[Shimizu Oct Co., Ltd.] Co-starring with a big artist will come true …

Shimizu Oct Co., Ltd. Co-starring with a big artist will come true … January 8-9, Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST is scheduled to be held in the summer of 2020! In addition, a battle live will be held with the right to participate in the festival! At “Shimizu Oct presents Gangatsu Fes 2019” held in August this year, Naoko Ken, Tsunoda Hiro, misono, Mighty Crown, Yamasaru, Loose Mo! Popular artists gather at Maebara Beach, Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture. [Image 1

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It was a three-day event that was very exciting, but it was decided to be held in the winter of 2020!
■ Shimizu Oct presents “Winter 2020 Summer” Schedule: January 8 (Wednesday), 2020 (Thursday), 2020 Location: Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST “Revokes the bubble of decree! ! 』Is a concept band, all-genre festival sponsored by Aisuke Enatsu, the leader of Enatsu no Mori (ex. Beat Takeshi named Juliana nouri). 2020 is an important year for Japan to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In order to enliven this important year, it goes beyond genres and major indies! pleasant! Excited! Held in Shibuya! The 9th birthday is hosted by Etsuka, who lived in the youth of high school students who started music, and the live house that she longed for is Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST. “Large artists appeared in the summer, but this time it ’s my birthday, so I ’d like to talk to those who I admired when I started music. “It ’s likely to be a more gorgeous festival,” says Enatsu. The first announcement of the cast of interest will be announced at the hosted live event on Friday, September 27! ! (Click here for the live details“Esatsu Fes” is a bridge between indie artists who are interesting but buried and big artists, but at the time of the previous event, there were a lot of inquiries about performing after the announcement of the performers. For this reason, we will also decide to hold “Esatsu Koshien”, where you will bet on the appearance frame for “Esatsu Summer Festival 2020 Winter”! The application guidelines will be announced later, but we will start accepting applications ahead of today. Its name is “Special Seed Selection Tournament Believing and Expecting Gangatsu” If you apply between today and the day before the first performer announcement, you will be able to participate in a special seed battle that is closest to the appearance of the Gangatsu festival. If you would like to appear in the “Esatsu Fest 2020 Winter” Title: Hope to appear at Gangsatsu festival Text: 1. Group name (Kana) 2. URL of the video showing the site or performance 3. “Benchara” for Ayusuke Enatsu Please send them to enatsufes@shimizu-group.co.jp with the above three. * Deadline for application: September 26 (Thu) 23:59
Shimizu octo presents “Kenatsu Fest 2020 Winter” “ Esatsu Koshien ” Enatsu Festival Executive Committee (inside Shimizu Oct) 03-3360-7168 enatsufes@shimizu-group.co.jp March 12, 2015 Named by Beat Takeshi, “Juliana no Mori” started. January 9, 2019 Major debut. Akumaunda & Associates Inc. March 12 1st hall one-man held at Korakuen Hall May 1 Renamed to “Enatsu no Mori” June 17 2nd hall one-man held at Tokyo International Forum http://tatari.tokyo https://twitter.com/ayatra_wrs/ [Image 4

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