[Earth Friends Tokyo Z] Sony Music Artists Inc. x Earth Friends Tokyo Z

Earth Friends Tokyo Z Sony Music Artists Inc. x Earth Friends Tokyo Z Four people who belong to Sony Music Artists Inc. and act as actors are the first group challenge! With the help of Sony Music Artists Inc., the professional basketball team “Earth Friends Tokyo Z” belonging to the B-League has formed a Tokyo Z support group “Zboyz” that excites the home game venue! [Image 1

Currently, Tokyo Z support song is being produced and will be unveiled in the opening round. Zboyz will sing the team’s first cheer song together with the fans and make the venue lively. In conjunction with this formation, we have established an official Instagram account. In the future, we plan to upload various photos of the members. Click here for Instagarm official account https://www.instagram.com/zboyz_official/ Keep an eye out for Zboyz ’s struggle this season! <MemberJun Matsuo Number: 221 Name: JUN February 21, 2001 (18 years old) Hometown: Hiroshima Career: 'Debuted in the movie “Summer Vacation Map” in 2013. The main appearances include the stage “Good day from a distant country”, “My Star”, and Modern Swimmer ’s “Death, Ile”. In 19 years, she appeared in androp “Koi” MV and CM “Kawai Juku”. In November, the drama broadcast was refrained. Special skills / hobbies: dance, stage appreciation Niwa Kigen captain Number: 28 Name: KIGEN October 17, 1997 (21 years old) Origin: Ishikawa Career: Debuted in the 2016 drama "The Girl Who Takes Time" (NTV). In '17, he appeared in the drama / movie “I'm in love with my brother too much”. 'I appeared in the movie “I am I, I am a whale and I am swimming.” He also appeared in commercials such as “Pokemon Card Game” in 19 years and “My Hero PC” in 17 years. Special skills / hobbies: painting, tennis Kosuke Kubota Number: 7 Name: KOSUKE October 1, 1997 (21 years old) Origin: Chiba Career: Debuted in 2018 with a commercial for JTEKT Corporation. Selected as the main cast in the serial drama “KBOYS”. K-POP Plays a high school student who wants to be an idol and actually makes a single debut. The movies are “Kanane” and “Rainbow Days”. In 19 years, she appeared in dramas “Denki Shoujo-VIDEO GIRL MAI2019-” and CM “Kawaijuku”. Special skills / hobbies: Football, general sports Kyotaro Tamura Number: 8 Name: KYOTARO January 8, 1999 (20 years old) Origin: Aichi Career: Debuted in 2016 for "Kimi no Umi no Kimi" (NHK). The Monster Strike Web Movie “This Thought, Get Out! Hen” played a refreshing young man. '18 Appeared in the movies "My Neighbor Monster" and "The Longest Photo in the World". 'The movie “Don't Cry” was released in 1919, and at the end of the year, a drama broadcast and a movie starring “Rain and Hikari” scheduled to be released in 20 years. Special skills / hobbies: Baseball, general sports [Image 2

At the TIPOFF party yesterday, everybody greeted me. (Mr. Kubota was absent due to the schedule. Greetings were given to everyone in the self-introduction movie.) [Image 3

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