[Square Enix Co., Ltd.] DAIGO is inaugurated as the CEO of Hoshi Dora !? “Man with the best entertainment world” (* DAIGO research) star Dora love is too much!

Square Enix Co., Ltd. DAIGO is inaugurated as CEO of Hoshi Dora! “Man with the best entertainment world” (* DAIGO research) star Dora love is too much! New TVCM “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview CEO” and so on. All 6 volumes will start on-air from 0:00 on Sunday, October 6, 2019! Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Yosuke Matsuda, hereinafter “Square Enix”) is the title of “Hoshi no Dragon Quest” (hereinafter “Hoshidora”) for smartphones that has exceeded 20 million downloads. The new TVCM “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview CEO” and all 6 episodes (15 seconds each) will be aired nationwide from 0:00 on October 6, 2019 (Sunday), and the WEB CM “DAIGO Gachi Interview” Part 1 and Part 2 Will be released on Hoshidora official YouTube [Image 1

In the TV commercial commemorating the 4th anniversary of Hoshi Dora, Ryotaro Ichimura, the star of Dragon Quest Producer, hired DAIGO, who is known as one of the world’s leading dragon quest fans. DAIGO’s expression and comments filled with love for Star Dora in a two-hour deep interview that went into the forbidden private area, including Dragon Quest encounters and memories, the opportunity to start Star Dora, the total level of all occupations, etc. Pulling out. In the scene where Hoshi Dora CEO is offered, DAIGO, who is convinced that he is the chief executive and is willing to give a serious expression, but the meaning of “CEO” is actually “C (a little) E (says his opinion) O ( “DAI language” called “Customer)”, you can enjoy a unique development that can be a little laughable. Also, be sure to pay attention to the costumes of heroes who are dressed so naturally and the splendid action of swinging swords dynamically. TVCM (15 seconds each) “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview CEO”, “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview: Hoshidora” “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview Counting”, “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview Occupation Level” “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview Multiplayer”, “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview Recommendation” On-air period October 6 (Sunday) 00:00 to October 15 (Tuesday) 23:59 Broadcast area nationwide WEB CM “DAIGO Gachi Interview” Part 1 https://youtu.be/e6I-vpzrBIM “DAIGO Gachi Interview” second part https://youtu.be/uVPHdhfRaGo
■ Storyboard 1. The meaning of “CEO”, which was undertaken by masculinity, is really …?! “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview CEO” (15 seconds) [Image 2

There are too many thoughts about Hoshi Dora, DAIGO! “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview: What is Hoshidora” (15 seconds) [Image 3

The way of counting is too natural, and the narrator is unintentional “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview Counting” (15 seconds) [Image 4

■ Storyboard 2. That level of crispness is actually too much! “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview Occupation Level” (15 seconds) [Image 5

I am very interested in what kind of members are gathering! “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview Multiplayer” (15 seconds) [Image 6

Combining “fans who have come so far” with “people who are starting now”… “4th Anniversary DAIGO Interview Recommendation” (15 seconds) [Image 7

■ About WEB CM DAIGO’s star Dora interview video that could not be fully communicated on TVCM is now available on the web only! [Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

DAIGO’s hot comments drawn out during a long two-hour interview gathered a huge volume, and many of the “Quotes” could not be contained in a short TVCM of 15 seconds, so as a web-only CM video on October 6 It will be released from 0:00 on Sunday. Enjoy the hot words that convey the feelings of DAIGO who loves Hoshi Dora, and the contrast of the sharpness and sharpness of the narrator. WEB CM URL “DAIGO Gachi Interview” first part https://youtu.be/e6I-vpzrBIM “DAIGO Gachi Interview” second part https://youtu.be/uVPHdhfRaGo
■ Shooting episode There is also a moment when staff feels crushed by dorakue talk that bounced too much before shooting, and the staff stopped On the day of the filming, Daigo, who entered the studio in the costume of a hero, met Dr. Ryutaro Ichimura, the star Dragon Quest producer who acted as an interviewer. People who like dorakue have a lot of common topics, and the shooting staff felt a crisis in conversation that continued to swell in the corner of the studio, urgently urged “ I will be in trouble if all is spoken as it is … ”, and finally entered shooting standby . DAIGO who showed the expression of joy as a fan as the favorite star Dora CM appearance was decided The set set up in a large studio is only a small stage with chairs for sitting by Daigo and the interview staff. DAIGO started answering the interview with a gentle tone, showing a slightly strange expression. DAIGO says that most of the time watching the smartphone is in contact with Hoshi Dora or his wife, “I’m glad that I was able to get involved with Hoshi Dora at work like this. When I tweet about Hoshi Dora on Twitter,“ Work? ” I was told, but it was all private, “he said with a smile and continued to enjoy the talk despite the long interview shot of 2 hours.
■ Cast [Image 11

