Miyuki Tomita’s solo debut single “Present Moment” (11/13 release) jacket photo is released!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Miyuki Tomita’s solo debut single “Present Moment” (11/13 release) jacket photo is released! [Image

Miyu Tomita is a voice actor who will debut as an artist on November 13 with the opening theme “Present Moment” of the TV anime “After school dice club” that will start broadcasting in October. The first limited edition jacket image of the single was released today. An event to commemorate the release of the CD has also been decided. On November 15, the day of his birthday, he will hold free events at the Church Square in Venus Fort, Odaiba, Tokyo, and release events in various places in Tomei Osaka. It is also decided that the second broadcast of LINELIVE special number “ME & YOU TIME”, which is being broadcast for a limited time, will be broadcast from 21:00 on Friday, September 27th. Keep an eye on her latest information just before her debut.
◆ RELEASE INFORMATION Miyu Tomita 1stSINGLE “Present Moment” released on Wednesday, November 13 * Opening theme for TV anime “After School Dice Club” Limited edition [CD + DVD] 1800 yen (tax not included) COZC-1587-1588 Normal board [CD] 1200 yen (excluding tax) COCC-17668 * Jacket of normal board will be released at a later date [CD contents] 1. Present Moment Lyrics: Mayumi Kaneko Composition / Arrangement: Shuhei Uzuki 2.Ageha Twilight Lyrics: Ryuji Sakai Composition / Arrangement: GRP 3.Present Moment (Instrumental) 4.Ageha Twilight (Instrumental) [DVD contents] Present Moment Music Video / Music Video Making Video
◆ Live broadcast special number LINE LIVE “Miyu Tomita Solo Debut Commemorative Special Number“ ME & YOU TIME ”# 2” Broadcast date: Friday, September 27, 21:00 Appearance: Miyu Tomita Contents: Miyu Tomita’s solo debut as an artist in November Broadcast of special special program for a limited time is decided! The current feelings just before the debut, Get the latest information on artist activities! Please have a look! Program URL: live.line.me/channels/781/upcoming/11992129
◆ Event information * Free event Date: Friday, November 15, 2019, 19: 00- Venue: Odaiba Venus Fort 2F Church Square * Details will be announced at a later date. * In-store event In-store events will be held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka! ! 11/16 (Sat) 13:00-Toranoana Akihabara C Event Space Content: Talk & High Touch 11/16 (Sat) 16: 00- AKIHABARA Gamers Main Store 6F Contents: Talk & Mini Live 11/17 (Sun) 15: 00- Tower Records Shinjuku 7F Event Space Contents: Mini Live & High Touch 11/30 (Sat) 13: 00- Animate Akihabara Main Building 7F Event Space Contents: CD jacket signing event 11/30 (Sat) 15: 00- Animate Akihabara Main Building 7F Event Space Contents: CD jacket signing event 12/7 (Sat) 13: 00- Osaka Nihonbashi animateO.N.SQUARE HALL3F Contents: Talk & Mini Live 12/7 (Sat) 16: 00- Gamers Namba Store Contents: Talk & High Touch 12/8 (Sunday) 13: 00 ~ ◆ Tie-up information TV anime "After school dice club" Official website: saikoro-club.com
◆ Miyu Tomita PROFILE Born on November 15th. Amuse affiliation. Representative works: “Aikatsu Stars!” (As Yume Nishino), “Gavreru Dropout” (as Gavreel) "My Neighbor Vampire" (as Sophie Twilight), "Made in Abyss" (as Rico) “Kyoto-Teramachi Sanjo Homes” (as Makoto Shinjo), “Kotobuki Squadron in the Wild” (as Chika) “We can't study” (Ri Ogata), “Waste of high school girls” (Minami Yamamoto) etc.
◆ Miyu Tomita Nippon Columbia Official Website columbia.jp/tomitamiyu/
◆ Miyu Tomita Official Twitter @miyju_tomita
◆ Miyu Tomita STAFF Official Twitter @miyustaff

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