[Baroque] 11th R4G! “R4G x Shizuku Rin” item release decision! ! In addition, a special R4G booth will appear in “Boshi Rock Expo 2019-Boso Rock and Roll Best Bottle Bottle Story”!

Baroque The 11th R4G! “R4G x Shizuku Rin” item release decision! ! In addition, a special R4G booth will appear in “Boshi Rock Expo 2019-Boso Rock and Roll Best Bottle Bottle Story”! Baroque Japan Limited (headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyuki Murai) is a fusion brand of animation and fashion, “R4G”. Reservation will start at SHEL’TTER WEB STORE (www.ec-store.net/) from 15:00 on Sunday, March 15th. In the 11th edition of R4G, we have decided to sell collaboration items with the popular rock band “Shiori Tsuji”. This is the first collaboration with anime and non-games! We will start pre-ordering items at SHEL’TTER WEB STORE (ec-store.net) from 15:00 on Sunday, September 15, 2019. [Image 1

The lineup is unbearable for fans, such as a design that looks back on the history of the World Expo. A lineup of high fashion items that suppress the latest trends that can only be achieved with R4G. [Image 2

“KISARAZU GRAFFTI” Jacquard Camo Embroidery T-shirt COLOR: WHT, BLK SIZE: S / M / L / XL ¥ 3,500 (tax included) [Image 3

“Memorial Photo” reversible blouson COLOR: BLK, RED SIZE: M / L / XL ¥ 13,000 (tax included) [Image 4

“Memorial Photo” Random Pleated Skirt COLOR: Multi SIZE: FREE ¥ 9,000 (tax included) * The price will change due to the tax rate revision from October 1st. Please understand. And the R4G special booth will appear at “Sushi World Expo 2019-Boso Rock and Roll Best Bottle Bottle Story” on September 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun), 2019. Collaboration items will be sold and a photo booth will be set up. You can actually pick up and view the product for only these two days! “Bushi Rock Expo 2019-Boso Rock and Roll Best Bottle Bottle Story” [Date and time] September 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun), 2019 Open 9:00 Start 10:30 End 20:40 (all scheduled) * Depending on the progress of the event, the performance time may vary. [Venue] Chiba Prefecture Sodegaura Seaside Park 36 Minamisode, Sodegaura, Chiba 299-0268 [Official HP] www.kishidanbanpaku.com/index.html
▼ Zushi In 1997, a Yankee band formed around the charismatic Yankee “Ayakoji“ Thelonious ”Sho” in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture. With a unique rock style “Yanclock” that mixes Yankee culture and punk rock, the live house scene is swept by Regent’s masterpiece performance, skillful singing and speaking skills and performances due to the poor fashion of Gakuran. . The single “One Night Carnival” recorded 80,000 sales despite being indie. It causes a whirlwind called the “Shi-Zhi Phenomenon”. In 2001, made a major debut from Toshiba EMI (currently Universal Music Japan). In 2003, a large-scale outdoor GIG “Kashiwa Expo” was held in Kisarazu, Japan. In 2004, 45,000 people were mobilized by holding the Tokyo Dome performance “The Last Chronicle” in Tokyo Dome, the fastest time in history for a rock band. Participated in the “NHK Red and White Song Battle” for two consecutive years and gained national recognition. Suddenly the activity stopped in 2006, but in the spring of 2009, it broke the silence for three years and restarted at Nippon Budokan 2DAYS GIG. Since 2012, he has been holding “Fushishi Expo” as a festival in Chiba and Sodegaura. Featuring an impossible lineup, the festival with only miracles has attracted a great deal of attention and has grown into a popular festival that attracts 50,000 people every year. In 2014, released the 9th drama theme song “Karaku Shojo”. Recognized as a new representative song following “One Night Carnival”, won the 1st place in the “Rekochok Japanese Rock Category 2014 Annual Chart”. The theme song of “Masked Rider Ghost” “We think, therefore we are” and the release of “ONE PIECE” theme song “We Can!” Increasing exposure on TV and media will once again infiltrate the name to the level of tea. In 2017, the 20th Anniversary GIG “Adult Ceremony ~ Yokohama 20th Anniversary ~” was held. In the same year, the 20th anniversary album “Manshushu” composed of songs provided by gorgeous artists was released. In 2018, we held a live house tour called “Ai Iku I / NEED / YOU! From March, 2019, the National Hall Tour will be held in March. To hold. HP: www.kishidan.com/index.html Twitter: @kishidan_staff [HOW TO R4G?] “R4G” means “Respect for Geeks” and respect for Geeks. A project that aims to become a new bridge between Anime and Fashion, targeting anime fans as well as trend-sensitive Shibuya girls and overseas customers who love anime as a Japanese culture. is. Basic information HP: r4g.jp Twitter: @ official_r4g Instagram: official_r4g Company Profile ・ Name: Baroque Japan Limited (TSE First Section, Securities Code: 3548) ・ Founded: March 2000 ・ Representative: Hiroyuki Murai, President and CEO ・ Location: Sumitomo Real Estate Aobadai Hills, 4-7-7 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042 (Corporate site): www.baroque-global.com (Official mail order site): www.ec-store.net/

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