[RockCorps supported by JT Executive Committee] DA PUMP / erica / Yamasaru / DJ NANASHIMA will perform a performance that creates a sense of unity with about 800 participants.

RockCorps supported by JT Executive Committee DA PUMP / erica / Yamasaru / DJ NANASHIMA will perform a performance that creates a sense of unity with about 800 participants. This is the 6th time for a 4-hour volunteer to attend a live music event ticket! A new social contribution form “RockCorps supported by JT 2019” “Celebration” has returned to Fukushima for the first time in three years [Image 1

State of the venue showing excitement On Saturday, September 7, 2019, the music live event “Celebration” that concludes the end of “RockCorps supported by JT 2019” was held at “Shirakawa Cultural Exchange Center Comines” in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. “RockCorps” is a mechanism that allows you to participate in a live music event featuring gorgeous artists, known as “Celebration” in Japan, by volunteering for 4 hours. The ticket cannot be bought for money, and “Celebration” offers a unique social contribution platform where everyone including participating artists can participate and enter only by volunteering. Yes. Starting in the United States in 2005, popular artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Ellie Golding have participated in the past. “Celebration” was first held in Japan in 2014 in Fukushima Prefecture. 2017 fiscal year, through the holding of at Makuhari Messe of the 2018 fiscal year, came back to Fukushima Prefecture to this the first time in three years. This year, DA PUMP, the dance and vocal group that the single “U.S.A.” was a big hit, served as the headliner for songs that adults and children can enjoy. The seven members of ISSA, YORI, TOMO, KIMI, U-YEAH, KENZO, and DAICHI are expanding their activities not only for the group, but also for choreography and production. In recent years, street dance competitions of France held, the big topic by KENZO as a Japanese was the first time the championship. It was also attracting attention that it would be a KENZO triumphal stage that achieved 13 crowns, combining the world and international competitions. [Image 2

“DA PUMP” served as headliner [Image 3

Special guest “Yamasaru” [Image 4

“Erata” is a popular singer-songwriter “erica” ​​for the younger generation [Image 5

Popular DJ of local Fukushima “ DJ NANASHIMA ” A lot of people had already gathered before 15:00 before the opening time, and the lively excitement centered on those who volunteered as many as 800 people. Not only looking forward to the artist you are looking for, but also being involved in volunteering, the expression of the participants has a sense of accomplishment. At the venue, a man in his 60s told me that he was looking forward to DA PUMP. “I’m practicing” USA “while watching YouTube. Are you all dancing in the real world? I’m practicing dancing because I’m just reflected in the large window,” he said. He told me. It seems that men are looking forward to participating in “RockCorps supported by JT” every time, including the first participation, the fourth, fifth and sixth. [“Celebration” opens! DJ NANASHIMA, erica, Yamasaru and DA PUMP perform various performances! KENZO looks back on the world tournament! ] When it opens, DJ NANASHIMA starts playing to create an atmosphere. DJ NANASHIMA, who started DJing in 1997 and started CLUB NEO in Fukushima in 2000, builds a dynamic development using seasonal songs centered on TECH HOUSE and BREAKS from a wide range of DANCE MUSIC genres. . It is a popular local DJ that appears in Fukushima FM. Fans stood up from the front row on the 1st floor to the back seat on the 2nd floor, and were seen shaking their bodies to the sound. [Image 6

The 6th “RockCorps” started with DJ Italu and RIO MC. When it was reported that this was homecoming, the venue was covered with smiles and applause. All participants here are volunteers. Gathered under one roof this kind of volunteer experience is, I enjoy the Celebration in the sense such as so-called “launch”. Volunteers will be held in Fukushima Prefecture and the Tokyo metropolitan area, many people to participate in Fukushima of volunteers from other prefectures. First, the artist who appeared is erica who has released many songs related to love, such as the representative song “Songs to Give You”. A singer-songwriter from Yamanashi Prefecture, moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school and continued music activities while performing live on the street. Many of which have been the “confession”, “broken heart”, “crush” on the theme, he has himself it is called a “tell song”. The artist is fascinating for its great movement and volume, but the lyrics that resonate with the hearts grab the participants. erica himself experienced volunteering this time. “Living one person at a time is different, but various people gathered under the theme of volunteering, and the dots were turned into lines and turned into circles … The volunteer space where everyone gathered was fresh. I looked back. [Image 7

