Live performances of many famous Disney songs including Aladdin! “Disney on Classic 2019” national tour starts

Harmony Japan Co., Ltd. Live performances of many famous Disney songs including Aladdin! “Disney on Classic 2019” national tour starts …………………………………………………………………………………………… “Disney on Classic” is a music concert for adults that delivers Disney animation, movies, and theme park music with live orchestra performances and singing voices of vocalists active in New York. Under the theme of “Surely come true ☆ Wish, Hope, Dream”, a concert tour of 24 cities nationwide will start on September 21 (Saturday) at Bunkyo Civic Hall (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo). All 49 performances will be held for about three months until December 23 (Monday). [Image 1

Presentation licensed by Disney Concerts. (C)? Disney [Image 2

The first part started with “One Man’s Dream” from “One Man’s Dream II-The Magic Ribs On” in Tokyo Disneyland (R)? New conductor Richard Cursie, THE ORCHESTRA JAPAN, and 8 vocalists will appear in a lighting production unique to Disney-on-Classic. [Image 3

Sera Stewart Chapin [Image 4

Shailen Elizabeth Hager [Image 5

Jimmy Lewis In the “Fan Request! Songs” corner, we featured the most requested songs in a customer survey at Disney on Classic last year. From “Toy Story 2”, Sera Stewart Chapin wrapped the venue with a heartwarming singing voice in “Whoen Sea Loved Me”. In the following song from “Moulin”, in “Reflection”, Shailen Elizabeth Hager delicately expresses the struggle in the hero ’s mind, and in “To True Your Heart”, the vocalist, orchestra, and the audience Shake the penlight together, and the tension in the venue heats up! The vocalists also performed their dances. [Image 6

(C)? 2000 Disney The first part was concluded with the symposium “Pine of Rome” from “Fantasia / 2000”. A magnificent symphonic poem composed by Respighi is played with a beautiful image of a group of humpback whales flying in the sea and sky, expressing the bonds of the family and the joy of freedom. Starting with a light and sparkling melody, the ORCHESTRA JAPAN delicately expresses anxiety and detail in situations where whale children get lost in a cave. In addition, the performance of the entire orchestra that increases the thickness of the sound towards the finale is surprisingly breathtaking. [Image 7

(C)? 1992 Disney [Image 8

(C)? 1992 Disney In the second part of the concert, the full-length performance of the animated film “Aladdin”, which produced a number of masterpieces that remain in film history. This year, for the first time in seven years, “Aladdin” will feature a live-action movie that has made record-breaking hits all over the world. A story about love and friendship with plenty of humor, woven by the young Aladdin who has a poor but pure heart, the princess Jasmine who admires the world outside the royal palace, and the genie of the lamp. It is unique to Disney on Classic that you can enjoy live orchestra performances and vocalist performances along with screen images. [Image 9

(C)? 1992 Disney [Image 10

Connor Sakar [Image 11

(C)? 1992 Disney [Image 12

Armando Harlow Ronconi [Image 13

(C)? 1992 Disney [Image 14

Left: Santina Umbach, right: Conner Sakar Connor Sakar, who plays the role of Aladdin at this concert, sings “one foot first” lightly, and Armand Harlow Ronconi, who plays Jeanie, performs “Friend Like Me” with plenty of humor. In the “Prince of Ali” street, all eight vocalists were excited. Even one of the representative songs of Aladdin One “Hall New World” is a staging that jumps out of the screen image and gets drunk with the singing voice of Santina Umbach and Conner as Jasmine. [Image 15

Richard Cursie This is the first tour of Japan for Richard Carcy who made his debut as a new conductor of “Disney on Classic” this spring. “I look forward to seeing the new world on a magic carpet,” Richard said. In the video series that started in June, interviews with conductors and vocalists are now available. In the future, we will be releasing a video closely related to the rehearsals and national tours of this concert, so don’t miss it! Click here for the video series:
■ Performance Overview [Image 16

Presentation licensed by Disney Concerts. (C)? Disney Performance name: Disney on Classic-Magic Night Concert 2019 Theme: Surely come true ☆ Wish, Hope, Dream Date: September 21 (Sat)-December 23 (Mon), 2019 Venue: 49 performances in 24 cities nationwide Main supervisor: Disney Concerts Support: Universal Music LLC / Embassy of America Special sponsor: JCB Support: Citizen Watch Co., Ltd./Mitsui Home Co., Ltd. Cooperation: Monthly “Disney Fan” Production: Harmony JAPAN
● Disney on Classic Official Site:
● Disney on Classic Official Twitter: @onClassicDisney
■ Performers Conductor: Richard Carsey Orchestra: THE ORCHESRA JAPAN Navigator: Sasaki Francesco Vocalist: 8 vocalists working in NY (Santina Umbaha, Conner Sakar, Armando Harlow Ronconi, Adam Ross Grickman, Jimmy Lewis, Sera Stewart Chapin, Shailen Elizabeth Hager, Ally Bavich) * Performers are subject to change. * The performance schedule is subject to change. Please note. * Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

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