[TSUTAYA] Introductory song album “TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018” for the four-person piano pop band “Official Yao dism”

TSUTAYA An introductory music album “ TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018 ” for the four-person piano pop band “ Official Yao dism ” TSUTAYA limited rental starts from October 26th (Sat)! …………………………………………………………………………………………… TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., which develops “TSUTAYA” nationwide, is an album “TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018” that collects introductory music for the “Pic Band POP Band“ Official Higedandism ”. Will be rented from October 26th (Sat), limited to TSUTAYA nationwide (excluding some stores). [Image 1

[Image 2

“Official Yayoi dism” (nicknamed “Higedan”) is a four-piece piano pop band from San’in that aims to become the flag bearer of the new era of J-Pop with roots in black music. The band is attracting the most attention now, including the first successful Budokan performance in 2019.
■ TSUTAYA rental only! “ Official 髭 男 dism ” introductory album “ TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018 ” “TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018” includes 13 songs, including debut work and “No Doubt”, which brought their names to the whole country, and the album “Traveler” to be released on Wednesday, October 9. By listening to it together, you can feel the old bearded dandelion and the future. Since classic live songs are also included, it can be said to be an introductory piece. “ TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018 ” Product URL: https://tsutaya.tsite.jp/artist/PPS0000MMK83 In addition, to commemorate the release of “TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018” and the album “Traveler” to be released on October 9th (Wednesday), those who purchased either of these works on TSUTAYA, CD rental From October 8th (Tue) to November 20th (Wednesday), we will present a “Traveler” neck strap (“Traveler” ver.) To 30 people by lottery. ) At TSUTAYA, we will expand our services and offer rich time and excitement through music as a proposal for a scene where customers can enjoy their music life more. 《Rental Limited Edition Details》
■ October 26th (Sat) Rental Start “TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018” * There is no sale for rental limited editions. Artist: Official 髭 男 dism Title: TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018 URL: https://tsutaya.tsite.jp/artist/PPS0000MMK83 Part number: LACD 302 [Recorded music] [Image 3

1 “ SWEET TWEET ” 2 “I love you…” 3 “Coffee and syrup” 4 “If you can stay zero” 5 “ What’s Going On? ” 6 “Fight until you die with a dog or cat!” 7 “The Heretic Star” 8 “1.15 million kilometers of film” 9 “ No Doubt ” 10 “ESCAPADE” 11 “LADY” 12 “ Tell Me Baby ” 13 “Brothers” [Details of Traveler]
■ Released October 9 (Wednesday), October 26 (Saturday) rental start “Traveler” * Rental is available only for the regular edition. Artist: Official 髭 男 dism Title: Traveler URL: tsutaya.tsite.jp/item/music/PTA00010BY3U Part No .: PCCA 4820 (First edition limited edition Digipack specification CD + Live Blu-ray) PCCA 4821 (First Press Limited Edition Digipack CD + Live DVD) PCCA 4822 (Regular Edition Digipack specification CD Only) [Image 4

TSUTAYA first-come-first-serve benefits: A4 clear file (TSUTAYA ver.) * There are a limited number of benefits. It will end as soon as it is gone. * Some stores may not be available. * TSUTAYA online shopping is only available for reservations.
◆ Click here to purchase “Traveler” at TSUTAYA online shopping “Traveler” [First Press Limited Edition] CD + BD shop.tsutaya.co.jp/cd/product/4988013022027/ “Traveler” [First Press Limited Edition] CD + DVD shop.tsutaya.co.jp/cd/product/4988013022126/ “Traveler” [Regular Edition] shop.tsutaya.co.jp/cd/product/4988013018822/ [Recorded music] [Image 5

1 “Yesterday” 2 “ Fate ” 3 “ Amazing ” 4 “ Rowan ” 5 “Bad Formy” 6 “The Last Love” 7 “Vintage” 8 “ Stand By You ” 9 “ FIRE GROUND ” 10 “Travel is a companion” 11 “ 052519 ” 12 “ Pretender ” 13 “Last Song” 14 “Travelers” [DVD / Blu-ray contents] [Image 6

Official 髭 男 dism one-man tour 18/19 from 2019.01.24 NHK Hall Uncut Complete Edition 1 “ ESCAPADE ” 2 “ Tell Me Baby ” 3 “Bad Formy” 4 “ SWEET TWEET ” 5 “Coffee and syrup” 6 “1,150,000 km film” 7 “Souai Ai” 8 “ Trailer ” 9 “LADY” 10 “Takaga I Love You” 11 “Brothers” 12 “ FIRE GROUND ” 13 “Clap Clap” 14 “Fight until you die with a dog or cat!” 15 “ No Doubt ” 16 “ Stand By You ” 17 “Sunday Love Letter” 18 “The Heretic Star” 《Official 髭 男 dism profile》 A piano pop band from San’in. Formed on June 7, 2012, formed by graduates of Shimane University and Matsue National College of Technology, nicknamed “Higedan”. This band name has the intention of continuing to keep exciting music for everyone, even at the age of 髭. April 2015 1st mini album “Love and Peace is in you” was released and debuted. It is a new talent that aims to become a flag bearer in the new era of J-POP with roots in black music. Vo / Pf: Kei Fujiwara, Gt: Daisuke Ogura, Ba / Sax: Makoto Amagasaki, Drs: Yuki Matsuura. 《Official 髭 男 dism TSUTAYA gift campaign details》 Target audience: Those who purchased or rented CDs from TSUTAYA during the period Target products: Official Yasuko dism “Traveler”, “TSUTAYA RENTAL SELECTION 2015-2018” Date: October 8, 2019 (Tuesday) to November 20, 2019 (Tuesday) Application method: Special page that is open from 0:00 on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 Apply from (URL: http://tsutaya.jp/higedan/) Winner: “Traveler” neck strap (“Traveler” ver.) (30 people) Free gift schedule: After early December (may be delayed due to various circumstances)

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