[Okinawa Prefecture Culture, Tourism and Sports Department, Tourism Promotion Section] “Okinawa saw by artists-to an unforgettable moment.” ~ “Exhibition held!

Okinawa Prefecture Tourism & Culture Department Tourism Promotion Section <Owner's Year (FY2019) Okinawa Tourism Brand Strategy Promotion Project* From 10/11 (Friday) to 10/20 (Sunday) / GINZA SIX 6F “Be.Okinawa” brand video release and art works on display * Opening ceremony will be held on October 11th. [Image 1

As part of the Okinawa Tourism Brand Strategy Promotion Project, Okinawa Prefecture has announced that Ginza Ashiya Shoten will be held for 10 days from October 11 (Friday) to October 20 (Sunday). (GINZA SIX 6F) “Okinawa saw by the artist-to an unforgettable moment. ~ “Will be held. “Be.Okinawa” is a project launched in March 2013 by Okinawa Prefecture to spread the Okinawa brand overseas. * Please refer to the reference material for details. “Be” of “Be.Okinawa” means “there is, there” and is a word that encourages action. “Be.Okinawa” is a place where tourists can blend into the atmosphere and scenery of Okinawa, interact with the people living there, connect their hearts, and people who visit Okinawa are surrounded by beautiful nature and warm people. , An island where you can regain your true self. This time, we will tell you how travelers meet in an unforgettable moment through interaction with local people in the beautiful nature of Okinawa. A moment when your feelings are filled and your kindness is overflowing. I hope everybody will come to such a time. We created “Be.Okinawa” brand videos and posters that make you feel the beautiful sea, sky, forest and smiles of people. “Okinawa saw by the artist-to an unforgettable moment. In the exhibition, a wall was set up in the center of the venue, and on the outside, the 35th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition was opened, and it was strongly influenced by the charm of Okinawan scenery. Mika Chiba’s painting works will be displayed. Inside, a visual and video depicting “an unforgettable moment” in Okinawa will be displayed, and this will be a collaboration of art and design on the outside and inside. Express the world view (to the unforgettable moment. People who enjoy life). In addition, “Okinawa that the artist saw-to an unforgettable moment. On the first day of the exhibition, October 11th (Friday), a special guest will be on stage and a media PR event will be held. We are planning a PR event for the media, such as introducing the Okinawa tourism brand, releasing the “Be.Okinawa” brand video, and performing live performances of the music used there. Also, the official website will be updated on September 4th (Wednesday) to promote “Be.Okinawa” widely. Newspaper advertisement (early October / Asahi Shimbun Tokyo edition morning color 1 page published), TV program broadcast (Saturday, September 28) “Nana of Churanoshima scenery-Nana Katase to an unforgettable moment.” TX series will be broadcast from 16:00). ・ Official website: http://beokinawa.jp/jp/ (September 4 (Wednesday)-This year’s version will be released sequentially) ・ “Okinawa that the artist saw-to an unforgettable moment. About the exhibition * Period: October 11 (Friday) to October 20 (Sunday), 2019 Event space opening time 10: 30-21: 00 (bookstore opening hours 10: 00-22: 30) * Venue: GINZA ATRIUM (GINZA SIX 6F) (Ginza 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) * Admission: Free ・ Products
■ About the “Be.Okinawa” brand video ”Under the theme of“ To an unforgettable moment ”, tourists interacted with people in Okinawa, touched the rich nature and unique culture, This is a brand video depicting a moment when the feelings are filled with richness and the kindness overflows. The full version will be released for the first time at the PR event on Friday, October 11th. The short version is Publish it on the official website step by step before the PR event. [STORY] Shines present (present) and future (tomorrow) in exchanges between tourists and people in Okinawa Four stories depicting how to meet in an instant [Image 2

■ About the “Be.Okinawa” graphic (poster visual) キ ー Key visual linked with 4 video stories. “ Spring performance ” wind [Image 3

When the sound is put on the wind, it will stain the land. It becomes a very healthy sound. This island is full of cheerful sounds. * Location: Bise, Motobu “ Spring ” Inu Takayuki [Image 4

Meeting is important with people. I want you to have lots of nice encounters and have a good time. * Location: Okuma Private Beach & Resort Sole “ Sake Brewery ” [Image 5

Everything seems to be entertaining on this island. People, nature, and sake. Gentle, strong and sincerely warm. * Photo location: Kinmu limestone cave “ Short sky ” [Image 6

“The Arctic stars are so low!” The guide laughs, saying that it is a special place. This starry sky is full of discoveries. * Location: Otohadake Forest Park Observation Deck ・ Reference materials
◆ Mika Chiba’s Profile Winner of the 35th Ueno Royal Museum Painting Grand Prize. With the theme of light and water, we are working while pursuing the beauty, dynamics, and transparency of water, and the “healing” and “impression” that we are given to by the material of water that changes all the time. [Image 7

Born in Hokkaido in 1991 2009 Second Road Exhibition U21 Encouragement Prize [Sapporo Civic Gallery, Hokkaido] 2011 4th Road Exhibition U21, Asahi Shimbun Hokkaido Branch Award [Sapporo Civic Gallery, Hokkaido] 2012 5th Road Exhibition U21, Associate Grand Prize [Sapporo Civic Gallery, Hokkaido] 2013 6th Road Exhibition U21 Matsuyama Picture Store Award [Sapporo Civic Gallery, Hokkaido] ”Raku-Rak Shinsaku Exhibition-Chiba Mika Exhibition-” [Rai-Rak, Galarii, Hokkaido] 2014 Graduated from Hokkaido University of Education, Asahikawa School of Arts and Sciences 2016 “Another Rising” [Yokotaro Migishi Museum, Hokkaido] 2017 35th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition, Painting Grand Prize 2018 35th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition [Ueno Royal Museum Gallery, Tokyo]
◆ About Okinawa Global Tourism Brand Be. Okinawa Project [Image 8

