[W TOKYO Co., Ltd.] [TGC Kitakyushu 2019] Guest models include gorgeous casts such as emma, Koon, Nogizaka 46 Umezawa Minami, Endo Sakura, Hinatazaka 46 Kosaka Nao, Sasaki Kumi, IZ * ONE Miyawaki Sakiyoshi, Jang Won Young Decided one after another!

W TOKYO Co., Ltd. [TGC Kitakyushu 2019] Luxurious casts such as emma, Koon, Nogizaka 46 Umezawa Minami, Endo Sakura, Hinatazaka 46 Kosaka Naomi, Sasaki Kumi, IZ * ONE Miyawaki Saki, Jang Won Young are decided one after another as guest models! Additional information on “takagi presents TGC KITAKYUSHU 2019 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION”-Saturday, October 5, 2019 at: West Japan General Exhibition Center New Building- The Tokyo Girls Collection Executive Committee (Planning / Production: W TOKYO Co., Ltd.) will be held at the “Takagi Presents TGC KITAKYUSHU 2019 by TOKYO GIRLS” at the West Japan General Exhibition Center New Building (Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture) on October 5, 2019 (Saturday). COLLECTION (TGC Kitakyushu 2019) will be held. We would like to inform you that additional information has been decided, such as a special cast and a special project commemorating the 5th anniversary of TGC Kitakyushu.
■ Enliven the 5th anniversary! Gorgeous additional cast is decided one after another! Celebrated 5th additional TGC Kitakyushu 2019 additional performers have been decided. The guest models are Vima exclusive model emma, Nogizaka 46 to Umezawa Minami, Endo Sakura, Hinatazaka 46 to Kato Fumiho, Kosaka Nao, Saito Kyoko, Sasaki Kumi, Sasaki Mirei, Takamoto Ayaka, etc. Furthermore, following IZ * ONE, Sakiyoshi Miyawaki, and Jang Won-young, Kim Chae-won, Kim Min-ju, and Makoto Nonomura’s daughter, “If you are too cute,” the incense sound will make TGC’s runway debut! Guest is actor, Yuta Ozeki, who is very active in dramas and movies, popular video creator Rafael, the first TGC runway, and HARA, who has released a single release as a solo artist in Japan and will refrain from tours in 4 cities in Japan! The main artist is the new member of BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE In addition, DEEP SQUAD started as a new project will excite the venue! [Image 1

[Image 2

[Image 3

■ All brand lineups that will grace the fashion show have been decided! ≪Starting EVRIS, which is very popular with TGC visitors, 17kg, KBF, LAGUA GEM, REDYAZEL, ROYAL PARTY, U by SPICK & SPAN show the trend of 2019 A / W. The casual brand apres jour, where you can find the “cute” girls that were in the mood of “Imadoki” girls, will appear for the first time in TGC! In pursuit of easy and daily use real close, WEGO will unveil its 25th anniversary stage! At the Amu Plaza Kokura stage, LATO * CALLE, LOWRYS FARM, MAJESTIC LEGON, and RETRO GIRL will appear! EGOIST, a brand that sends information to confident, individual and chic women, has decided to collaborate with a hair show! Please pay attention to the latest autumn / winter trends!
■ Starring on the collaboration stage of the movie “MANRIKI”. [Image 4

[Image 5

Collaboration with actor MANAIKI, a movie planned and produced by actor Saitoh Takumi and comedy entertainer Nagano (released nationwide from November 29 (Friday) to Cinemat Shinjuku). It is a must-see for the unique world view of the movie and what kind of chemical reaction TGC Kitakyushu 2019 causes! The stage will feature starring Kaku Saito, Nagano who worked on the original and screenplay, and SWAY, the main cast! The deep relationship between the work and TGC revealed in the secret story behind the topical black comedy! ? looking forward to! Initiatives unique to TGC Kitakyushu 2019
■ Collaboration with popular creator Pantovisco is decided! Producer of a celebration area that celebrates the 5th anniversary of TGC Kitakyushu, a popular creator from Fukuoka Prefecture, Panto Visco! In this area, there will be a photo spot for SNS, and an illustration panel will be used for venue information. Please pay attention to the venue that is decorated with the world view of Pantovisco. [Comments from Mr. Pantovisco] I’m happy to be involved in my favorite city. Since I drew various character illustrations, please take a lot of photos and upload them to Instagram. [Image 6

