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  • [NOIAB Co., Ltd.] A revolution in brass band education !? New IT x music service “NOIAB” that allows questions to musicians “anytime, anywhere, anytime” exceeds 300 pre-registrants!

[NOIAB Co., Ltd.]
A revolution in brass band education !? New IT x music service “NOIAB” that allows questions to musicians “anytime, anywhere, anytime” exceeds 300 pre-registrants!

NOIAB Co., Ltd. Revolution in brass band education !? New IT x music service “NOIAB” that allows questions to musicians “anytime, anywhere, anytime” exceeds 300 pre-registrants! A service for brass band members who can ask questions to musicians via chat and video, and launch the app in November 2019 …………………………………………………………………………………………… NOIAB Co., Ltd. (representative: Hokuto Kawamura, location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), aiming for a world where everyone can express themselves with music without hesitation, is the first e-learning service related to musical instrument performance. The service page for “Neia) Wind Band” has been released and pre-registration has started. In addition, we will inform you that the number of pre-registrants has exceeded 300 in the first month (as of September 19).
■ About NOIAB NOIAB is a service that allows users to ask their coaches (musicians) questions about how to practice and play musical instruments online. The service page
[NOIAB Brass Band Version]
is a monthly chat service targeting junior and senior high school students, and is scheduled to launch an app (iOS / Android) in November 2019. pr.noiab.co.jp/
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■ Background of development
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=48221&t=animationGifImage&f=agd-48221-1-1.gif&img_id=1569044809]
As one out of every ten Japanese is said to have experienced wind music, wind music is one of the major cultures in Japan. Especially in junior high school and high school, there is a ground where you can come into contact with music everyday and in earnest through club activities. On the other hand, many brass band members quit their instruments as soon as they graduate, so their performance activities tend to be “with a time limit” of 3 or 6 years. The reason for this is that there is a strong competitive element, the fact that short-term results are emphasized, mental exhaustion, and the environment for inputting correct knowledge based on the premise of enjoying throughout life is sufficient. It ’s not in place. Because brass band is a culture that has been nurtured in school education, “There is no advisor who can teach all instruments of wind band accurately” “All parts, it is difficult to follow all students” It is also a fact that it is difficult to solve problems such as “how to care for a musical instrument or the basic practice method is wrong”. To solve these problems, individual lessons outside the school are required, but there are still many problems such as “No lessons are offered in the surrounding area” and “The lessons are expensive and cannot be continued”. In particular, the farther away from the city, the more pronounced it is. To tackle this regional and economic disparity, we first developed a chat-type e-learning service.
■ Current registrant status In less than a month since the service page was released (August 19, 2019), the number of pre-registrants exceeded 300. In preparation for the official launch, we have started a trial operation using a simulation system using LINE for those who wish.
[Examination examples at high schools in Ishikawa Prefecture]
19 eligible students and 9 coaches (9 types of musical instruments)
[wind music version]
outlook 《Contributing to work style reforms》 The guidance of the brass band, which requires specialized and wide-ranging knowledge and has a long working time, places a heavy burden on advisors, and is a major issue even when work style reform is called out. Under these circumstances, by promoting “outsourcing of specialized knowledge” and creating an environment where students can learn autonomously, the work load of teachers is reduced, support for ambitious students is expanded, and opportunities for musicians to play an active role are expanded. We will approach each of these aspects. 《Launch of video media specialized in brass band》 A chat service is planned to collect “stumbling” for each instrument and proficiency level as data, and launch a video media to solve them. By providing high-quality e-learning services as soon as possible, we will develop a wide range of learning opportunities for students in regional and economic situations where it is difficult to take face-to-face lessons. 《To a stable secondary income source for young musicians》 Currently, there are limited employment opportunities for young musicians after graduating from the University of Music, and even graduates who have received first-class education often find it difficult to make a living by themselves. According to a NOIAB interview survey of about 10 music college graduates in their 20s, the average monthly income was about 150,000 yen (including income from part-time work at cafes and izakayas). . By enabling remote instruction during gap time, we will create an environment where musicians can gain experience and gain stable sub-income while making full use of their skills and knowledge.
■ Future service plans In addition to brass band music, we plan to expand to various genres such as classical music and light music. We offer a variety of expression options for the realization of a world where everyone can express themselves with music without hesitation. 《Video media operation utilizing 5G environment》 Even now, many musical instrument performance videos and lesson videos are posted on YouTube and other video posting sites, but it cannot be said that there are many high-quality videos by professional musicians. While sharing the knowledge of musicians widely through the launch of specialized video media, we can stock information for the future, as well as video creation that requires recording, shooting and editing, etc. NOIAB will take care of this process to minimize the burden of musicians on “other than the performance side” and support branding and improvement of publicity. In recent years, the population of musical instrument players has been increasing, especially in emerging countries, but the number of leaders in those regions is still not large. NOIAB aims to develop services that will enable cross-language barriers and highly skilled musicians to have students, both domestically and internationally, through the use of video and automatic translation of chat.
■ Company Profile Company name: NOIAB Co., Ltd. Location: 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ebisu Garden Place Tower 27F Established: August 26, 2019 Representative: Hokuto Kawamura
■ Contact information Mail: hokuto.kawamura@noiab.co.jp Tell: 080-6610-6698 (Kawamura) pr.noiab.co.jp/

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