[Image 8

Next to erica, which was made moist with the announcement to hear, Yamasaru, a local artist from Fukushima, appeared as a special guest. A wild monkey singing with the desire to convey a lot of “love”, “bonds” and “courage” through music. The representative song “3090-Ai no Uta-” became a hot topic when it was released in 2011 and became a “crying song”. Introduced in “NEWS ZERO” and “Miyaneya” etc., the total distribution is 1.5 million downloads. When local artists are introduced, the venue will stand out. When a wild monkey appears in the enthusiasm of cheering and clapping, the audience will be enchanted, saying, “Quiet!”. There are a lot of songs with clapping hands, raising hands, and call-and-response. In “Meigumi no Hito_forLIVE,” the moments where the venue becomes one, such as singing after practicing dance with the participants, etc. there were. In the box coverage, “Volunteer is not difficult, I think you can do it with a little courage” on the day of the volunteer experience Looking back. In addition, when performing the last song “3090-Ai no Uta-” with the episode that suffered from the disaster, he said, “Since you don’t have to raise your hands, please listen with your heart” Some people listen to it while wiping tears at the auditorium to respond. [Image 9

DA PUMP, a popular group, appeared as a headliner. The hit song “U.S.A.” was performed immediately in the hall. Participants’ bodies also move naturally. On the way, KENZO looked back on the tournament in France. At first, it seemed that he had entered the site with no plans to participate in the tournament. He taught me that it was the result of dancing harder than winning or losing. Since the tournament will continue to dance for 40 minutes, the members who were surprised at it were impressive. In “P.A.R.T.Y.-Universe Festival”, we practiced dancing with participants. A sense of unity is born. At the encore, “U.S.A.” was performed again. Today, at the height of the excitement, the members who got off the stage touched with the participants and fascinated the venue with “U.S.A.” dance in front of them. Take the dance of “P.A.R.T.Y.-Universe Festival” practiced by everyone to “U.S.A.” Ingenious ideas that all participants can enjoy. Above all, it was a stage where the members themselves were enjoying themselves. [Image 10

[Image 11

[Image 12

All the people here are volunteers. It didn’t take long for the venues to become one because they were friends with a common experience. RockCorps is a project that you would like to participate in once you experience it. One of the characteristics of RockCorps is that many people participate as repeaters. Next time I was worried about what kind of volunteers I could make and what kind of artists would appear in the celebration, RockCorps in Shirakawa was finished.
■ Set list erica Song to give to you / Message to you / Bye bye / 10 confession / You have been Mountain monkey Megumi no Hito_forLIVE / DREAMER / Red Real Hajiketa Under the Love Sky / 3090-Ai no Uta- DA PUMP U.S.A. / It ’s amazing! ~ Nothing But Something ~ / if … / Do it! Jump in the air / P.A.R.T.Y. ~ Universe Festival / We can not stop the music / U.S.A. Interview with RockCorps CEO and co-founder ≪ Steven Green≫ [Image 13

RockCorps CEO and co-founder “Steven Green” Q: This year’s theme was “Homecoming”. What is Homecoming for you? Steven: Fukushima is the birthplace of RockCorps supported by JT. Three years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, in 2014, we started activities in this Fukushima area. What was clearly understood at that time was that reconstruction was not just a year or two, but a generation. In this way, we have continued volunteer activities centering on Fukushima, in partnership with Governor Uchibori, JT, NPOs, all concerned parties, and all the wonderful people. I am really delighted to have been able to hold the celebration again in Fukushima, that is, to be able to “Homecoming” here. Q: Are there many Rock Corpus repeaters? Steven: We are thinking everyone you are a part of the RockCorps supported by JT and it’s like a family. Some volunteers are participating for the first time this year, while others are in their fourth, fifth, and sixth years. Many of the people who participate every year have been inspired by various experiences through activities at Rock Corpus, and I think they are returning to the next year. Participating in Rockcorps and experiencing “give” and “get given” for someone, this kind of “give” I think that the idea of ​​“get given” will spread. Q: Please give a word to the participants. Steven: If you look around the world globally in 2019, I feel that various conflicts have occurred and the connection between people has come apart. In addition, every day, such a thing is reported in the media. In the meantime, the activities and mechanisms of Rockcorps are very important for the connection between people, so we believe that it provides a platform that is the opposite of the current world situation. Rock Corps is an activity in which various people contribute together for sharing the same experience and sharing joy. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all who participated, whether you are participating for the first time or the sixth year. Thank you! Performer interview (box coverage) ≪ DJ NANASHIMA ≫ [Image 14

Q: Today, volunteers gathered in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. How was it? DJ NANASHIMA: I am glad that many people come to Fukushima. Also, every time you do one thing that you say as a volunteer, I think it would be nice to have people who had the same experience again during the celebration. Q: How was it when you actually worked with volunteers? DJ NANASHIMA: This was my fifth participation, but until now there have been many activities to move the body like field work, but this time it was a volunteer using a cutter and building blocks, and it was fun with a volunteer who used my head silently. . It seemed to be possible for hours. Q: The theme for this year was “Homecoming”. What is Homecoming for you? DJ NANASHIMA: The last time it was held at Makuhari Messe, I felt a little relieved when it was held in Fukushima this time. I’m so happy to hold this event in Fukushima. ≪ erica ≫ [Image 15