Pant Visco (@Pantovisco) A creator from Fukuoka who is active in Tokyo. The number of Instagram followers who post interesting illustrations on a daily basis is surpassed by 500,000, and many models and entertainers are following them. On Saturday, October 5, 2019, the West Japan General Exhibition Center will be filled with “girl power” of appearance models, artists, guests, and the girls who come! Don’t miss the future development of TGC Kitakyushu 2019! [Overview of takagi presents TGC KITAKYUSHU 2019 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION] Event official name: takagi presents TGC KITAKYUSHU 2019 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (Short name: TGC Kitakyushu 2019) Date: October 5, 2019 (Saturday) Open 12:30 Start 14:00 End 18:30 (planned) Venue: West Japan General Exhibition Center New Building (8-18-1 Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 802-0001) Planned number of mobilization: Approximately 12,000 (total number) Official site: tgc.st/kitakyushu/ Ticket: [Admission] * Tickets are required for those over 4 years old. * Since this is an event for women, please refrain from entering only men. Reserved seat reserved thank you sold out Standing free general sales: 7,500 yen (tax included) / Lumikalite included [General sale] on sale * Ends when sold out
● LINE TICKET ticket.line.me/sp/tgckitakyushu2019
● Lawson Ticket l-tike.com/tgc-k2019/ TEL: 0570-084-008 (L code: 81921)
● Ticket Pia w.pia.jp/t/tgc-kitakyusyu/ TEL: 0570-02-9999 (P code: 642-845)
● Eplus eplus.jp/tgc-kitakyushu2019/ Yahoo! Ticket r.y-tickets.jp/tgc-k2019
● Rakuten Ticket r-t.jp/tgc-k [Ticket Inquiries] BEA TEL: 092-712-4221 (Mon-Fri 11: 00-18: 00 / 2nd & 4th Sat 11: 00-15: 00) Brand: 17kg, apres jour, EGOIST, EVRIS, KBF, LAGUA GEM, LATO * CALLE, LOWRYS FARM, MAJESTIC LEGON, REDYAZEL, RETRO GIRL, ROYAL PARTY, U by SPICK & SPAN, WEGO etc. Guest models: Yuko Shinki, Sakura Ariana, Miyu Ikeda, Koi Ishikawa, Minami Umezawa (Nogizaka 46), Ami Enozawa, emma, Aika, Sakura Endo (Nogizaka 46), Yukie Okazaki, Saya Kagawa, Shiho Kato (46 Hyugazaka ), Nana Kato, Kanon, Mizuki Kajima, Kim Cheon (IZ * ONE), Kim Minju (IZ * ONE), Yuka Kumeda, Nao Kosaka (Hyugazaka 46), Yasumi Komuro, Kyoko Saito (Sun) Kousaka 46), Kumi Sasaki (Hyugazaka 46), Misaki Sasaki (Hyugazaka 46), Manami Shigetome (Flower), Yui Shinkawa, Airi Suzuki, Ayaka Takamoto (Hyugazaka 46), Rana Tanabe, Taya Kurume, Jang Won Young (IZ * ONE), Tsurushima Noai, Nakajo Ayami, Namijo, Niki, Ikumi Nami, Neo, Nozomi Bando (E-girls / Flower), Sachi Fujii, Nicole Fujita, Matsuoka Hanaka, Mishima Ayona, Miyano Youna, Miyamoto Sayuri, Miyawaki Saki (IZ * ONE), Yukipoyo (Yuki Kimura), Chisato Yoshiki, etc. Model: Yui Tsutsui, Amu Fukao, Reika Matsuo, Nozomi Miyabe, etc. * In alphabetical order Guest: Takuma Usa, Yukina Kinoshita, Tomohide Kurihara (HKT48), Yui Kishina (HKT48), Yuta Koseki, Taku Saito, Sankoichi, SWAY, Nagano, HARA, Natsumi Matsuoka (HKT48), Hinata Matsumoto (HTK48) , Angelica Michibata, Sono Miyazaki (HKT48), Madoka Moriho (HKT48), Emily Yamashita (HKT48), Kotaro Yamanaka (M! LK), Ryosuke Yamamoto, Raphael, Apple-chan, etc. Main artists: IZ * ONE, DEEP SQUAD, BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE, BOYS AND MEN, etc. Opening Act: Yukipoyo & SLOTH MC: Hiromi / Deep Sea Stage content: fashion show, artist live, partner stage, etc. Organizer: Tokyo Girls Collection Executive Committee Co-organizer: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City Center for Customer Promotion Platinum