Okinawa is visited by many tourists every year from within Japan. However, foreign tourists are increasing year by year, The number of inbound tourists was a major issue, remaining only about 1/10 in Japan. Among them, the growth rate of tourists from mainland China, Taiwan, and South Korea was remarkable. There was plenty of room for potential customer expansion in attracting customers from Oceania. So, in March 2013, Okinawa Prefecture wanted to promote the Okinawa brand overseas. Produced from the prefectural / tourist industry, and from the perspective of foreigners, We announced the Okinawa global tourism brand “Be. Okinawa”. This is because the government, tourism industry, and the citizens of the prefecture understand Okinawa’s essential charm in common, This is a concept to work together to strengthen the attraction of foreign tourists. Since the start of the Be. Okinawa project, the number of foreign tourists to Okinawa It continues to rise, and in the 6 years from 2013 to 2018, It has increased from 6.58 million people to 9.58 million people and recorded a significant increase rate. Over 2 million foreign tourists by 2020, which was the original goal, The target number of tourists in Japan and overseas is approaching 10 million.
◆ About Be. Okinawa Branding Measures (Video) [Activities in 2014] The first “OKINAWA: A Journey of Discovery” beokinawa.jp/jod/ [Image 9

The first video “OKINAWA: A Journey of Discovery”, produced in 2014 as part of the Be.Okinawa project, is a series of seven men and women from Europe, the United States, and Australia who are exposed to Okinawa people through cultural experiences. This is a reality show-style WEB video series that challenges the “challenge” imposed on the site. Recorded approximately 1.9 million series videos in about half a year after the video was released. In 2014, the number of overseas passengers to Okinawa reached 165% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, after the video was released, Okinawa was ranked 6th in the “Top 10 world tourist destinations in the rapidly increasing popularity” category of the Travellers’ Choice Awards announced by TripAdvisor. Recently, domestic videos by local governments have become a hot topic, but Okinawa Prefecture quickly created a reality video that incorporates the perspective of foreigners, making it a leading-edge success example of inbound measures. [Activities in 2015] 2nd “OKINAWA: The Secret is Out” beokinawa.jp/secret/ [Image 10

“OKINAWA: The Secret is Out” was released in November 2015 in response to the popularity of the first video. We recruited 6 groups of “persons who have secrets for important people” from 6 countries: France, Germany, the United States, Singapore, Thailand, and China, and invited them to Okinawa. After spending a few days each on “Okinawa Island, Okinawa”, a story of confessing secrets to important people, The total number of series video views has exceeded about 3 million times, and the number of foreign tourists visiting Okinawa in 2015 reached the highest level ever, reaching 1.5 million. From 893,500 in 2014, the number increased by 607,700 from the previous year, reaching 168%. [Activities in 2016] Third edition “Life, by Okinawa” beokinawa.jp/life/#/ [Image 11

The third video “Life, by Okinawa” was released in November 2016. Under the theme of “Longevity”, three videos from the United States, Singapore, and Germany each travel and interact with locals to discover new values. . Recorded about 2.5 million series videos in about one month since release. Now, about 3 years ago, it has exceeded 5.26 million times and has been highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas. [Activities in 2017] Fourth edition “Live Nuchigusui.” The overseas PR video “Live Nuchigusui.” Is a concept movie packed with the charm of “Nuchigusui”. A pair of foreign couples travels to the famous tourist spots such as Shuri Castle and Naha City, as well as the Ogimi Village and Yanbaru areas in the northern part of Okinawa, and Kumejima in the remote islands. “Such. Please pay attention to the “change” that is born between two people while experiencing “Nuchigusui” in various parts of Okinawa, and the narration that combines the experience and life in Okinawa. This video was released online on November 10, 2017 and has exceeded 2.74 million views. [Image 12

■ Public URL: http://beokinawa.jp/nuchigusui/
■ YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd8UnpuvYGw Graphic advertisement for domestic use “Island that gives life to life.” Produced a graphic advertisement with a copy of “Island that gives life to life.” In addition to posting on the website, it was also posted at Tokyo Station, Shimbashi Station, Osaka Station, etc.
■ Period: January 15 (Mon)-January 21 (Sun), 2018 [Image 13

[Activities in 2018] 5th “Island that gives life to life.” The value of Okinawa is not just beautiful nature. This island has a special power that allows you to regain your true self. We have produced videos and graphics to convey the world view of “Island that Powers Life. Be.Okinawa”. The graphic is appointed by photographer Masako Nakagawa. From her perspective, she expressed real Okinawan gentleness and warmth with the theme of people, food, and nature. It is nostalgic but fresh. I told posters and booklets about the current Okinawa I want to go to. In addition, the message that Namie Amuro who agreed with this campaign was selected. “Nuchigusui Island always welcomes you” was unveiled in a special version of key visuals with photos of Namie Amuro taken in the Okinawan sea. In addition to posting on the official website, poster visuals and booklets are also available. Since the press release on August 14, 2018, a total of 411 such as 13 TV, 59 newspaper coverage, 25 sports paper, 314 WEB, etc. There was exposure. In addition, the number of accesses to the Be.Okinawa official website exceeded 181,000 times in about 10 days after the announcement.
■ YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQXttPNQzaE&t=8s [Image 14

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