing and talk about “Challenge J9 & Scrum Unison” rugby! Second edition of Marunouchi 15th Street Sun Time: September 5, 2019 (Thursday) from 19:00 Contents: “Challenging J9” calling for support for patients with intractable disease ALS and donation to treatment research, and “Scrum Unison” aiming to sing the national anthem with people from various countries / regions around the world with their shoulders around Japan ”Is an event in which tags are formed to talk and sing rugby. On the eve of the match between Japan Rugby National Team and South Africa, we will listen to the commentary of Junichi Murakami and sing the national anthem of South Africa together. Title: No Side Dialog Contents: No Side Dialog is an interactive event that combines rugby with various themes. Themes of dialogue range from “Family” x “Rugby”, “Cooking” x “Rugby”, “Working” x “Rugby”. The event invites experts from each theme and rugby players, etc., and discusses the charms and issues of each subject together with the event participants. We will explore how new ideas and awareness born from dialogue can be connected to the participants’ own business and life, and how they can be returned to society. A kick-off event was held on August 30 (Friday), and on September 3 (Tuesday), the event was held with the theme of “mental health” and “Rugby” with the participation of Rugby Top League representative director Kensuke Hiyama. Did. Next time around the end of September, Mr. Kim Jong-sung (NTT Communications) will participate and discuss the theme of “tea ceremony” and “rugby”.
■ RUGBY BENCH ART In the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho areas, bench art that combines rugby balls with active athletes and popular characters has been installed with the desire to feel rugby familiar. Installation period: ~ End of December 2019 (planned) Location: Otemachi / Marunouchi / Yurakucho area Installation work: ・ Nakagawa family (Takeshi, Reiji) Kumamon Reach Michael Ninja Satoshi Tochino Yuzuru Hanyu

Chico-chan [Image 4

■ Efforts after September
■ Border Border Project Speaking of rugby jerseys, “border”. Original web video related to the border has been distributed since September 5. Not only rugby core fans but also chickens can enjoy. Several domestic top leaguers have also appeared. https://marunouchi15-border.com/ In addition, from September 20th when the tournament begins, we plan to develop “Border Gourmet” in collaboration with restaurants in the Marunouchi area and city dressing with border patterns in facilities in the Marunouchi area. [Image 5

■ City dressing During the opening of the tournament, decorations related to rugby will be performed around Marunouchi Naka-dori and Yukiyuki-dori, making the city gorgeous and exciting. In addition, the illumination of Marunouchi Nakadori, which will be held around November, will start lighting in some areas from September 20 this year. [Image 6

■ Rugby x movie “BY THE RUGBY” The movie “BY THE RUGBY” where you can fully enjoy the charm of the Rugby World Cup, including the famous scenes of the Rugby World Cup, the words of the gems left by the world’s top lagermen, and the enthusiasm of each host city Although it has been released sequentially since last September, new works will be announced after September this year. [Image 7

■ Original art program “ART SCRUM” The original art program “ART SCRUM” is based on the concept of “Rugby is an art” and has a rugby experience and still has a passion for rugby. 15 musicians, architects and designers produce and display works on the theme of rugby balls. Starting from the exhibition in Marunouchi in June this year, it has been exhibited in Yokohama, Osaka, Oita, and Hakone, and will be exhibited again in Marunouchi from September 20. URL: https://artscrum.com/ [Image 8

■ About “Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT” “Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT” is a project that pays attention to the various attractions of rugby and sends out new and unique rugby attractions from various perspectives such as art, business, and movies. In this event, we will learn about rugby from a wide range of people, from adults to children, and develop various contents as a chance to become fond of them. On the official website of ”Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT.” And SNS, information on this project was disseminated, and at the same time, the project was supported and the project was promoted together as a resident of the fictional town “Marunouchi 15-chome”. We are looking for those who can.
■ Statement Rugby is not just powerful. That is one of the sure charms. But not all. A precise brain war. Diversity beyond race. Fair play as a gentleman. A well-trained humanity. There are many entrances where you can “like”. Much more than everyone can imagine This is a place where you can meet the new charm of rugby. A city where everyone can become a real and virtual community through rugby. Some people like rugby. Some people are not. With all you. From this city Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT.
■ Logo mark A rugby ball consisting of a set of 15 figures. At the same time, it expresses the “town” where each individual is connected. “15” is the number of rugby players, and is an aggregate of one team. Strengthen bonds and continue to challenge. The spirit is connected to city planning and rugby. * [Image 9

■ “Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT.” WEB Official SNS “We are looking for residents of“ Marunouchi 15-chome ”at the website of“ Marunouchi 15-chome PROJECT. ” In addition, the official Facebook and Twitter also publish the project content from time to time. ・ Marunouchi 15chome WEB site Https://marunouchi15.com/ ・ Official Facebook Page name: Marunouchi 15th Street User name: @ marunouchi15 URL: https: //www.facebook.com/marunouchi15/ ・ Official Twitter Account name: Marunouchi 15-chome User name: @ marunouchi15 URL: https: //twitter.com/marunouchi15 Marunouchi Call Center TEL: 03-5218-5100 (11: 00-21: 00) * On Sundays and public holidays, until 20:00 (In the case of consecutive holidays, only the last day is until 20:00)

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