Partner: Takagi Partners: Daiichi Transportation Industry Co., Ltd., Boat Race Wakamatsu, Star Flyer Co., Ltd., PIA Co., Ltd., AEON Credit Service Co., Ltd., Wella Professional, Fukuoka Beauty Art College, Marco Co., Ltd., LINE Co., Ltd., Mynavi Co., Ltd. Oriental Consultants, Hoodia Co., Ltd., Kitakyushu Bank, Ltd., AEON Kyushu Co., Ltd., Izutsuya Co., Ltd., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Kyudenko Corporation, Plant M, Seibu Gas Co., Ltd., Hakataza Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Communications Service Co., Ltd., Yomiuri Shimbun, Thank You Drug Co., Ltd., Yanai Co., Ltd., West Japan City Bank, Ltd., Nissan Motor Kyushu Co., Ltd., Fukuoka Bank, Ltd., Amu Plaza Kokura, SHOWROOM Co., Ltd., Nivea Kao Co., Ltd., Go Co., Ltd. ld Spoon, etc. * By rank, in alphabetical order Cooperation: Kitakyushu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kokura Central Commercial Association, Flower-packed Fukuoka Promotion Council, i6TG Corporation, BEA, Kumamoto City, Omura Beauty Fashion College, Kitakyushu City High School of Hairdressing, Kitakyushu City Tobata National College of Technology, Kyushu Sangyo University, Kyushu Women’s University, Kumamoto Gakuen University, Kumamoto Belle Bell College, Higashi Chikushi Junior College, Fukuoka Prefectural Kashii High School, Fukuoka Belle Epoque Beauty College, JR West, JR Kokura City, JR Hakata City, Grane riser Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Hibiki Shinkin Bank, SAN-KEI Official media: girlswalker Direction: DRUMCAN Planning / Production: W TOKYO Corporation
■ What is Tokyo Girls Collection … The largest fashion festival ever held twice a year since August 2005 with the theme of “Japanese girl culture to the world”. A total of about 100 popular Japanese models will appear, including a fashion show showing real close in Japan, live music by gorgeous artists, special stages where many seasonal guests appear, and hot items. A wide variety of contents unique to TGC, such as a booth where you can try, are available. It has also become a hot topic both at home and abroad as an e-commerce-linked event where models can be purchased from the mobile on the spot.
■ Regional Revitalization Project TGC aims to revitalize local industries throughout Japan as the predecessor of the “Regional Industry Revitalization Project” starting in March 2009, “Cabinet Secretariat: Local Revitalization Project-Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture” In addition to promotion booths and stage developments at TGC venues, TGCs are held in local cities such as Nagoya, Okinawa, and Fukushima. In 2015, TGC’s platform was created not only by using the TGC platform to communicate local attractions and industries to the whole country, but also by providing opportunities to experience and experience the cutting-edge of Tokyo. Under the philosophy of life, the “TGC Regional Revitalization Project” was launched, and TGC Kitakyushu was held in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 for four consecutive years. Held in Toyama for the first time in the region and Hiroshima for the first time in the Shikoku region of China, in Shizuoka in January this year, and in Kumamoto in April. Disseminating the appeal of local cities through TGC. All information is current as of September 12, 2019. Please note that details are subject to change. Official site: tgc.st/kitakyushu/ / LINE: @ TGC_LINE / Twitter: @ TGCnews / Hashtag: #TGC Kitakyushu

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