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TOWA TEI 25th Anniversary “Outside Work Collection” Best CD 2 Disc “ARBEIT” Recording Content Announced November 6, 2019 RELEASE

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. TOWA TEI 25th Anniversary “Outside Work Collection” Best CD 2 Disc “ARBEIT” Recorded Content Release November 6, 2019 RELEASE Comment from Haruomi Hosono celebrating the 25th anniversary …………………………………………………………………………………………… TOWA TEI has been solo since 1994 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The best album that covers the so-called “outside work” that collects the analog weight board that has undergone a new remastering of the album “FUTURE LISTENING!” In the first solo name and TOWA TEI’s produced mix in a memorable year “ARBEIT” has already been announced to be released, but “ARBEIT” featured content was announced today.
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A lot of vocal music, compose works, etc. of gorgeous artists such as Bonnie Pink, Chara, Kirinji, etc. are recorded, and the contents of TOWA TEI, which has had a great impact on the Japanese music scene in the last quarter century, can be widely viewed It has become. A comment on TOWA TEI from Haruomi Hosono, who celebrates its 25th anniversary, has arrived. In addition, an event titled “Tei Towa 25th Anniversary” will be held at Ashiya Shoten in Daikanyama, Tokyo. TOWA TEI’s artwork exhibition and merchandise sales for 25 years have been held, and moreover, on November 3 during the exhibition period, TOWA TEI’s program “SWEET ROBOTS SHOW” at OA at J-WAVE It seems that there will also be a public recording. When entering the raging 25th anniversary anniversary, a fan must read “Extra”, a must-read for all fans of information.
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This extra will be distributed to stores in the future. The contents will be full and will include interviews that look back over 25 years. Comment from Haruomi Hosono “Tei-kun, congratulations on the 25th anniversary! I think it will be long and short for 25 years. I’m just 50 years double, but I’m just long. Tay-kun, who plays a junior wind, can be said by seniors. I’m also a lonely musician and I’d like you to take care of it in the future. ”
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Title: FUTURE LISTENING! Artist: TOWA TEI Release date: November 6, 2019 (Wednesday) Publisher: BETTER DAYS (Nippon Columbia) LP (2 discs): ¥ 5,500- (excl. Tax) / COJA-9364 ~ 5 LP songs Side-1 01.I WANT TO RELAX, PLEASE! 02.TECHNOVA Side-2 03.BATUCADA 04.LUV CONNECTION Side-3 05.MEDETATION! 06.RAGA MUSGO 07.SON OF BAMBI 08.AMAI SEIKATSU 09.OBRIGADO Side-4 10.DUBNOVA (Part1 & 2)
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Title: ARBEIT Artist: TOWA TEI Release date: November 6, 2019 (Wednesday) Publisher: BETTER DAYS (Nippon Columbia) CD (2 discs): ¥ 3,000- (excl. Tax) / COCB-54289 ~ 90 Scheduled songs on CD Disc-1 01. “UCHUJIN” KOJI12000 02. “SHONEN B” ITSUJI ITAO 03. “NOW ROMANTIC” KOJI1200 04. 「DRIVE」 KYOKO KOIZUMI 05. “2AM” MIHO KARASAWA 06. “BRIGHTER THAN SUNSHINE” LEE JUNG HYUN 07. “PAC IS BACK!” TOWA TEI 08. “CHATR-GERMAN VERSION” TOWA TEI 09. “BUTTER” MIYAKO KODA 10. “WARAU ONNA” HI-POSI 11. “DAINIPPONJIN” TOWA TEI 12. “SLOW IS BEAUTIFUL” TOWA TEI WITH KUMIKO ASO 13. “WHAT IS COCONUT?” SENOR COCONUT 14. “DONE BY THE FORCES OF NATURE” JUNGLE BROTHERS 15. 「KICK & LOUD」 GEISHA GIRLS 16. “SUISEI FEAT.ONOMATOPE DAIJIN” TOFU BEATS Disc-2 01. “TINY GIRL” SHACHO MOUSE 02. “CATHY” PIZZICATO FIVE 03. “BE A SUPERMAN” YMO 04. “TURN TURN” SKETCH SHOW 05. “MURASAKI ☆ SUNSET” KIRINJI 06. “ORANGE” BONNIE PINK 07. 「MORE FUN-KEY-WORD」 SCHADARAPARR 08. “MIRRORBALL SATELITE 2012” M-FLO 09 “BOYFRIEND” AYUSE KOZUE 10. “HEARTBEAT, HARTBREAK” SHIHOKO HIRATA 11. “BOKUWASHIAWASEDATTA” MOONRIDERS 12. “LES CERFS VOLANTS” BENJAMIN BIOLEY 13. “SUPER FREAK” KAHIMI KARIE 14. 「ATASHI WA KOKO YO」 CHARA 15. “NINGYO” NOKKO Special exhibition Daikanyama Ashiya bookstore event “Tei Towa 25th Anniversary” Period: 2019/10 / 29-11 / 12 TOWA TEI solo 25th anniversary artwork, various related goods sales, Scheduled PV collection EVENT Daikanyama Ashiya Shoten Building 3 2nd Floor Music Lounge Session November 3, 2019 (Sunday) 14: 00 ~ J-WAVE “SWEET ROBOTS SHOW” publicly recorded GUEST: KYNE Participation method: 10/12 (Sat) 12: 00 ~ Daikanyama Ashiya Shoten No. 3 Building 2nd floor TOWA TEI “FUTURE LISTENING!”, “ARBEIT”, “ON AIR EP” We distribute “publicly recorded participation ticket” to customers who have reserved either. * Limited to the first 100 people. It will end as soon as it is gone. * Even if booking multiple titles, only one ticket can be entered per person. * For those who have reserved (purchased) any of the above three titles First come first “FUTURE LISTENING!” Special back cover sticker. In addition, Daikanyama Tsutaya Limited will also be on sale! “FUTURE LISTENING!” Analog + autographed poster set (limited to 50 copies, ¥ 8,000 + tax, November 6 release) “ON AIR EP” analog + KYNE tote (100 copies limited, ¥ 5,400 + tax, 11/3 release) http://www.towatei.com/news/2019/10/116-releasetowa-tei-25-cd2arbeit.html For details, please make a reservation at Daikanyama Tsutaya Building No. 3 2nd floor cashier

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TOWA TEI As a member of Deee-Lite in 1990, made his national debut with the album “World Clique”. Currently, there are 9 solo albums, 3 Sweet Robots Against the Machine, and METAFIVE’s first album. In addition, from September 2013 to the present, he is in-store music supervision of INTERSECT BY LEXUS-TOKYO in Aoyama, Tokyo. In 2017, the original album “EMO” was released. In charge of music for the NHK documentary program “Yasuo Kusama My Eternal Soul”. In 2018, YMO’s 40th anniversary album “Neille Tanz” planning supervision design etc. In 2019, he worked with Tomoo Gokita on the key visual for Haruomi Hosono’s 50th anniversary documentary film “NO SMOKING”. 2019 will celebrate the 25th anniversary of solo debut. http://www.towatei.com http://www.machbeat.com/ https://columbia.jp/artist-info/towatei/

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