[Capcom Co., Ltd.] TEAM SHACHI × Rockman announces details of the special collaboration project!

Capcom Corporation Details of TEAM SHACHI × Rockman Special Collaboration Project announced! A teaser image of a special collaboration between “TEAM SHACHI” and “Rockman”. The whole picture is clear! The new song “Rocket Queen feat. MCU” of “TEAM SHACHI”, which is the core of this project, will be distributed in advance! * Also, the special collaboration game “Rockman 20XX-Fight with Rocket Queen feat. MCU” and “Rockman”! “TEAM SHACHI ~” can be played on the special site from today! [4] “TEAM SHACHI” will save the world from Rockman who has been turned into a destructive weapon by the enemy “Dr. Wiley AI”? !
■ New song “Rocket Queen feat. MCU” The new song “Rocket Queen feat. MCU” recorded on the 1st single of TEAM SHACHI to be released on 10/2 is written by Haruichi Shinto of “Porn Graffiti”, the song is written by ak.homma, written by Akemitsu Honma, and A KICK THE CAN CREW MCU who loves “Rockman” has participated in RAP. The song also features “Rockman 2” BGM “Dr. Wiley Stage1”, and even a single artwork has created a special collaboration with “Rockman”! Also, starting today, a new song “Rocket Queen feat. [Image 1

* [Table 5: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/13450/table/981_1.jpg”>

■ Special collaboration game “ROCKMAN 20XX-Fight! “TEAM SHACHI ~” The buzzing teaser movie turned out to be the opening of a special collaboration game of “Rocket Queen feat. MCU”! “Whatever” Shinji Kawamura worked on the special collaboration game. Based on “Rockman 2”, the game design was advanced as an “IF” story with the theme of “Rockman after 30 years”. Appeared in the appearance of boss characters such as Rockman, Metalman and Airman that appeared in “Rockman 2”! I’d like you to check his masquerade !? in the game. You can play on the special site from today! ”Rocket Queen feat. MCU” is played on the BGM, and all stages must be cleared to listen to the end! Can you save the world with TEAM SHACHI !? [Image 2

[Image 3

【story】 Rockman who saved the world lived peacefully in an “old bothome”. When heading to the concert hall of “TEAM SHACHI”, where he visited for comfort, suddenly his nemesis “Dr. Wiley AI” appeared, and an evil computer virus flowed into Rockman’s body, turning it into a huge weapon of destruction. “I have to do something super.” To stop Rockman who lost me and started attacking the world, “TEAM SHACHI” became a super robot himself and stood up to save the world! ! [Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

[Table 6: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/13450/table/981_2.jpg”>

Also on the special site, a music video of “Rocket Queen feat. MCU” featuring a game play video of “ROCKMAN 20XX-Fight! TEAM SHACHI-” will be released simultaneously! The hint of the game strategy is hidden, so it is a must-see for those who want to clear it! ・ STAFF CREDIT Creative Director: Shinji Kawamura (Whatever Inc.) Executive Producer: Yusuke Tominaga (Whatever Inc.) Producer: Yukie Aihara (Whatever Inc.) Art Director / Designer: Taichi Ito (Whatever Inc.) Technical Director: Saqoosha (Whatever Inc.) Web Designer / UI Designer: SO (Whatever Inc.) System Engineer / Hi-Gamer: Takanobu Izukawa (Whatever Inc.) Game Director / Animation Director: So Otsuki Pixel Designer: m7kenji (HANDSUM inc.) Pixel Designer: SETAMO (UPC) Game Engineer: cellfusion Frontend Engineer: Eri Sawada Game Master: 3mp (UX MILK) Composer (Ending Music): kyoheifujita Special Thanks: Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (CAPCOM) Daizo Nonaka (CAPCOM) Hideo Akiyama (CAPCOM) ROCKMAN UNITY [Table 7: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/13450/table/981_3.jpg”>

[Image 7

□ Time train board [Limited production] CD + BD 6,000 yen (excluding tax) WPZL-31656 / 7 [CD] 01 Rocket Queen feat. MCU 02 Rock Away 03 I Fever [BD]
● TEAM SHACHI 1st TOUR 2019 ~ Time Train Kanata ~ 2019.04.29@Aichi / Japan Special Ceramics Civic Center / All songs included [Enclosed benefits] Super tough entry bonus! TEAM SHACHI Premium Karaoke Tournament @ Nagoya Application Postcard ——— [Image 8

□ super tough board [First Press Limited Edition] CD + BD 2,400 yen (excluding tax) WPZL-31654 / 5 [CD] 01 Rocket Queen feat. MCU 02 Rock Away 03 I Fever [BD]
● TEAM SHACHI Rock Away Muisc Video
● TEAM SHACHI Rocket Queen feat. MCU Choreography Video
● TEAM SHACHI “Business trip! Winter Daiba Christmas Live-Advance at full speed, Sacred story” 2018.12.18@Zepp Tokyo / 8 songs will be recorded [Enclosed benefits] Member dot design sticker with bonus event participation ticket A included randomly (1 of 4 types) ——— [Image 9

□ strong energy board [Regular board A] CD 1,200 yen (excluding tax) WPCL-13101 [CD] 01 Rocket Queen feat. MCU 02 Rock Away 03 I Fever 04 Shake the curtain of the lace (Live at Aichi / Japan Special Ceramics Civic Hall 2019.04.29) 05 Dawn Star (Live at Aichi / Nippon Ceramic Industry Civic Hall, April 29, 2019) [Enclosed benefits] Included member solo photo sticker with bonus event participation ticket B randomly included (1 of 4 types) ——— [Image 10

□ positive exciting soul board [Regular board B] CD 1,200 yen (excluding tax) WPCL-13102 [CD] 01 Rocket Queen feat. MCU 02 Rock Away 03 I Fever 04 Professional adolescence (Live at Aichi / Nippon Ceramic Industry Civic Hall 2019.04.29) 05 Aidon Care (Live at Aichi / Nippon Ceramic Industry Civic Hall, April 29, 2019) [Enclosed benefits] Included member solo photo sticker with bonus event participation ticket B randomly included (1 of 4 types) [Table 8: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/13450/table/981_4.jpg”>

TEAM SHACHI-Profile- [Image 11

L to R Oguro Rinhime, Haruka Sakamoto, Nao Saki, Hana Akimoto Stardust Planet belongs to Stardust Promotion. A female group from Aichi Prefecture, Akimoto Houka, Saki Ryo Nao, Daikoku Himehime and Sakamoto Haruna. Renamed from the predecessor group “Team Shachihoko” on October 23, 2018. “Super tough strong energy positive exciting soul from nagoya” and made a live debut at Zepp Nagoya. The first mini album “TEAM SHACHI” released in February this year recorded the 5th place on the Oricon Weekly Chart! Accelerating the momentum with full speed advancement, such as advertizing to Komeda Coffee Shop, Chunichi Shimbun, Nagoya Port Aquarium and appearing on dramas and stage. This summer will be the first appearance of SUMMER SONIC, and will also participate in large festivals around the world! Sweeping the scene with a loud and pop sound and a band sound featuring six brass people. On 10/2 Released his first single! Celebrating the release of the 1st single on 10/4, a premium free live will be held at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST with a special band! 【Related Links】
■ TEAM SHACHI Official HP http://teamshachi.nagoya
■ TEAM SHACHI Official Twitter https://twitter.com/shachi_staff
■ TEAM SHACHI Official LINE ID @teamshachi
■ TEAM SHACHI Official Blog https://ameblo.jp/team-shachi/
■ Rockman Series Official Website http://www.capcom.co.jp/game/rockman/ (C) CAPCOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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