[Transcosmos] Mikako-san was selected as the first Grand Prix in the “Next-generation Influencer Discovery Project” jointly established with transcosmos and C Channel, and became the full-time creator of transcosmos

Transcosmos Mikako-san is the first Grand Prix in the “Next Generation Influencer Discovery Project” jointly established with transcosmos and C Channel. Participate in corporate promotion planning and creative production as a “next-generation influencer” with sophisticated, cutting-edge sensibility …………………………………………………………………………………………… Transcosmos Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and COO: Masataka Okuda), C Channel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO), operates video media for women “C CHANNEL”. In the “Next Generation Influencer Excavation Project” jointly established with Ryo Morikawa), those who are expected to play an active role as an influencer are selected in the audition format. Yuri Hirose has decided. Mikako, who was selected as a Grand Prix, will participate in planning and creative production of SNS promotions centered on C CHANNEL and Instagram as a full-time creator of transcosmos. From a unique perspective, we will support the marketing activities of our client companies together with transcosmos and C Channel. [Image 1

From left to right, transcosmos, Inc. DEC General Manager, Digital Transformation Division Platform Strategy Section General Manager Junya Noda, C CHANNEL Official Clipper Hiyon, Grand Prix Mikako, C Channel Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Ryo Morikawa
■ “Next-generation influencer excavation project” A project launched in June 2019 by transcosmos jointly with C Channel. “Next-generation influencers” that are expected to play an active role in social platforms such as C CHANNEL, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, mysta Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, President) Excavated through the audition app “mysta” operated by Ryo Morikawa), providing a place for future success for those who have passed the audition and supporting the first step as an influencer. As the “next generation influencer”, this is the first time, and Mikako-san for the Grand Prix and Yuri Hirose for the semi-Grand Prix have decided to clear the high screening standards. Mr. Mikako, who was selected for the Grand Prix, belongs to C Channel and participates in planning and creative production in SNS promotion centered on C CHANNEL and Instagram as a full-time creator of transcosmos. Transcosmos and C Channel create and provide content that empathizes and influences users by utilizing the sophisticated state-of-the-art sensibility of “next-generation influencers” to promote understanding of products and services of customers and brands Contribute to improving likability and maximize the effect of influencer marketing. Yuri Hirose, who was selected as a semi-grand prix, has decided to work as C CHANNEL official clipper (*) in the future. (*) Video influencer certified by C CHANNEL
■ Audit-passee benefits for sponsored companies In addition, for those who passed the audition this time, from the supporting companies “tutu anna”, “LOVE PASSPORT”, “Yokohama FC”, “New Balance”, “Japan HP” The following activity opportunities are offered: These activities will be the first step of “next generation influencers”, and transcosmos and C Channel will continue to support the development of those who have passed audition and future activities. <Audition Passer BenefitsLeg wear inner brand "tutu anna" Dissemination of sock coordination information on SNS and owned media, appearance on Instagram, joint product development, appearance on POP in 260 stores nationwide, etc. Fragrance brand “LOVE PASSPORT” Information dissemination on SNS and owned media, official supporter appointment, etc. Professional soccer club "Yokohama FC" Benefits such as appearance media and stadium reports as an annual ambassador for the 2020 season (invitation to home games) Shoes brand "New Balance" Won entry rights for Nagoya Women's Marathon 2020 as representative of C CHANNEL New Balance provides full support from practice to the tournament, and the situation is posted on C CHANNEL & New Balance's official Twitter / Instagram PC product brand "Japan HP" Appointed as an ambassador for HP printers PR activities for “HP Sprocket”, a mini photo printer for pocket-size smartphones, model use for the HP Sprocket page in the Rakuten Ichiba store, etc. [Image 2

■ “Next generation influencer excavation project” first audition successful person The following two people are the “next generation influencers” who have been selected as candidates who have passed the audition of the first project of this project. The announcement of those who passed the audition was officially announced at the special stage of “SUPER C CHANNEL 2019”, a user-experienced event held on September 21 and 22. [Image 3

Transcosmos will reinforce its marketing strategy centered on social media centered on “people” rather than “things”. As part of this project, we will collaborate with specialist creators in various fields, from video and photo content production to music production, and aim to provide better quality content to our customers.
■ About C CHANNEL (URL: https://www.cchan.tv/) A video media for women with the No. 1 number of female users in their teens and 20s that solves “want to know!” Shooting and producing vertical videos that can be easily watched in a short time, mainly on themes that women are interested in, together with clippers (popular models of popular magazines, popular bloggers, manicurists, popular hairdressers, influencers, etc.) We send to the world. The number of official account fans exceeded LINE 6 million, Facebook 14 million, Instagram 4 million, Twitter 400,000 and YouTube 750,000.
■ About the audition app “mysta” that supports future stars (URL: https://www.mysta.tv/) “Mysta” is a service that allows you to enjoy watching videos posted by casts. There are many cast members, from general contributors to popular idols, vocals, models and talents. Viewers can also communicate with the casts that are posting the videos. The videos posted by the cast are ranked according to the support from the users, and various places and benefits are provided to the top ranked players. * Transcosmos is a registered trademark or trademark of transcosmos in Japan and other countries. * Other company names, product / service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company. (About transcosmos corporation) Since its founding in 1966, transcosmos has been striving to enhance the competitiveness of its client companies by providing superior services through the fusion of excellent “people” and the latest “technical capabilities”. Currently, we are pursuing operational excellence in 167 locations in 30 countries and regions around the world, mainly in Asia, to provide services that support the business processes of client companies from the perspectives of both cost optimization and sales expansion. . In addition, as the EC market expands on a global scale, we offer a global EC one-stop service that delivers excellent products and services of customer companies to consumers in 48 countries and regions around the world. Transcosmos aims to be a “Global Digital Transformation Partner” that responds to changes in the business environment and supports the transformation of client companies through the use of digital technology. (URL: https://www.trans-cosmos.co.jp)

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