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GRAPEVINE and Macaroni Pencil collide in Yokohama! “LIVE HOLIC vol.24”, a two-man event by featured artists!

Space Shower Network Co., Ltd. GRAPEVINE and macaroni pencil clash in Yokohama! “LIVE HOLIC vol.24”, a two-man event by featured artists! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
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LIVE HOLIC vol.24_GRAPEVINE_Macaroni Pencil / PHOTO: AZUSA TAKADA Live event
[uP !!! SPECIAL LIVE HOLIC vol.24 supported by SPACE SHOWER hosted by Japan’s largest music channel “Space Shower TV” and the intuitive entertainment site “uP !!!” TV]
was held on September 22 at Yokohama Bay Hall.
is a two-man event by an artist who boasts an overwhelming presence that is indispensable for the Japanese music scene of “now”. In March 2019, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the event, past performers gathered at Makuhari Messe Event Hall 2DAYS & Osaka Namba Hatch. In this performance in Yokohama, since the start of activities in 1993, the rock band GRAPEVINE, which has been sending out numerous masterpieces to the world, and the nova band Makaroni Pencil, which has attracted the most attention now, was formed in Kanagawa in 2012. Two sets of appeared. This two-man live was
for the first time, and it was a performance that attracted more attention.
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LIVE HOLIC vol.24_Macaroni Pencil / PHOTO: AZUSA TAKADA The first to appear was macaroni pencil. First of all, when the voice of vocals and guitars insists on the venue with “Love Hands”, the tempo of “Becoming Toriko” and “Girl my friend” is accelerated, and the music at the venue is the voltage of the venue. I will raise. MC’s motivation is, “I am a vocal enthusiast and a big fan of GRAPEVINE. When this happened, I really wished that I had been able to stay in touch with Special (laughs)” I confessed my thoughts and my appreciation for SPACE SHOWER TV. In order to express the respect for GRAPEVINE, the middle part of the main part was the cover of “About Light” which can be said to be the representative song of GRAPEVINE. If they continue to live and act lively while creating a bright and fun-friendly style, when they witness the appearance of the cover, they should not expect the band to grow with a larger scale and thickness. I can’t.
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LIVE HOLIC vol.24_Macaroni Pencil / PHOTO: AZUSA TAKADA At the end of the main part, the latest song “Young Adult” was presented. The audience’s perspective on this song, which moves from A Melo’s inconspicuous melody to rust with great tolerance, made me foresee that this song would become a new anthem for them. And the live performance of Macaroni Pencil was finished with the performance of the song “Haru no Arashi” recorded in the last of the 1st full album. While making you feel respectful to various artists in Japan and abroad, it was a stage where the original sound of the Macaroni Pencil was played.

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LIVE HOLIC vol.24_GRAPEVINE / PHOTO: AZUSA TAKADA Of course, GRAPEVINE appeared in the second group. As soon as the first song “Glare” is performed, the bass bass produces a strong atmosphere in the venue. However, all the sounds and Tanaka’s singing voice resonated in the venue in perfect harmony without the isolation of the bass. The same was true when the guitar, bass, and drums were violently played in the “COME ON” outro, and there was a great cheer and applause. After completing “COME ON”, Tanaka said, “Thanks uP !!! Thank you! Today ’s anti-van is macaroni pencil, for short,“ Mippi ”. Thank you. “I don’t know what you’re abbreviating, but I’ll call you steadily and I’d like to continue to love you,” a junior respect Responded firmly to.
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LIVE HOLIC vol.24_GRAPEVINE / PHOTO: AZUSA TAKADA While the original sound of GRAPEVINE dominates the venue, the 6th song was “God Only Knows”. The audience’s body moved up and down as desired, and the movement of its head up and down caused random waves in the cloud, creating a large swell. In addition, after attracting the audience with an elegant melody of “all common light”, “BLUE BACK” causes a big swell again. “Arma”, which was presented at the end of the main story, expanded their sound and gave GRAPEVINE a dynamic live that lasted about 50 minutes, giving a decisive last.
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LIVE HOLIC vol.24_GRAPEVINE_Macaroni Pencil / PHOTO: AZUSA TAKADA At the encore, Tanaka, who got tired of saying “Manpitsu”, invited “Hakatori-kun and Hasegawa-kun to the two“ Maka ”, let ’s come!” , With them they showed off “Wind Waiting” and “HOPE”. Especially in “HOPE”, the gentleness of Tanaka’s face staring at the shout was very impressive. At the end, the keyboard of Hasegawa also became more flexible, and when the performance was finished, a big applause and cheering broke into the magic stage created by the two bands. In the present age when various contents can be easily accessed, the word “generation” has become meaningless. Tonight’s stage, woven by two different generations of the band, Macaroni Pencil and GRAPEVINE, was a performance that couldn’t but be considered for building a new relationship in music. The live performance will be broadcast on Space Shower TV from 22:00 on October 25th. (Interview / text = Akihiro Ota / Photographs = AZUSATAKADA)
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LIVE HOLIC vol.24_GRAPEVINE_Macaroni Pencil / PHOTO: AZUSA TAKADA ≪Event Outline≫
● Event title: uP !!! SPECIAL LIVE HOLIC vol.24 supported by SPACE SHOWER TV Date and time: Sunday, September 22, 2019 OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
● Location: Yokohama Bay Hall
● Cast: GRAPEVINE, Macaroni Pencil
● Ticket fee: 4,100 yen (tax included)
● Planning / Production: SPACE SHOWER TV
● Event official site http://www.spaceshowertv.com/liveholic/ (WEB / MOBILE) —————————— The event will be aired as a special program on Space Shower TV in October! Space Shower TV “uP !!! SPECIAL LIVE HOLIC vol.24 GRAPEVINE × Macaroni Pencil” First broadcast: 10/25 (Friday) 22: 00-23: 00, etc. How to watch → http: //www.spaceshowertv.com/about/howto/ ——————————

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