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The soft room bra Sea O Medical has been sponsored by ATSUSHI NAKASHIMA. Appears on MiraColle runway !?

Sea O Medical Co., Ltd. Soft Room Bra Sea O Medical is sponsored by ATSUSHI NAKASHIMA. Appears on MiraColle runway !? High-quality night bra “Floating Room Bra”, which is a hot topic on SNS, appears for the first time in MiraColle following TGC! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Sea O Medical Co., Ltd. (www.co-medical.jp/), headquartered in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, plans, manufactures and sells the “Floppy Room Bra” of the Angellir series, which has exceeded 1.4 million units , Representative Director: Ryo Seide) sponsors Japanese designer ATSUSHI NAKASHIMA at Milan Fashion Week in Italy (sponsored by the Italian Fashion Association). The collection will open on the 17th of this month, and the ATSUSHI NAKASHIMA show will be held on the 22nd, ending on the 23rd.
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The company joined the Milan Collection following the Tokyo Girls Collection on 7th of this month. The person in charge said, “I came to Italy and felt that the lingerie was blended in as a part of fashion. I felt a different market from Japan. I think it will be pulled out. ” The product is a night bra made by a beauty group. In addition, it has been attracting attention since its launch in September 2016 due to its high design.
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Abundant color variations of all 12 colors In the genre called Night Bra, the fire broke out from SNS, surpassing 1.4 million cumulative shipments in the third year. “The number of repeaters is increasing because it can be used during the day, as well as the night bra specification, such as the No. 1 in the Rakuten Ranking 12 category and the best seller in Amazon,” the person in charge says. Not only from the functional aspect of “ instant care & bust up ” of chest shape collapse and back and body side luxury, but also abundant colors and sizes are the strength of the product, and the design is also gathering support This is the collaboration.
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■ What is Angellir? Angellir is a brand that was born from Sea O Medical Co., Ltd. to help women relax and take care of their body in a room, represented by Soft Room Bra. You can try all Angellir products at 3 stores in Shinjuku Marui Annex, Shinsaibashi OPA, and Marui City Yokohama.
■ What is a soft room bra? This is a non-wired bra that cares for all your bust problems with the concept of being the ideal bust in your history. The hold power, which was a drawback of non-wire, is eliminated with a 3-stage hook and power net. In addition to the design you want to wear every day, you can choose from all 12 colors. A woman’s “I wanted a bra like this” was a hot topic on SNS as soon as sales began. Currently, it is a popular product that exceeds 1.4 million cumulative sales.
■ What is “Tokyo Girls Collection”? The largest fashion festival ever held twice a year since August 2005 with the theme of “Japanese girl culture to the world”. A total of about 100 popular Japanese models will appear, including a fashion show showing real close in Japan, live music by gorgeous artists, special stages where many seasonal guests appear, and hot items. A wide variety of contents unique to TGC, such as a booth where you can try, are available. Company Profile Sea O Medical Co., Ltd. “Every day you can meet a smile every day” By using Sea O Medical products, I would like to increase the number of people who want to do their best today with smiles on their families, friends, friends and lovers. At Sea O Medical, we continue to create smiles and smiles every day through planning, manufacturing and sales of apparel, cosmetics and health foods. location 42F, Shinjuku Island 6-5-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1342 Representative Representative Director Ryo Sedei Date of establishment June 4, 2014 Business description 1 Development, production and sales of cosmetics, supplements and apparel 2 WEB consulting business 3 Wholesale to general retailers and clinics 4 Cosmetics / Supplement OEM Events

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