Young actor who attracts attention due to his acting ability in the drama Yuuto Kashimura Official site and fan club open!

SKIYAKI The young actor Yuuto Kashimura who is attracting attention for his acting ability in the drama has opened an official website and fan club Offering an omni-channel platform that boasts more than 2.74 million members (* 2), centered on “bitfan” (* 1), a service that visualizes the heat of fans to artists and creators, in the “FanTech” field (* 3 SKIYAKI Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Takuya Miyase, hereinafter “SKIYAKI”) will continue on September 11, 2019 (Wednesday), and Yuto Sasamura OFFICIAL SITE / OFFICIAL FAN CLUB “SPECIES” (Isomura Hayato Official Site / Official Fan Club “Spices”) (URL: has been released. [Image

Born on September 11, 1992, Yuto Kashimura, a young actor from Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, plays the role of Kamen Rider Ghost, Kamen Rider Necrom / Alan on TV Asahi, NHK serial TV novel Hiyoko, Hidetoshi Maeda, NTV From today, I play the role of Takeshi Sagara, the role of Kantele Fuji TV drama “TWO WEEKS” Ashiya, the role of AbemaTV’s original drama “Soji Boys” Riku Nikaido, and so on. The place of activity is not limited to television, and it has attracted many people who are also active in movies and the stage. Furthermore, in August, PARCO Produce 2019 stage “Playhouse” will be the first starring musical, and on September 28 (Saturday), Osaka, Morinomiya Piloti Hall will welcome Senjogaku. It is also attracting attention to appear as a role of Yasutomo Kakuta in the Friday night drama “I started the aging police” which will start airing in October 2019. Opened this time is Yuto Kashimura’s official website / official fan club. If you register as a paid member of this site, you can enjoy special benefits such as images / videos such as the person’s off-shot, and pre-sale tickets on an irregular basis. Please confirm the details of this site from the following URL. [Details of Official Fan Club]
■ Fan club name Yuto Kashimura OFFICIAL SITE / OFFICIAL FAN CLUB “ SPECIES ” (Isomura Hayato Official Site / Official Fan Club “Species”)
■ URL * This site is operated both as an official site and a fan club.
■ Membership 500 yen per month (excluding tax) * For payment, you can use “docomo, au, SoftBank mobile payment service” and “Credit card payment”.
■ Free membership content What’s New / News / Schedule / Profile / Store (may be limited to members depending on the product)
■ Paid member-only content Gallery / Movie / Ticket / Birthday Mail / STAFF note / ROOM (* 1) “bitfan” is SKIYAKI’s original recording system that can record the action history of fans from all channels used by fans such as fan media, EC, electronic tickets, concerts, SNS, etc. This is a developed service. (* 2) As of the end of July 2019 (* 3) “FanTech” is a new concept proposed by SKIYAKI, meaning “Fan × Technology”. We aim to create unprecedented added value by creating new relationships between fans and creators of artists, creators, companies, etc. using technology that matches the times.

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