[General Shibuya Mirai Design] Finally held! Japan’s largest city excursion event based in Shibuya

Shibuya future design Finally held! Japan’s largest city excursion event based in Shibuya Mr. Yuta Murata has decided to receive a talk session based on actual experience until grabbing the WBA world middleweight title, and to win the social action award of talented Ryucheru!
■ Period: September 11 (Wed)-September 22 (Sun)
■ Venue: Approximately 20 locations based on Shibuya, including Shibuya, Omotesando, and Harajuku Official website: social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/ [Image 1

The SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA Executive Committee will conduct a social excursion-type event “SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2019” (hereinafter referred to as SIW) from September 11 (Wed) to 22 (Sun). ) Will be held at various places such as landmarks and event spaces in the Shibuya / Harajuku / Omotesando area. Finally, the content lineup is finalized. We will also inform you that Mr. Yuta Murata and Mr. Ryucher, who have won the WBS World Middleweight Champion, have decided to participate. Various programs & speakers are decided! [Image 2

■ DIVE DIVERSITY SESSION Yuta Murata Theme “Courage to Take One Step” September 21 (Sat) 19: 15-20: 00 Shibuya Hikarie 8F 8 / COURT In July 19th, Yuta Murata became the first Japanese boxing world champion to recapture the WBA middleweight title. However, the competition life was never smooth sailing. What is the driving force that has left results so far? His philosophy of “courage to take one step” is based on self-analysis. Talk session with real experience. Profile: Yuta Murata / WBA World Middleweight Champion, London Olympic Boxing Middleweight Gold Medalist Started boxing in middle school and achieved 5 crowns in high school. Retired from active duty, but returned in 2009. 2012 London Olympic boxing middleweight gold medal. Pro debut in August 2013. Currently, WBA middleweight champion [Image 3

