[Yokohama City Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation] “Compass Yokohama 2019”-The journey of creation begins in Yokohama.

Yokohama City Arts Culture Promotion Foundation “Compass Yokohama 2019”-The journey of creation begins in Yokohama. It will finally be held from Friday, September 20, 2019! [Art Square | Grand Mall Park in front of Yokohama Museum of Art] Noisy. Tokimeki. Sparkle. -Art, performance, workshop, music … Abundant time spent at Minato Mirai at dusk- [Image 1

Compass Yokohama 2019 The Yokohama City Arts and Culture Foundation, co-sponsored by Yokohama City, is located on the weekend from September 20th (Friday) to 29th (Sunday) at the Art Plaza (in front of the Grand Mall Park / Yokohama Museum of Art) “Compass Yokohama 2019” will be held. “Yokohama” is a city that has accepted the culture of the world. It can be said that it is a history of the role of “compass” connected to overseas. “Compass Yokohama 2019” includes the messages “New culture from Yokohama” and “Find your own compass to the future”. In the venue, a huge installation of 20m in diameter [Guru Guru] and 3m of “Dreaming Goldfish” will be displayed and become the symbol of the venue. In the surroundings, outdoor art exhibitions by 11 artists, workshops for children, live music, performances by DJs and popular dancers representing Japan, delicious food by kitchen cars, yoga and picnic experiences on the lawn, etc. Various contents overflow in the park. “Compass Yokohama 2019” for children and adults. Please enjoy the time flowing at dusk in Yokohama while touching cultural arts casually in the central plaza of Minato Mirai. Outline of “ Compass Yokohama 2019 ” Schedule (DAY TIME | 11: 00-16: 00) | September 21 (Sat)-23 (Mon / holiday) / September 27 (Fri)-29 (Sun) (NIGHT TIME | 16: 00-20: 00) | September 20 (Fri)-22 (Sun), September 27 (Fri)-28 (Sat) Venue Art Square | Grand Mall Park (in front of Yokohama Museum of Art) Main host Yokohama City Arts Culture Promotion Foundation Co-sponsored Yokohama City Cooperation Mark is Minato Mirai access Train | Minato Mirai Line (Direct Tokyu Toyoko Line) 3 minutes walk from Minato Mirai Station (Exit 3). From JR (Keihin Tohoku / Negishi Line) / Yokohama Municipal Subway “Sakuragicho” station, use the “moving sidewalk” and walk 10 minutes. Bus | From Sakuragicho Station, take the city bus 156/292 and get off at the Yokohama Museum of Art. Official site compass.yafjp.org [Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/14302/table/533_1.jpg”>

“ Compass Yokohama 2019 ” event content
● Circle Circus | GURUGURU CIRCUS Installation ≪Goldfish dreaming round and round≫ A gigantic art object with a diameter of about 20m. If you go along the path of a fantastic curtain swinging in the wind “Dream goldfish” is there … [Image 2

Giant art object “round and round”
● What is this village | NANIKORE MURA ART Outdoor art exhibition by 11 artists from 11: 00-20: 00 (September 20th 16: 00- / 9/23/29 16:00) Exhibited mainly by young artists from and working in Yokohama. There is a change of work in the first half and the second half. 9/20 (Friday)-23 (Monday / Holiday), 27 (Friday)-29 (Sunday) Tokihiro Sato: Experience-based work “Rear Carmella” * until sunset Tetsushin Iino: Experience-based work “Seirei Mover” Yuki Tsutsumi: Installation “Moya” Kato Ito: Installation “It does n’t matter.” 9/20 (Friday)-23 (Monday / Holiday) Shingo Fukuma: Audiovisual “Underwater Dog” Okada Poetry: Animation 1. “Graduation boyfriend trilogy (Ai ABC, Manneri, I wonder if I loved him more than a man)” 2. “Wonderful Chidorazu in Wonderland” Shinobu Soejima: 3D Animation “The Spirits of Cairn” 9/27 (Friday)-29 (Sunday) Ayaka Shimada: Animation workshop “Wakuwaku Stamp Sheet” Yukiyo Kurosawa: Video installation “Waves go on” Aiko Yamamoto: Video / Exhibition / Workshop “After Time”
● Delicious shades | OISHII KOKAGE FOOD & DRINK A large collection of kitchen cars that wander the gourmets in the extraordinary space of Minato Mirai! Enjoy the city and nature at the same time and be happy in the shade of the trees! ☆ Performance by popular DJs! [Image 3

DJ booth [Image 4


YUMI KOBAYASHI (YUMMY) and more… WORKSHOP Transform experience at a secret base for children! Help creators create items that children can wear. (Plan: On Design Partners) [Image 6

Secret base for children
● Stage | STAGE STAGE LIVE OPENING LIVE 9/20 (Friday) 17: 15-17: 45 Oto’s Jacobne PERFORMANCE STAGE LIVE 9/21 (Sat) 17: 30-18: 00 Bonsai & Shamisen LIVE Narumi Hirao × REATMO × Sora-JACK- [Image 7

Narushi Hirao [Image 8

REATMO [Image 9

Lone Sky -JACK-
● Warau Grassland | WARAU SOUGEN Club activities are fun for both adults and children. Have a picnic on the lawn. Club activities such as yoga, handicrafts, silk screens (planned) and more. Spend each time lying on the grass and enjoying a picnic! (Plan: BUKATSUDO) [Image 10

Fun club activities for both adults and children

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