Kiyoharu’s new song “SURVIVE OF VISION” will be aired in October and will be the opening theme for the anime “Mugen no Inhabitant -IMMORTAL-”!

Pony Canyon, Inc Kiyoharu’s new song “SURVIVE OF VISION” will be aired in October and will be the opening theme for the anime “Mugen no Inhabitant -IMMORTAL-”! Kiyoharu new song is “SURVIVE OF VISION” …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

Kiyoharu The second PV of the anime “ Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL- ”, which will be exclusively distributed on Amazon Prime Video from October 10, has been released, and Kiyoharu’s new song “ SURVIVE OF VISION ” has been announced as the opening theme It became. In the second PV released this time, including Koji and Samurai, the second-generation lord of the sword style, Kagehisa Tianjin, Evil Doto, Rie Ototachi, etc. appear, and Kiyoharu is the main part in the second half The opening theme song “SURVIVE OF VISION”, written for the work, plays. Kiyoharu has just released the first cover album “Covers” as the first of its 25th anniversary this year. Please check out the lyrical new song “SURVIVE OF VISION”, which was unveiled for the first time.
■ 2nd PV of the anime “Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-” [Video 3:]
■ Kiyoharu Profile 1994 Major debut as a black dream vocalist. The charismatic and strong message music quickly gained enthusiasm. In such a climax, 1999 suddenly announced an indefinite suspension of activities. That same year, sads was formed, and the theme song of 2000 TBS drama “Ikebukuro Westgate Park” “Forgetting Sky” was a big hit. Since 2003, he has been performing solo activities in parallel and performing lively nationwide. He also produces his own apparel brands and bars, and his talents are displayed in various ways. In 2019, with the start of the anniversary year of the 25th anniversary of the debut, we announced the transfer of Pony Canyon and released the first cover album “Covers” on September 4. Furthermore, the publication of the autobiography “Kiyoharu” has been announced. [Image 2

“Infinite Resident” Key Visual (C)? Hiroaki Samura, Kodansha / “Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-” Production Committee
■■ Information on the animation “Infinite Resident”
■ Introduction
■ The world of Edo where samurai still existed. There was a [Invulnerable] man called Hundreds. The man’s name is “Manji”. Manji meets a girl named Sae who kills her parents and swears revenge. Tsuji asks if he can become a bouncer for revenge. At first, Manji refused, but he saw the image of his younger sister who died. One person decides to lend a hand to the figure of a dangerous kite alone. However, the samurai samurai is a group that devotees the sword’s path to the sword style. It meant the beginning of a tremendous death struggle to catch up even the immortal tense. What is “Infinite Resident”? This work, which exceeded the total of 5.8 million copies in the series, is a representative work made as a debut work by manga artist Hiroaki Samura. A series of “Neo-era drama” depicting the journey of revenge between Sakai and Manji has been re-animated as a complete version after 20 years of filming. Currently, 15 volumes are being published as <new edition■ Distribution information "Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-" on Amazon Prime Video From October 10, 2019, 1 episode / 2 episodes will be distributed worldwide (* excluding some areas)
■ Staff
■ Original: Hiroaki Samura, “Infinite Resident” (Kohdansha “Afternoon” collection) Director: Hiroaki Hamasaki Series composition: Makoto Fukami Character design: Shingo Ogi Art Director: However Kudo Color setting: Aiko Shinohara Director of Photography: Yuki Masumoto 3DCG Director: Koji Ichikawa Edit: Mai Hasegawa Acoustic director: Hiroshi Shimizu Sound effect: Akiko Muto Music: Eiko Ishibashi Animation production: Leiden film
■ Theme song Kiyoharu "SURVIVE OF VISION"
■ Cast Manji: Kenjiro Tsuda Akira Asano: Ayane Sakura Kagehisa Tianjin: Nozomi Sasaki Terrible Suzuki: Tatsuo Suzuki Kuroto Hayato: Eiji Hanawa Eisaku Kanma: Shunsuke Sakino Ototachi Rie: Noriko Kuwashima Sousuke Abayama: Fukumatsu Shingo
■ Character information [10,000] A spear that is called “100 slashers” for the crime of killing his lord and the pursuit of 100. The mysterious old woman, Yao Hioka, was embedded with the ultimate life-prolonging technique, a blood-bearing crab, and became an immortal body. Became a bouncer of the only daughter, Samurai, at the topless Asano Dojo. In fact, it is a character with a strong sense of in-laws and affection, but it is concealed with a blatant attitude and words. [Akira Asano] The daughter of Mugen Asano Dojo, Asano Togaku, who was said to be the strongest in Edo. My parents were killed by Kagehisa Tianjin, a swordsman who came to break the dojo two years ago. When he was studying alone for revenge, he was recommended by Yahihaoka and hired Manji as a bouncer. Basically, I hate it, but there are some people who are friendly and kind. [Tianjin Kagehisa] The second-generation master of the sword style. Since his childhood, his grandfather, Saburo Tianjin, who has been excommunicated with no heaven, has undergone rigorous training and has a genius-like sword skill. In order to unify the school of the whole country under the sword style, he has acted with black robes and villains and has many dojos under his control. The face is quiet, but there is an ambition in the body. [Seriously Doto] A swordsman with a sword. Since his younger sister was killed by a niece at an early age, he began to hate the samurai class. He is good at reading the tip of the opponent's hand, and is good at wise battles. He has a hard personality and a strong personality. [Kuroto Hayato] A giant swordsman who wields armor and manipulates long swords. Two years ago, when the Asano Dojo attacked, he killed Asano Torako, his father. Kagehisa Tianjin has been an acquaintance since childhood and belongs to the oldest in the current sword style. [Kanma Eiji] In the Sengoku period, a samurai bud was buried in an old woman who seemed to be a Yahioka clan and became an immortal body. After losing the lord in the war, he wanders around the country and eventually comes to the sword style led by Kagehisa Tianjin. [Rie Ototachi] A female swordsman recognized by Kagehisa Tianjin, the swordsmanship master, as a swordsman who can defeat himself alone in this world. As a prostitute, he works for a small amusement park, but is entrusted to Kagehisa Tianjin and becomes a sword-throwing thug. A sad woman whose fate is crazy because she is a woman with the arm of a sword that is unique. [Sousuke Abayama] He is a swordsman with a sword and a guardian of Kagehisa Tianjin. For this reason, he will act as president in the absence of Kagehisa. Lost right arm and left arm only.
■ Information Anime “Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-” Official Website: Anime “Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-” Official Twitter: @mugen_immortal
■ PV 1st [Video 4:]
■ Copyright
■ (C)? Hiroaki Samura, Kodansha / “Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-” Production Committee
■■ Kiyoharu LIVE INFORMATION “The Birthday” 10/30 (Wednesday) Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka “’19 FINAL” 12/24 (Tue) Yokohama Bayhall 12/25 (Wed) Nagoya BOTTOMLINE 12/27 (Friday) Umeda CLUB QUATTRO 12/28 (Sat) Umeda CLUB QUATTRO 12/31 (Tue) Shibuya Stream Hall * Countdown performance (Ticket advance will be announced at a later date.)
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