■ 10 SHIBUYA SOCIAL ACTION AWARDs were selected and awarded! September 15 (Sunday) 19: 30-21: 00 Shibuya Hikarie 9F Hall A Talent Ryu who was appointed as Shibuya Diversity Evangelist last year in this award to select and recognize 10 groups and individuals who continued to promote “ THINK ” to “ ACTION ” from the 2018 SIW participants Mr. Cheel was also selected, and the commendation was decided in recognition of his ongoing activities throughout the year. Profile: Ryuchel / Talent Born in 1995. After moving to Harajuku, he worked as a reader model alongside the shop clerk. Breaked on TV in 15 years. Started music activities under the name of “RYUCHELL” under the theme of “Getting back my color” in 18 years. [Three activities that make up SIW events] 1. LEARNING * LEARNING is paid content, so please purchase from the ticket purchase site. Developed a talk session “DIVE DIVERSITY SESSION” to invite various experts from Japan and overseas to explore the possibilities of the future. With the theme of “NEW RULES.”, Various speakers will have a talk session over 8 days. PICK UP! Featured speakers
■ DAY 1: 9/15 (Sunday) [SHIBUYA SOCIAL ACTION AWARD] 19: 30-21: 00 Shibuya Hikarie 9th Floor Hall A Awarded to SIW participants from last year for groups and individuals who continued to promote projects as social actions. In this year’s award, 10 winners will be selected and the winners and their activities will be announced and recognized. [Award winner] Ryuchel / Shogo Muto / Takumi Yoshida / Hello Kitty / BBOY TAISUKE / Super Welfare Exhibition / green drinks shibuya / trialog ASHOKA JAPAN / VEX Robotics (* In no particular order, titles omitted) [Keynote] 11: 50-19: 00 Shibuya Hikarie Hall A Speaker: Kazuhiro Fujiwara “What can children learn in the AI ​​era?” 14: 15-15: 00 social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/events/event/568/
■ DAY 2: 9/16 (Monday) [Diversity] 12: 00-19: 00 Shibuya Hikarie 8 / COURT Speaker: Mr. Fumino Sugino “New Family” 13: 15-14: 00 social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/events/event/567/
■ DAY 3: 9/17 (Tue) [Future of the region] 12: 00-19: 00 Shibuya Hikarie 8 / COURT Speakers: Daisaku Kadokawa x Ken Hasebe x Akihiko Nomura “Kyoto x Shibuya Sustainable Town Planning” 17: 00-17: 45 social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/events/event/1234/
■ DAY 4: 9/18 (Wednesday) [Creation] 12: 00-19: 00 Shibuya Hikarie 8 / COURT Speaker: Mr. Takahiro Miura “From“ competition ”strategy to“ change ”strategy. GO Miura’s Breakthrough Methodology ”(17: 00-17: 45) social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/events/event/566/
■ DAY 5: 9/19 (Thu) [Culture] 12: 00-19: 00 Shibuya Hikarie 8 / COURT Speaker: Ryo Kurisu “Slow the world a little” 15: 45-16: 30 social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/events/event/563/
■ DAY6: 9/20 (Friday) [Innovation of the city] 12: 00-17: 45 Shibuya Hikarie 8 / COURT Speaker: Mr. Yuji Yoshimura “Possibility of big data in the city” 13: 15-14: 00 social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/events/event/867/
■ DAY7: 9/21 (Sat) [Entrepreneurship] 12: 00-19: 00 Shibuya Hikarie 8 / COURT Speaker: YOSHI “The World Seen from Teens” 18: 15-19: 00 social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/events/event/938/
■ DAY 8: 9/22 (Sunday) [The Future of Shibuya] 12: 00-15: 15 Shibuya Hikarie 8 / COURT Speakers: Masafumi Nakaya, Satoshi Takagi, etc. “Thinking about the design of the urban environment from emotions” social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/events/event/1021/ 2. EXPERIENCE We will develop a program that stimulates curiosity from children to adults in the open spaces of the Shibuya-Omotesando area. PICK UP! 1. September 21 (Sat) [Kumatan and Punch Festival] 1 part 11: 00 ~ / 2 part 14: 00 ~ Shibuya Cast Space Garden A story-telling & workshop by Chika Wakatsuki, a Neubora Ambassador in Shibuya-ku. PICK UP! 2. September 21 (Sat)-22 (Sun) [NEXT GENERATUIONS] 10: 00-16: 30 Shibuya Stream Inaribashi Plaza Street sports competition and showcase focused on U-15 (under junior high school students). Experiences and schools are also held. 3. NETWORKING Provide opportunities for participants to interact freely and create opportunities for open innovation. PICK UP! 1. September 17 (Tuesday) “Possibility of the area where sports draw” 19: 15-21: 00 Shibuya Hikarie 8 / COURT Yuya Saito, a former Japanese rugby player, Yumiko Nishi, BBOY KENTARAW and Shigeki Matsuura PICK UP! 2. Sunday, September 22 [New value created by the park space] 16: 00-19: 00 8 / COURT Meet-up of “SCRAMBLE STADUIM SHIBUYA concept” to build a stadium in Yoyogi Park. Norihiko Sasaki, Go Natsuno, etc.
■ Please check the official website for details on other SIW content. (social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/) [Ticket Overview]
▼ Through tickets … You can participate in all DIVE DIVERSITY SESSION during the event. General: ¥ 10,000 (tax included) Shibuya Ward Discount: 5,000 yen (tax included) * Shibuya Ward Residents / Workers Student discount: ¥ 5,000 (tax included) * University students, vocational school students, etc. Under high school students: Free
▼ One-day tickets … You can participate in one-day DIVE DIVERSITY SESSION during the event period. General: ¥ 7,500 (tax included) 【Notes】 ・ Experience and Networking activities may require a separate application or paid ticket. ・ Applications for free tickets are also required for high school students and younger. ・ People who have purchased discounts are required to present identification documents at the reception desk on the day. Shibuya Ward Discount: Documents for confirming address (driver’s license, National Health Insurance Card, Resident Card, etc.), Documents for confirming working (employee card, two business cards, etc.) ・ Student discount / High school students and below: Student ID Application method: You can apply from the link below.
■ Peatix siw2019tickets.peatix.com
■ e + eplus.jp/siw2019/ [Outline]
■ Date: September 11 (Wed)-22 (Sun), 2019
■ Organizer: SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA Executive Committee
■ Co-host: Shibuya Ward
■ Special Sponsor: Nippon Foundation
■ Gold Partner: KDDI Corporation, Sony Corporation, Tokyu Land Corporation, New Balance Japan Co., Ltd., Mixi Co., Ltd.
■ Silver partners: Akatsuki Co., Ltd., FWD Fuji Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Shibuya Television Co., Ltd., Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd., Tokyo Kansen Line, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., DAZN, Persol Carrier Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
■ Media Partners: Agenda note, Woman Excite, ORICON NEWS, J-WAVE, ShibuyaCross-FM, Shibuya Radio, SmartNews, Twitter, DIGIDAY, , FINEPLAY, MASHING UP, Lutron
■ Special cooperation: Kyoto City, Hiroshima Sandbox, Sapporo Creative Convention No Maps, Kokugakuin University, AOI Pro., Asahi Beer Co., Ltd., Eplus Co., Ltd., Avex Co., Ltd., EDGEof, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA, Tokyu Corporation
■ Support: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Shibuya City Tourism Association, Shibuya Mirai Design
■ Venue: Shibuya Hikarie 9th Floor Hikarie Hall / Shibuya Hikarie 8th Floor 8 / COURT / Shibuya Stream Hall / Inaribashi Plaza in front of Shibuya Stream / Kinoubashi Plaza in front of Shibuya Stream / Shibuya Cast Space Garden / Shibuya Ward Office 15th Floor Space 428 / Omotesando Hills Space O etc.
■ URL: social-innovation-week-shibuya.jp/

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