Produced “playing shoes” in Berlin. The next challenge of Japanese shoemakers active in the world

MISAWA SHOE DESIGN Co., Ltd. Produced “playing shoes” in Berlin. The next challenge of Japanese shoemakers active in the world Next to Cannes, NY and London is Berlin, Germany. The collaborator is Henning Schmidt, a global German pianist. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Shoemaker Noriyuki Misawa has a track record of producing film directors such as Spike Lee and world film actors. Following the successful exhibition at the Cannes Exhibition in France, Chelsea in New York, London, and the successful exhibition at Isetan Shinjuku, the collaboration with Berlin pianists will begin in October. Noriyuki Misawa, a shoemaker and artist who has been attracting attention by exploring the new value of shoes and releasing art shoes around the world.
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The next theme is “Shoes that play music”. “The first time I heard Henning’s music last year was when I was traveling on the Shinkansen. I phoned a friend who was impressed with the goosebumps and introduced me to music immediately and wanted to make shoes for Henning. “I was doing,” Misawa says. Then, the exchange began, and the start of collaboration was decided in October 2019. It will be produced in two locations in Berlin and Tokyo and will last for three months. It begins when Misawa goes to Berlin and talks with Mr. Henning, and expands the image of shoes while listening to the performance. Misawa says that he wants to create an artistic shoe work that makes music feel visually as much as possible to influence Henning’s performance.
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Misawa and Henning appear on the program of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), the oldest radio station in Berlin, as well as the world ’s oldest radio house, “Haus des Rundfunks” There will also be a photo shoot inside.
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Mr. Henning’s Japan tour is scheduled for spring 2020. I would like you to enjoy Henning’s music playing with “Playing Shoes” with your eyes and ears. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[About Pianist Henning Schmiedt]

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A former pianist, composer and arranger from East Germany. Early on, he pioneered activities that transcend genres such as jazz, classical music and world music. After active in various jazz ensembles from the mid-1980s to the 90s, he received great trust from Mikis Theodorakis, the greatest composer of the 20th century in Greece. I serve. In addition, he has arranged numerous CDs and concerts as an arranger and director of world-famous singers such as Jocelyn B. Smith and Maria Farantouri.・ Received the Jazz Critic Award, and produced a wide range of activities, including arranging classical music with actress Katrin Sass (“Guppai Lenin” and others) and voice performer Lauren Newton. As a solo artist, Kurt Weil and many other film music, Kafka’s “Transformation” stage music performed at the Berlin Theater, and the contemporary music “Requiem” broadcast on the Berlin Broadcasting Station in 2008 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of Germany. Announced here, all albums released by FLAU in Japan have recorded long sellers, and many have visited Japan. The distinctive arrangement and piano style that the master conductor Kurt Masur puts at a glance has received high praise from various directions.
[About Shoemaker / Artist Noriyuki Misawa]

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2010 International Efficiency Contest of Shoemakers, Gold Medal, Honorary Award 2015 33rd Japan Leather Art Exhibition “Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology” Many others
Displayed in conjunction with the 2017 Cannes International Film Festival 2017 Solo exhibition in Chelsea, New York 2018 ~ Delivered to the Imperial Household Agency 2018 Solo exhibition in London 2019 Presented at Detroit M Contemporary Art 2019 Sid Meade tribute at Tokyo AXIS Gallery 2019 Exhibition of works at Isetan Shinjuku “ Shoe Expo 2019 ”
2017 Canal plus (TV), Huffington Post, Le Film Francais, etc. (France) 2017 Published in Los Angeles Times (2017.5.26) 2018 Esquire Magazine, Her World Magazine (Singapore) 2018 NHK WORLD “ TOKYO FASHION EXPRESS ” broadcast 2019 XTOTV TV program “ Punto Vida ” appearance (Bolivia) 2019 Pen Magazine International (France) Sid Meade (Visual Futureist) Spike Lee (Film Director) Adrian Brody (Actor) “Pianist on the Battlefield” Academy Award for Best Actor Pakchanuk (film director) Angery Rice (actress) movie “Nice Guys”, “The Beguiled” Millicent Simmons (actress), “Quiet Place” and “WONDERSTRUCK” Etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Noriyuki Misawa (MISAWA SHOE DESIGN Co., Ltd.) URL: Location: 5-46-3-1F, Arakawa, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Telephone: 03-6807-8839 Name of representative: Noriyuki Misawa Business: Manufacture and sale of art shoes and custom shoes, operation of shoe schools

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