Lypo-C [Lipo Capsule] Vitamin C will be sampled at the “Rakuten Girls Award 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER” with the theme of relaxation and beauty.

SPIC Lypo-C [Lipo Capsule] Vitamin C will be sampled at the “Rakuten Girls Award 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER” with the theme of relaxation and beauty. Lypo-C will be offered at “Rakuten Girls Award 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER”. We will support the relaxation and beauty of the people concerned in the dressing room space. …………………………………………………………………………………………… SPIC Co., Ltd. (Kamakura City, Kanagawa Pref., Takayuki Shibata) will be exhibiting at the “Rakuten Girls Award 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER” dressing room space, the largest fashion and music event in Japan. With the theme of relaxation and beauty, we will provide Lypo-C [Lipo Capsule] Vitamin C (Lypo-C), a high-concentration vitamin C supplement, to performers who are walking along the runway and to people involved in the industry. I will. On the day of the event, in collaboration with Amigo Kitchen (Reiko), Lypo-C will be topped on two special drinks, “Honey Lemonade” and “Apple Ginger”, and a booth will be prepared for the performers to experience. We recommend taking vitamin C to relax your feelings and maintain beauty in scenes where performance is required in a hard environment. [Image 1

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Rakuten Girls Award 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER ” Date: September 28, 2019 (Saturday) Open: 13:15 Start: 14:30 End: 21:00 (planned) Venue: Makuhari Messe 9-11 Hall (Address: 2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba City) [What is DREAM SUPPORT PROJECT] [Image 3

In 2019, we launched the DREAM SUPPORT PROJECT (Dream Support Project) with the aim of providing deep support to those who work hard toward their dreams. “I am aiming for a big stage that I haven’t seen yet. I believe in the possibilities even in a niche world.” DREAM SUPPORT PROJECT was launched in 2019 with the desire to support such challenging people. So far, we have supported COSMOPORITAN “Miss Cosmo 2019”, Fujimoto Natsuki Produced “Model Camp 2019” and Mr. Yahara Rika who challenges the ultra trail race in the desert. This time, on the backstage of the Rakuten Girls Award, we will support the dream of performers and industry players walking on the runway. Not only “I will do my best for the other party”, but “I will support each other’s efforts and follow me”. This is a project for the future depicted by the challenge of Lypo-C, who believed in the potential of liposomal vitamin C and created 100 nm lipocapsules. [Lypo-C for Relax & Beauty] “Prepare for stress with enough vitamin C.” When stress is applied, vitamin C stored in the adrenal gland is consumed rapidly. This is because vitamin C is used to make antistress hormones. When vitamin C is deficient, the necessary amount of antistress hormone is not made, and resistance is weakened by stress. High-quality liposomal vitamin C is highly absorbed in the body and is absorbed and delivered to the body. Supporting a stress-free life with a sufficient amount of vitamin C.
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Japan’s first liposome-type vitamin C supplement based on a manufacturing patent. Realizing liquid types that are difficult to manufacture and having a total of more than 800 bases including medical institutions, hair salons and beauty salons Deployment. Lipocapsule Vitamin C originally contains water-soluble and easy-to-flow vitamin C in the body Liposomes are used. Liposomes are used as drug delivery systems (DDS) to deliver their contents to a desired location in the body. With a long history of technology, the liposome size of lipocapsule vitamin C is 100 nm. A small but stable size of 100nm uniform was announced at an international conference held in April 2018. Admired by the world as “100nm Miracle”. ・ Lypo-C [Lipo capsule] Vitamin C official website About SPIC Inc. [Image 5

SPIC’s mission statement is “Creating future health.” In recent years, focusing on the “new health” brought about by vitamin C in recent years, overseas supplements, import and sales as the only authorized distributor of lipospheric vitamin C, domestic vitamin C supplements made by proprietary nanotechnology (liposome) processing, lipocapsules A health care company that manufactures and sells vitamin C, conducts research on infusion therapy (high-concentration vitamin C infusion, etc.), enlightensing and dissemination activities.

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