■ Star Dora is 4th anniversary on October 15th! [Image 12

Thank you for using “Star Dragon Quest”. Thanks to you, “Star Dragon Quest” will celebrate its 4th anniversary on October 15, 2019! On October 15, 2019, we will hold the “Hoshidora Birth 4th Anniversary Campaign” commemorating the 4th anniversary! 10,000 gem gifts, up to 100 consecutive free chances! And many other 4th anniversary campaigns! Thank you for the “Star Dragon Quest”, which is going to be more exciting than the 4th anniversary! ◇ 4th Anniversary 10,000 Gem Gift! 10,000 gems will be given to all adventurers who log in to “Star Dragon Quest” during the following period! October 6, 2019 (Sunday) 0:00 to October 22, 2019 (Tuesday) 23:59. ◇ 4th Anniversary Up to 100 consecutive free chances! During the following period, up to 100 consecutive free snoring chances for all adventurers who logged in to “Star Dragon Quest”! From 10th October 2019 (Sunday) 0:00 to 15th October 2019 (Tuesday) 23:59, 10 days of daily fluffing are free. 100 consecutive days free for up to 10 days. Lots of introductory videos on the “Hoshidora 4th Anniversary Campaign” are also available! Please take a look. https://youtu.be/YCvkCrb0NFI What is “Star Dragon Quest”? “Star Dragon Quest” is a title for smartphones of the “Dragon Quest” series, which has exceeded 20 million downloads. While developing heroes who can freely customize their appearance and appearance, they adventure on the whole planet and approach. This is the “Universal Whole Search RPG” that confronts the star crisis. A powerful battle with familiar monsters in the Dragon Quest series that can be played with simple touch operations. In multiplayer challenge with up to 4 players, you can enjoy battles with strong opponents of successive series with players all over the country. Also, during multiplayer, you can use stamps drawn by popular illustrator and manga artist Kanahei, which will enrich the communication between players. Furthermore, a new element “Monster Arena” will be implemented in November 2018. You can scout and train monsters and enjoy battles with monsters raised by other players. [Image 13

[Image 14

[Image 15

[Image 16

[Image 17

■ Product Overview [Image 18

● Product title: “Star Dragon Quest”
● Genre: Role Playing
● Supported models: iPhone / Android
● Delivery date: Under popular delivery
● Price: Item charge type (basic play free)
● Official site: http://www.dragonquest.jp/hoshidora/
● Official Twitter: @hoshidora_info (Official hashtag: # Hoshidora)
● YouTube Hoshidora official channel: http://sqex.to/youtube
● “Star Dragon Quest” download URL ・ App Store: http://sqex.to/hdq_A ・ Google Play: http://sqex.to/hdq_G ・ Amazon app store: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B079Z6YQRY
● Including images and music (C) 2015-2019 ARMOR PROJECT / BIRD STUDIO / SQUARE ENIX All Rights Reserved. (C) SUGIYAMA KOBO
● When not including music, such as magazine articles (C) 2015-2019 ARMOR PROJECT / BIRD STUDIO / SQUARE ENIX All Rights Reserved.
● General Director: Yuji Horii
● Character design: Akira Toriyama
● Music: Koichi Sugiyama
● Production and operation: Square Enix Co., Ltd.
For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000014.000032490.html https://prtimes.jp

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