Q: Today, volunteers gathered unlike regular customers. How was it? erica: It was a lot of fun. The audience was so excited that I sang with the feeling that I could just enjoy the music, regardless of whether I was a first person or not. I think it was a live performance where you really enjoyed the sound. Q: How was it when you actually worked with volunteers? erica: I didn’t feel like having fun and volunteering. I felt like I had more time. I had about 3 more hours (laughs) and it was really fun and I didn’t feel like volunteering. As a result, I felt like I was a volunteer, and it was really fun for me, and I thought it was wonderful to be able to participate like that. Q: Please give a word to the participants. erica: My seats are all chatting together and I think you had a wonderful meeting. There were a lot of people who didn’t meet as volunteers, and I met you when we performed LIVE, but I felt that the feelings of singing and volunteering were exactly the same. Just because I met, I had become a friend in an instant, or there was one thing that I thought of, so if the bottom part is not blurred, I do not think it has anything to do with the country, people, or age It was. Thank you very much. ≪Mountain Monkey≫ [Image 16

Q: Today, volunteers gathered in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. How was it? Yamasaru: I myself volunteered in the morning and I always thought it would be difficult to do volunteer work. However, just a little courage, a girl student who participated, who doesn’t know his name or origin I understood that I can understand. At first, everyone was nervous and the conversation wasn’t honest, but as time went on, the conversation was born like “Where are you from?” I felt that it was really meaningful to do something. It was a lot of fun to have a live concert all day today. Q: How was it when you actually worked with volunteers? Yamasaru: I was given a volunteer to color the trees, but besides that, I went around the city of Shirakawa and picked up trash, and the staff who worked with them gradually became smiling. Rather, I thought it would be nice to be able to do it on a land I don’t know. Q: This year’s theme was “Homecoming”, but what do you think you came back to Fukushima? Yamasaru: I’m glad that Rock Corpus was of all ages, and there were a lot of elderly people and it was great to have a great time with the local people. Q: Please give me a few words at the end. Yamasaru: I think that it’s not just a volunteer event, but also picking up trash and doing it every day, so I wanted to continue. ≪DA PUMP≫ [Image 17

Q: Today, volunteers gathered in Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. How was it? ISSA: There were a lot of volunteered people, so the tension was great and the live was really exciting, so I was able to finish it happily. Q: How was it when you actually worked with volunteers? TOMO: It was more fun than I expected, and I didn’t have much time. I wanted to do more. KIMI: I was very happy to be able to interact with people from various countries and talk about listening to DA PUMP. Q: Please give a word to the participants. DAICHI: Fukushima is amazing! (Lol) Q: Fukushima is still in the process of recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, can you give a message to everyone in Fukushima Prefecture? ISSA: The boss of the office is from Fukushima Prefecture, and I have been visiting many times since the time of my debut, but there was an earthquake at 3.11, and I was allowed to perform a charity live soon after that. Like changing goods into goods and going to deliver. I have always been interested in it. Although little by little, everyone is working hard for recovery, so we can only support in the form of LIVE, but I would like to go to LIVE again and cheer up and enjoy with everyone. . ≪Overview of Live Music Event “Celebration” ≫ Name: RockCorps supported by JT 2019 “Celebration”
◆ Date: Saturday, September 7, 2019 Opening: 15:00 / Start: 15:45 / End: 18:00
◆ Venue: Shirakawa Cultural Exchange Hall Comines (1-17 Aizu-cho, Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture)
◆ Artists (in order of appearance): DJ NANASHIMA, erica, Yamasaru, DA PUMP
◆ MC: DJ Italu, RIO ≪ “RockCorps supported by JT 2019“ [Image 18

What is “RockCorps” that leads people to social contribution activities with the power of music? 】 RockCorps, which started in 2005, has been providing a simple way to connect with the power of music, community, and volunteer activities and contribute positively and positively to society. The secret is “Give, Get Given”. Volunteer activities in the local community are promoted by holding a “Celebration (Live Event)” in which participation tickets can be obtained for the first time by participating in volunteer activities for 4 hours. So far it has been held in 36 cities in 5 continents, 10 countries, and more than 180,000 volunteers have spent 720,000 hours serving communities around the world. In the past, international artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Ellie Golding, Maroon5 and David Guetta have appeared in celebrities around the world. This year marks the sixth year of the event, and 20,000 volunteers have participated in the past, and a total of over 83,000 hours have been devoted to volunteer activities in the community. For more information, please visit http://www.rockcorps.jp/

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