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Nagoya-based rock band Half time Old publishes a playlist on “AWA” with the theme “Songs I want to listen to at this time (end of summer)”

AWA Corporation Nagoya-based rock band Half time Old has released a playlist on “AWA” with the theme “Songs I want to listen to at this time (end of summer)” In addition, we hold a present campaign to win autographed goods …………………………………………………………………………………………… September 23, 2019 Each AWA Corporation President Tetsutaro Ono

Subscription-based (flat-rate) music streaming service “AWA” operated by AWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tetsutaro Ono) will be launched on Monday, September 23, 2019. The rock band Half time Old from Nagoya, which has been attracting attention due to admission restrictions at numerous live circuits and appearances at large festivals, has selected songs based on the theme of “Songs I want to listen to at this time (end of summer)” The playlist has been released. In addition, a gift campaign for autographed goods will also be held. Formed in 2011, she appeared as a winner of “Inazuma Rock 2013”, where she had previously participated in “Inazuma Rock Festival”, and as an opening act of “Inazuma Rock Festival” in 2014. And the rock band Half time Old from Nagoya, who won the “RO69 JACK 14/15” betting on “COUNTDOWN JAPAN” and also played “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 14/15”. To commemorate the delivery of the mini-album “Send the reality by courier” released on September 4, 2019 (Wednesday), the theme is “Songs I want to listen to at this time (end of summer)” Create a playlist. Fuji Fabric’s masterpiece “ All of youth ” that expresses the simplicity and emptiness after the last fireworks display at the end of summer, with Naotaro Moriyama’s “ end of summer ” as the lead song, with a wide and comfortable comfort “And the ugly and magnificent summer anthem NICO Touches” The Walls’ “Summer Great Triangle” and other songs that are perfect for the current season are selected. In addition, the music of the mini album “Send the reality by courier” is also scattered throughout the playlist, and you can enjoy the music of Half time Old together. Their killer tune “Outfocus” PV has been played over 3 million times on YouTube, so enjoy the new and time-tested Half time Old new work and playlist. In addition, AWA official Twitter is also offering a present campaign where you can win a sport towel signed by Half time Old. Retweet the designated posts on AWA official Twitter and present them by lottery from those who follow this account.
▼ AWA official Twitter URL https://twitter.com/AWA_official “AWA” started providing services in May 2015, with a monthly charge of 960 yen (including tax), approximately 58 million songs delivered, and the number of celebrity and user playlists that can only be heard on “AWA” Has grown to become the largest music streaming service in Japan, with approximately 11 million subscribers. Furthermore, in October 2018, a business tie-up was made with the short movie app “TikTok”, enabling users of “TikTok” to shoot videos using more music. In addition, if you find a song you like, you can now play the sound source on the “TikTok” app. We will pursue services that allow you to enjoy “meeting” and “reunion” with new music comfortably, expand functions and music, and aim to boost the entire Japanese music industry.
■ “Selected by Half time Old: A song I want to listen to at this time (end of summer)” 01. The end of summer / Naotaro Moriyama 02. Another Road / Half time Old 03. Goodbye Summer Thoughts / Sekaiichi 04. Switchback / Half time Old 05. I have to do something I can’t do / Sambo Master 06. All of youth / Fuji Fabric 07. Fireworks / Half time Old 08. Summer Triangle / NICO Touches the Walls 09. Half time Old 10. Ride on Tide 11. Outfocus / Half time Old 12. Summer Day, Afterimage / ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION 13. HANABI / Mr. Children 14. September / RADWIMPS 15. Ultramarine / Spitz
▼ Playlist URL https://mf.awa.fm/2lIWJtG
■ Half time Old Toshitoshi Uchida (Ba.) / Atsushi Hansai (Dr) / Daiharu Kito (Vo. & Gt) / Yuichiro Oga (Gt) Formed in 2011. So far, he won the “Inazuma Gate 2013” where he participated in the “Inazuma Rock Festival”. Appeared as the opening act of “Inazuma Rock Festival” in 2014. A rock band in Nagoya that won the same title in “RO69 JACK 14/15” and bet on “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 14/15”. In 2019, admission restrictions at numerous live circuits, and appeared in large festivals “FREEDOM NAGOYA 2019” “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2019”. PV “Outfocus” has been replayed 3 million times on YouTube! Daiharu Kito (Vo,) ‘s “Lyrics world view” and “One and only singing voice” are a must-see! !
■ App Overview “AWA” is a subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service provided by AWA Inc., a joint investment between CyberAgent and Avex Digital Inc. The service was launched in May 2015, delivering 58 million songs and approximately 11 million playlists created by celebrities and users. In November 2016, we announced a new “Free Plan” that allows you to use all functions except “offline playback” for free per month. A new feature “Highlight Playback” that allows cross-fade playback of short versions of songs has also been added, and the total number of downloads has exceeded 19 million (as of July 13, 2019). In addition, in the Japanese version of Google Play “Best of 2017” announced in December 2017, it won the “2017 Best App”, which is the top of the app. In October 2018, short mu Formed business alliance with B platform “TikTok” in the music business. “AWA” has grown into the largest music streaming service in Japan, both in name and reality. Name: “AWA” https://awa.fm/ Recommended environment: ■ URL AWA: https://awa.fm/ App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/awa-music/id980578855 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fm.awa.liverpool Desktop app: https://awa.fm/download/ AWA latest information: https://news.awa.fm/ AWA Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/awa_official?lang=en
■ Company Profile Company name: AWA Corporation (reading: Awa) Location: Avex Building, 1-3-30 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: President Tetsutaro Ono Business description: Music streaming service, etc. Established date: December 1, 2014
■ Contact information AWA Public Relations Press@awa.fm

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