[Narashino City Hall] [Narashino City, Chiba] A city of roses ♪ We hold a concert. (Held on September 14 of the first year of the Ordinance

Narashino City Hall [Narashino City, Chiba] A city of roses ♪ A music concert will be held. (Held on September 14 of the first year of the Ordinance) We hold “Rose Town ♪ Music Festival” by children and community halls in the Yatsu / Kananomori area. “The City of Roses ♪ Music Festival” started in 2012 and celebrates its 8th anniversary this year. The Yatsu Public Hall is planned and operated together with the Yatsu Public Hall District Learning Area Conference, commonly known as the Yatsu Rose Forum, which is a volunteer of the local community. Performing organizations include Yatsu Elementary School and Daiichi Junior High School Orchestra, which have won numerous awards, Yatsu Kindergarten, Mukaiyama Kindergarten, Yatsunami Elementary School Music Club, Mukaiyama Elementary School Brass Club, It is a concert by. [Image

“Four school joint performance” impression finale by the first junior high school and sixth graders of Yatsu, Mukaiyama, Yatsuminami Elementary School
■ Date: Saturday, September 14 Opening noon Start: 0:45 pm (until 3:25 pm) * Admission free, no application required
■ Location: Narashino City Mukaiyama Elementary School Gymnasium
■ Appearance Yatsu Kindergarten, Mukoyama Kindergarten, Yatsu Elementary School Orchestra Club, Yatsu Minami Elementary School Music Club, Mukoyama Elementary School Band Club, Daiichi Junior High School Orchestra Club, Mixed Chorus Cole Dream (Public Hall Circle)
■ Program * Appearance times are approximate Opening ceremony … 12:45 ♪ Mukaiyama Kindergarten ・ ・ ・ ・ about 13:00 ♪ Yatsu Kindergarten ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ around 13:15 ♪ Yatsu Minami Elementary Music Club ・ ・ ・ about 13:30 ♪ Mixed Voice Choir Call Dream (Public Hall Circle) around 13:50 ♪ Mukaiyama Kobura Club … 14:05 ♪ Yatsu small orchestra club … around 14:25 ♪ The first junior high school orchestra … around 14:45 ♪ Joint performance of 4 schools around 15:00 (first and sixth graders of 3 elementary schools) ♪ Chorus for everyone at the venue … Around 15:05 (“Narashino City Song” “Hometown”) Closing ceremony: around 15:15
■ belongings Sack for slippers and shoes
■ Inquiries Narashino City Yatsu Public Hall TEL 047 (452) 1509 (City HP) https://www.city.narashino.lg.jp/event/baramati.html (Event flyer) https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d43355-20190829-3969.pdf Narashino City is said to be a “music town” that is familiar to music from children to adults. In elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools in the city, taking advantage of the characteristics of each school, they have achieved excellent results at national competitions every year. In addition, many music organizations are active in each region, mainly in public halls, and various concerts and presentations are held throughout the seasons. At the end of the year, the Narashino Ninth Concert will be held at the Narashino Culture Hall, resonating with a beautiful harmony that brings together the hearts of about 300 members. As you can see, there is a natural cycle in which children who have been familiar with sound from a young age continue to spin the sound even when they grow up and connect it to the next generation. Musical notes come off all over the city today. About music town Narashino (City HP) https://www.city.narashino.lg.jp/citysales/ongaku_sports/musictown.html

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