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Documentary movie of Japanese graphic designer GUCCIMAZE by collaboration of premium lager beer brand and cutting-edge media is released!

Anheuser-Busch Inbeb Japan Co., Ltd. Documentary movie of Japanese graphic designer GUCCIMAZE by collaboration of premium lager beer brand [Image 1

Budweiser x lute presents GUCCIMAZE Documentary “UNREADABLE” A documentary movie created by the premium lager beer brand [Image 2

GUCCIMAZE x Budweiser
[Image 3

GUCCIMAZE x Budweiser Collaboration visual announced prior to the installation exhibition at BUDXTOKYO in August 2019. The work that GUCCIMAZE finished with the unique sharpness of the “Budweiser” graphic, which has been loved around the world as a premium brand, has been visual jacked around Shibuya, Tokyo. Also, collaboration T-shirts sold exclusively at Domissile Tokyo were sold out (online store) in just 11 minutes from the start of sales and became a hot topic.
[Image 4

GUCCIMAZE x Budweiser
[Image 5

GUCCIMAZE Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. He spent his childhood in London, and after returning to Japan, he awakened to street culture such as graffiti through surfing and skateboarding in his local Shonan area. Became interested in DJs while enrolled at Musashino Art University, noticed the interrelationship between music and design, and went on a full-scale graphic design path. Unique shape typography that makes you feel the graffiti backbone, and colors that combine vividness and darkness have attracted attention not only in Japan but also overseas, and graphics are also available to famous overseas artists such as Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, Flying Lotus, etc. Provide. In addition to the company logo, CD jacket, editorial design, package design, web design and other aspects as an advertising designer.
■ Mars89
[Image 6

Mars89 DJ / Composer currently based in Tokyo. In 2016, EP “East End Chaos” was released. With that as a foothold, “Lucid Dream EP” was released in 2017 in a format called dub plate and cassette tape from Bristol-based label “Bokeh Versions”. In 2018, after appearing in Asia tours and large festivals, Bokeh Versions released 12-inch “End Of The Death”. It was highly appreciated by major media and played repeatedly on every radio. In charge of UNDERCOVER 2019A / W Show, Keiichi Tanaami’s documentary film, and Louis Vuitton 2019A / W Mens advertising video. Bristol’s Noods Radio is a resident. I have been friends with GUCCIMAZE for a long time, and in this documentary I was in charge of the soundtrack throughout.
■ lute
[Image 7

lute Started in 2016 as a decentralized media for producing and distributing artist MVs, live performances, and documentary content. In August 2017, incorporated as lute corporation and launched Instagram Stories media “lute / Lute”. The mission is to connect domestic and foreign artists to create a new business model.
■ Film Staff Director: Hideto Hotta Camera: Yuki Ono, Hideto Hotta Editor: Akira Kamitaki Music: Mars89 Title Design: GUCCIMAZE Motion Graphics: Yuna Abe Japanese Subtitle: Nojimi Arakawa English Subtitle: Noriko Wada Special Thanks: PETZ, Akemi Okamoto, Forestlimit, Barry Ashworth [Image 8

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