[Camp Girls Co., Ltd.] Camp Girls Co., Ltd. held Kyushu’s largest camp women’s association at Snow Peak Okuhita Camp Field.

Camp Women’s Co., Ltd. Camp Women’s Co., Ltd. held Kyushu’s largest camp women’s association at Snow Peak Okuhita Camp Field. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Flea marketed by creators active in Kyushu, “botanical shisha experience” by shishars, which sells non-nicotine and non-tar shisha from Tokyo. Okuhita Joshikai Report Kyushu’s largest camping women’s association was held at Snow Peak Okuhita Camp Field (Hita City, Oita Prefecture) from September 28th to September 29th. Participants vary from those who enjoy camp everyday to beginner campers who build their first tent. I was able to spend a peaceful time in cooperation with the event participants. [Image 1

Children cheering their dad and mom at an adult outdoor athletic meet [Image 2

Adult athletic meet “Outdoor Cho assembly competition” After the opening ceremony of the event, we held an [Adult Sports Day / Outdoor Chair Assembly Competition]. As a gorgeous prize, we will present a premium ghee butter from the sponsor maker RainbowRams (Glad, Inc .: Tokyo). [Image 3

“RainbowFarms” Gourmet Guy All event participants will receive an unscented “real charcoal” gift from charcoal craftsman “Sumiyakickass (Nagasaki)”. [Image 4

All participants will receive a genuine charcoal made by charcoal craftsmen “sumiyakickass (Nagasaki Prefecture)”
[Image 5

Non-nicotine and non-tar flavored botanical shisha using sugar cane and tea leaves instead of tobacco leaves Shisha shop “shishar’s (Chill & Heaven: Tokyo)”, which does not have stores that only handle non-nicotine and non-tar flavors, also opened a shisha experience booth with an original blend flavor that suits the camping scene. [Image 6

Flea market by Canjo creator Marche opened from Kyojo creators in Kyushu. We also opened a handmade Marche with dried flowers sold “yuragi (Fukuoka)” and handmade accessories “felicita (Osaka)”. [Image 7

Bonfire and live performance by musicians In the evening, an acoustic musician will also hold a bonfire and guitar live. [Image 8

Swedish torch We also performed a romantic performance using a Swedish torch made of wood that was cut to protect the forest, and a “magical flame” that turns the bonfire into seven colors. [Image 9

Okuhita Joshikai group photo Camjyo will continue to hold events throughout the country to spread the fun of camping to women. We will continue to support women and families who enjoy camping. Marche branch
[Image 10

Shishars A shisha shop that has only a non-nicotine and non-tar flavor that uses sugarcane fibers and tea leaves instead of tobacco leaves. Through Shisha, we propose a “chill” lifestyle. Sale of portable shisha kits that can be enjoyed at home and outdoors. Business trip shisha for parties and events is also available. Company name: Shishiar’s (Chill & Heaven Co., Ltd.) Representative: Ryoma Tsuboi URL: https://home.shishars.com/ [Image 11

felicita Felitita which means “happy” and “happy” in Italian. We are making one by one with the idea that “customers wearing felicita will be happy”. There are many items from casual items that can be used everyday to items that have a presence that can be used for parties. Shop name: felicita URL: https://www.instagram.com/felicita_accessory_/ [Image 12

yuragi Considering how you can enjoy the original form of the plant to the end, we do not use any coloring materials and value the shape as it is. You can enjoy natural colors, not processed colors. So that the yuragi dry flower will bring a light that is kind to your life, like a candle light that fluctuates. Shop name: yuragi URL: https://www.instagram.com/yuragi_works/ [Image 13

Acoustic live musician “Direction of bonfire and sound” delivered by three outdoor enthusiasts. Sponsor company [Image 14

Sumiyakikcass logo Company name: Sumiyakickass Business description: Making “real charcoal” made by charcoal craftsmen. There is little smell and does not give a smell to tarp and clothes. Many outdoor goods are available for enjoying charcoal dishes. URL: https://sumiyakickass.com/ [Image 15

Magical flame logo Product Name: Magical Flame Features: You can enjoy a rainbow-colored flame just by putting it in a bonfire or campfire. URL: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07S5S93XR [Image 16

RainbowFarms logo Company name: RainbowFarms Business description: Sale of premium ghee butter essential for beauty and health. Unlike normal butter, it can be stored at room temperature, so it is used by many female campers. URL: https://www.rainbowfarmsjapan.com/ Event summary
■ Name: Oshita Joshikai
■ Venue: Snow Peak Okuhita Camp Field
■ Date: September 28-September 29, 2019
■ Camjyo Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/camjyo About Canjo Canjo is a coined word of CAMP (girls) + JYOSHI (girls), and is an SNS account that supports people camping with fashionable and cute items unique to women. The Instagram “Canjo / @ camjyo” account has reached 10,000 followers in the first three months. Currently, it is the largest camping account for women in Japan, and it is also a topic in outdoor brand collaboration, TV and online media. This is a camp account that you should see before going to stylish camps, such as stylish decorations, delicious dishes, DIY to study, and campsites to become pictures. Company Profile Company name: Camp Women’s Co., Ltd. Representative: Hanamoto Hanakoi Business description: Camp-related SNS management. Planning and development of camping equipment rental. Outdoor decoration and production. Regional revitalization and renovation at the campsite. Web / media design. Established date: June 11, 2019 URL: https://www.camjyo.com/

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