[Sega Games Co., Ltd.] PS4 (R) “New Sakura Wars”, story & game trailer release “Hakurin Hanakudan” and mysterious exorcism “Yasha” information

SEGA Games Inc. PS4 (R) “New Sakura Wars”, story & game trailer release “Hakurin Hanakudan” and mysterious demon “Yasha” information also released Sega Games Co., Ltd. has released the story trailer and game trailer of the “New Sakura Wars” software for PlayStation (R) 4 at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 Sega Games / Atlas booth stage. In addition, information on the “Harlin (Berlin) Huabandai”, the rival of the protagonists, and the mysterious exorcism “Yasha” has been released. [Image 1

■ PS4 (R) “New Sakura Wars” story trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GBYEhQghGw
■ PS4 (R) “New Sakura Wars” Game Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sntuHfKmm3s
■ Ellis (CV: Nana Mizuki) Captain of “Hakurin Hakushokudan / Schwarzstern”. 18-year-old. A female captain of the Hakurin Huabandai team, who is very faithful to the given task, and is determined to fight even in difficult tasks. Although he has a small number of words, he has mental power and leadership power that does not move. He is interested in the depth of Japanese culture and often sees Kabuki in the Imperial City. [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

■ Margarete (CV: Rie Kugimiya) Member of the “Hakurin Hakushokudan / Schwarzstern”. 15 years old. A genius girl who is in charge of the Hakurin Hanataku team. It features a tongue that talks about what you thought straight. Many of her proposed strategies are considered infeasible, and only members of the Hakurin Huabandai team It can be performed with its high ability. [Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

I feel like a stranger because I participated in the “Sakura Wars” series, which I played as a user, as a designer. Since it was a series, I was nervous about my paintings participating, Because there were the main characters of Kubo-sensei who had a renewed image, I think I was able to add my own color without being too timid. Hakubayashi Hakusha, I hope you will be loved by players. [Image 8

(Character design by “Hakurin Hakushokudan / Schwarzstern” / Fumikane Shimada) Speaking of Germany, Hakubayashi has the image that military mechanics and high scientific power are attractive, and it is a state-of-the-art city where many plans have been made in the “Sakura Wars” series. The Hakurin Hakusen team of this work stands in front of Hanagumi as the strongest Hakuga team along with its powerful Reiko fighter. Speaking of “Military + Girl” for character design, there is no other place for this person! So, Mr. Shimada Fumikane designed it. Please pay attention to the character’s unique charm. (New Sakura Wars development team)
■ Reiko Fighter “Eisenjaeger” Reiko fighter boarded by Hakurin Hakusen. Once used in the European star set, It was developed as a Reiko fighter that inherited the genealogy of “Reiko Kai / Eisenkrite”. It is a powerful aircraft that combines heavy armor and tremendous firepower, and has a strong personality that suppresses the hearts of opposing enemies. [Image 9

[Image 10

■ Yasha (CV: Chisa Yokoyama) A high-class exorcism suddenly appeared in the Imperial City along with the disaster at the opening ceremony of the Hakugai War. I’m looking for a tool called “Emperor Key”. It resembles the top star of the Imperial Emperor Hakugakudan, Hanagumi, but the true identity is …! ? [Image 11

[Image 12

[Image 13

Playing Shingu-ji Sakura … Playing a Kayo Show for 10 years at the Grand Theatre, and modeling at Yumi Katsura’s bridal fashion show. Collaboration review “OSK SAKURA NIGHT ”will be staged and you will have such a special experience! Thanks to Sakura Wars, my voice actor’s life became interesting and gorgeous. What developments are waiting for the “New Sakura Wars”? I hope you will have a romantic dream with fans who are residents of the Taisho era. [Image 14

(Role of “Yasha” / Chisa Yokoyama)
■ Dredge machine Yasha is a spear machine that moves with mysterious power. A gigantic body that is one or more giant than the Reiko fighter, but agile enough to fiddle with infinity, The aircraft is characterized by intense attacks using swords. [Image 15

■ About “New Sakura Wars” “New Sakura Wars” is a dramatic 3D action adventure depicting the activity of the “Imperial Squadron” fighting evil in the fictional “Taisho Era” Imperial City, Tokyo. For the main character design, Hito Kubo, who is known as the author of the manga “BLEACH” serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha), is appointed. Mr. Kosuke Tanaka, who has provided many songs in the previous series, will be working on the music. The story consisted of Mr. Ishii Jiro, who is active beyond the boundaries of games, TV anime, movies and media. Please look forward to this work that Sega delivers with all her strength.
■ Under recruitment of “Imperial Squadron / Support Group”! “Imperial Wrestling Team / Supporting Team” is the official cheering team of the “Sakura Wars” series. We will send the latest information on the “Sakura Wars” series, including the “New Sakura Wars” scheduled to be released on Thursday, December 12, 2019, by e-mail to those who have registered through the application form. In addition, after the release date of “New Sakura Wars”, we will send you a product code that allows you to download “Original PS4 theme”. In addition, we have prepared various other benefits related to the “Sakura Wars” series, including the latest release of the latest information. Registration Form: https://reg18.smp.ne.jp/regist/is?SMPFORM=odke-shles-6e8345e1ed7a8a42f99a876fbfac06f9 【 Product Summary 】 Product Name: New Sakura Wars Supported devices: PlayStation (R) 4 Release date: Scheduled to be released on Thursday, December 12, 2019 Price: Regular version / Download version 8,800 yen (excluding tax) First limited edition / Digital Deluxe version 14,800 yen (excluding tax) Genre: Dramatic 3D Action Adventure Number of players: 1 Release / Sales: SEGA Games Inc. CERO notation: Examination schedule Copyright notice: (C) SEGA Official site: http://sakura-taisen.com/game/shin-sakura/ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sakura_Taisen Main character design: Taito Kubo Guest character design: Yukiko Horiguchi, BUNBUN, Fumikane Shimada, Ken Sugimori, etc. Music: Tanaka Kohei Story composition: Ishijiro Original: Hiroi Oji cast: Yohei Aza, Ayane Sakura, Mayuri Uchida, Hibiki Yamamura, Ayaka Fukuhara, Saori Hayami Yuichiro Umehara, Sumire Uesaka, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Manami Numakura, Nana Mizuki, Rie Kugimiya, etc. [Image 16

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