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Supporting Keyakizaka 46 and Hinatazaka 46 Over 2 million downloads of music app “UNI ’S ON AIR”! !

Akatsuki Co., Ltd. Keyakizaka 46 / Hyugazaka 46 Support
Music app “UNI ’S ON AIR” has exceeded 2 million downloads! ! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Akatsuki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Motoki Shioda, hereinafter referred to as “Akatsuki”) is a new smartphone game app, supporting Aisaka 46 and Hinatazaka 46
Music app “UNI’S ON AIR ( We are pleased to announce that Unison Air) has exceeded 2 million downloads today on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. To commemorate this, we will also announce that the “2 million DL Achievement Login Bonus” will be held from October 10 (Thu).
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“UNI ’S ON AIR” download URL https://apple.co/2mtZNdp http://bit.ly/2ZyNZIE
■ 2 million download breakthrough today! ! A login bonus commemorating it will be held! ! This time, “UNI ’S ON AIR” has already been downloaded 2 million! I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you for making the voices of Keyakizaka 46 and Hyugazaka 46 resonate widely. With gratitude, we will hold a “2 million DL Achievement Login Bonus” from 04:00 tomorrow 2019/10/10 (Thursday)!
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If you log in during the event period, You can earn up to 1,000 Unison Gem. Day 1: Unison Gem x 300 Day 2: Unison Gem x 300 Day 3: Unison Gem x 400 2019/10/10 (Thursday) 04:00 to 2019/10/13 (Sunday) 03:59 ・ If you are not logged in during the event period, you will not be able to earn rewards. ・ The login bonus period and content are subject to change without notice. Please note.
■ “UNI ’S ON AIR” Game Introduction
music game app to support Keyakizaka 46 and Hinatazaka 46 appears! Including “Silent Majority”, “I Don’t Expect”, “Two-person Saison”, “Break Glass!” And many popular songs from Keyakizaka 46 and Hinatazaka 46 are recorded in
[Live Video]
! Experience live excitement and overwhelming performance in a rhythm game! You will be the producer of Keyakizaka 46 and Hinatazaka 46, and will produce the slopes that they will climb.
▼ Live video rhythm game From the latest live video to the limited live video, many precious live videos that can only be seen here are recorded!
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▼ Limited gravure photos and movies App-limited member gravure photos are of the same quality as magazines!
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▼ Abundant functions A lot of functions that can touch the world view of the group, such as “office” to contact small members and the original short story “drama” are implemented!
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▼ Various creator collaboration Collaborate with various creators who support groups such as illustrators and photographers!
■ Official site Official website: https://keyahina-unisonair.com
■ Official SNS account ・ Official Twitter account (@kh_unisonair) ・ Official LINE account (@unisonair) ・ Official Instagram account (@unisonair_official)
■ Service Overview Title: Supporting Keyakizaka 46 and Hinatazaka 46
Music app “UNI ’S ON AIR” Genre: Produced Rhythm App Supported OS: iOS / Android (may not be available depending on the model) Rights notation: (C)? Seed & Flower LLC / Y & N Brothers Inc. (C)? Akatsuki Inc. “UNI ’S ON AIR” download URL apple.co/2mtZNdp bit.ly/2ZyNZIE
■ Akatsuki Co., Ltd. Company Profile Akatsuki’s vision is “A Heart Driven World.”, Where the activities that the heart seeks drive the happiness of everyone. Centered on the mobile game business and the live experience business that delivers realistic experiences, we are expanding entertainment globally that brings emotion, emotion and connection. We will continue to illuminate the world in a colorful way, believing that what we have created with excitement will move someone’s heart and color each person’s life.
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When posting information and images, please display the following copyright. (C)? Seed & Flower LLC / Y & N Brothers Inc. (C)? Akatsuki Inc.

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