[Cyberdo Inc.] Amazon Alexa support skill “Runnavi” that supports running, Amazon Alexa Developer Skill Award 2019 Healthcare category award

Cyberd Inc. Amazon Alexa support skill “ Runnavi ” to support running, Amazon Alexa Developer Skill Award 2019 Health Care Category Award Skills born from the in-house Voice UI hackathon are awarded! Cyberd Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Atsushi Motoshima, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, “Cyberd”) is hosted by Amazon’s “Runnavi”, an Amazon Alexa-compatible skill born from the Voice UI hackathon. We are pleased to announce that we have received the Healthcare category award at the Amazon Alexa Developer Skill Award 2019. [Image 1

Cyberd is a pioneer in providing voice services as early as Voice UI market launch in Japan. In addition to in-house service planning, development, and operation, various activities to lead the expansion and activation of the Voice UI market in Japan, such as holding conferences, planning, and consignment of development, for the voice interface era We are promoting. As part of these activities, CY Hackathon & Lab. Is working to create new services while fostering a positive organizational culture in new businesses, utilizing knowledge cultivated in the Voice UI business. This time, CY Hackathon & Lab. Distributes two services, “Runnavi” and “Shibain no Dobon Game” to Amazon Alexa Skill Store. One of them, “Runnavi”, won the Amazon Developer Skill Award Healthcare Category Award.
■ About “Runnavi” ・ Service name: Run Navi ・ Service Overview: Your running will be uplifted by the handsome series BGM according to the speed [Image 2

Or running support by teaching calories burned to date To do. The current speed is used to keep the speed of the mode selected first. It will adjust your running speed from the door. ・ How to use: Amazon.co.jp or the Amazon Alexa app for smartphones ・ Startup method: Talk to the corresponding terminal “Open Alexa, Running Navi” please. ・ Usage fee: Free ・ Supported devices: Alexa devices equipped with GPS functions such as the Alexa iPhone app ・ Provider: CY Hackathon & Lab. (Cyberdo Inc.) ・ Development / operation: Cyberdo Inc. ・ URL: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07WW3HZXB/
■ About Shiba Inu Dobon Game ・ Service name: Shiba Inu Dobon Game Service overview: Order the names of the buildings so that they do not exceed the height of the set theme. This is a party game skill that will be passed on to Alexa. Shiba Inu for the height of the building [Image 3

Starts walking and exceeds the set height, Shiba Inu falls from the cliff. I will. ・ How to use: Amazon.co.jp or Amazon Alexa app of smartphone Search with・ Start-up method: Do you say “Alexa, open Shiba Inu dobon game” on the corresponding terminal? Please take it. ・ Usage fee: Free ・ Supported devices: All Alexa devices including Amazon Echo series ・ Provider: CY Hackathon & Lab. ・ Development / Operation: Cyberdo Inc. ・ URL: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07WTZ3XXK/
■ What is Amazon Developer Skill Award? This is a contest to compete for Amazon Alexa skill development organized by Amazon. The second Alexa Skill Contest “Amazon Alexa Developer Skill Award 2019” will be held for the purpose of providing developers with a place to develop Alexa skills that users will want to use again and again. Judging criteria for the contest are three items: 1) Continuity (skills that users want to use as many times as possible), 2) Easy to understand (user-friendly voice interface), and 3) Originality (creative ideas and technologies). is. In addition to the best award given to one of the best works, we have prepared four categories: Game, Kids, Healthcare, and Senior. In addition, as a special award, a multimodal award for skills that realizes an excellent interface for both voice and images using Alexa Presentation Language (APL) Two types of creativity awards, especially for creative idea skills, are offered to honor attractive skills from various perspectives and uses.
■ About Alexa Alexa-The brain behind Amazon Echo Alexa, the brain behind Amazon Echo, is built in the cloud and is constantly evolving and smarter. Just talk to Alexa, play music, read news and schedules, set timers and alarms, professional baseball and big Useful in various everyday situations such as checking sports results such as sumo. With Echo’s remote voice control technology, you can do all of this by simply speaking from various locations in your room.
■ About Cyberd Voice UI Business Cyberd is a pioneer in providing voice services to all platforms quickly since Voice UI market launch in Japan. We have continued to lead the way in the future of the market by rolling out 21 services sequentially since 2017 and holding other conferences on Voice UI. We will create the value of voice assistants with the aim of enriching customers’ lives with Voice UI. https://www.cybird.co.jp/our_business/voice_ui/
■ Cyberdo Inc. Company Profile Company name: Cyberdo Inc. (https://www.cybird.co.jp/) Headquarters: Mansard Daikanyama, 10-1 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Atsushi Motoshima, President and CEO Established: 1998 Business Overview: Mobile content service provision and mobile business support, cross-media solutions Development / provision of mobile sites, mobile site construction, next-generation platform research and development, etc. * Cyberdo and the “CYBIRD” logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cyberdo Corporation. * Company names and product names / service names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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