[Bushiroad Co., Ltd.] [Love Live! School Idol Festival] Shadowverse × Sukufesorabobo Campaign Advance announcement

Bushiroad Co., Ltd. 【lovelive! School Idol Festival] Shadowverse × Sukufesorabobo Campaign Advance Release Notice Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihashi Hashimoto) was jointly developed with KLab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidekatsu Morita) [Love Live] ! “School Idol Festival” (hereinafter referred to as “Sukufes”) will be holding a Shadowverse × Sukufesora Lab Memorial Campaign. Please handle it on your media. [Image 1

In commemoration of “Shadowverse × Sukufesukolabo” that starts from 16:00 on September 20 (Friday), “Shadowverse × Sukufesukolababo” countdown login bonus has started! ! In addition, the contents of “Collaboration Event” will be released a little ahead of time! ! At the event, you can read collaboration special stories and earn Aqours members wearing costumes from popular Shadowverse cards! Please check it out ♪
Countdown login bonus! From September 16th (Monday) to September 20th (Friday), we will carry out a countdown login bonus in commemoration of “Shadowverse × Sukufesukolabo”! Love log stones will be given to everyone who logs in during the period! Please check it out ♪
■ “Shadowverse × Sukufesorabo” Countdown Login Bonus Period: From 9/16 (Monday) 0:00 to 9/20 (Friday) 23:59 * Complete with login on the 5th Distribution contents: Day 1 Love Cas Stone (1) Day 2 Love Cas Stone (1) Day 3 Love Cas Stone (1) Day 4 Love Cas Stone (1) Day 5 Love Cas Stone (1) Please get it at this opportunity ♪
A little pre-release of the contents of the collaboration event! At the collaboration event, you can collect “materials” that can be earned by playing live and exchange them with various items at the “exchange office”! The story progresses by clearing the “quest” that appears after the live, and the “exchange” lineup is also updated. By reading the story to the final story, you can win the collaboration campaign girl UR Tsushima Yoshiko! ! [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

▲ “Shadowverse” collaboration SSR member Collaborative SSR members can be obtained randomly by inviting a dedicated BOX at the “Shadowverse × Sukufescolabo Event BOX Solicitation Ticket” that can be exchanged at event-only exchanges. Join the event and get all the members!
[Image 5

▲ Collaboration campaign girl “Yuriko Tsushima” that can be acquired by reading the story Many other rewards are also available! Further details of the event will be announced on September 19 (Thu) via an in-game announcement. Look forward to the event ♪
We are holding a Twitter campaign to win autographed collaboration goods! To commemorate Shadowverse × Sukufesorabobo, we are holding a Twitter campaign where goods signed by Aiko Kobayashi who plays Yoshiko Tsushima will win! [Image 6

Follow the Shadowverse official account (@shadowverse_jp) and the Skifes official account (@lovelive_SIF) on Twitter and retweet the target tweet to win collaborative goods! Application method: 1. Follow Shadowverse official account (@shadowverse_jp) 2. Follow Sukufes official account (lovelive_SIF) 3. Retweet the tweets posted by Sukufes official account Period: 9/12 (Thursday) to 9/19 (Thursday) 23:59 During the same period, the Shadowverse official account is also running a Twitter campaign, so please check it out! For details, please check each collaboration special site.
● Shadowverse × special page Shadowverse: https://shadowverse.jp/collaboration/lovelive-sif/ Sukufesu: https://lovelive-sif.bushimo.jp/collabo/shadowverse * Prizes will be shipped around early October. * When applying, please carefully check the application rules on the special collaboration site. * “Deep Resonance” jacket size special flyer is “RAGE Shadowverse 2019 Autumn” held on Saturday, September 21, 2019 and “Sukufes Thanksgiving 2019” held on Saturday, September 21 and 22 Will be distributed at Please note that the number is limited. The prize of this campaign will be presented with the signature of Aiko Kobayashi, who plays Yoshiko Tsushima. ※ BIG can badge Yoshiko does not have a signature. We look forward to your continued support for “Love Live! School Idol Festival”.
What is “Love Live! Sunshine !!” A school idol project that develops all media based on the new “story that can be fulfilled together” keyword. In addition to releasing music CDs with animated PV (DVD & BD) by school idol group “Aqours” born in Uchiura, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, we are developing various media including events, magazines, and apps for smartphones. In February 2015, the project started with Dengeki G ’s Magazine. In October of the same year, the 1st single “Kimi no Kokoro shined?” Was released. Broadcasting of the first season of TV anime from July 2016 and the second season of TV anime from October 2017. From January 4, 2019, the completely new movie version “Love Live! Sunshine !! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow” will be released. Did. The live event is also performed energetically. In November 2018, a one-man live was held at Tokyo Dome 2DAYS, and at the end of the same year, he appeared in the 69th NHK Red and White Song Battle, from March to April 2019. Love live! The first Asian tour of the series was held. On June 8 and 9, 2019, the 5th live at the MetLife Dome was held. (Love Live! Series Official Homepage: http://www.lovelive-anime.jp/)
■ Title: Love Live! School idol festival
■ Platform: Busimo
■ Development: KLab Corporation
■ Supported OS: iOS11.0 or later, Android6.0 or later (excluding some models)
■ Genre: Rhythm Action & Adventure
■ Play fee: Item charge system [Download URL] iOS: itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id626776655 Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=klb.android.lovelive [Sukufes official page] ・ Sukufes Portal Site: lovelive.bushimo.jp/ ・ Sukufes official page: lovelive-sif.bushimo.jp/ ・ Sukufes Thanksgiving 2019 special page: lovelive-sif-fes.bushimo.jp/2019/ [Sukufesu official twitter] @lovelive_SIF [Shadowverse related official pages] ・ Shadowverse official page: shadowverse.jp/ ・ Shadowverse x special page Shadowverse: shadowverse.jp/collaboration/lovelive-sif/ Sukufesu: lovelive-sif.bushimo.jp/collabo/shadowverse [Shadowverse Official Twitter] @shadowverse_jp
■ Copyright notation: (C) 2013 Project Love Live! (C) 2017 Project Love Live! Sunshine !! (C) Cygames, Inc. (C) KLabGames (C) bushiroad All Rights Reserved. * When introducing, please fill in the above as a right notation.

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