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On October, the legendary outdoor live “THE BIG GIG” held in 1983 and the dissolution concert in 1986 with gorgeous guests on the air!

WOWOW Inc. <Armor Band 45th Anniversary WOWOW Special…………………………………………………………………………………………… Program site www.wowow.co.jp/kai/ An armor band that has ran through the rock scene in Japan since the mid-1970s. At WOWOW, they are featured on them for the 45th anniversary this year, from September to several months.
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On October 7, 1983, the legendary outdoor live broadcast was held at “Tōyō No.5 (currently the place where the Tokyo Metropolitan Government stands)” surrounded by high-rise buildings in Shinjuku, Tokyo. An armor band that held a large-scale outdoor live performance in a big city, Tokyo, which was still rare at the time. It was a big event that attracted as many as 30,000 people, including those who watched them from the sidewalks and building windows. The live performance that begins with “Brighton Rock” with impressive guitar riffs is a fantastic stage where the famous songs such as “Anna” and “Things with Wings” are shown, and the skyscrapers towering behind them are reflected in reflections by lighting. It became. As an urban rock stage, a legendary live that has created an unprecedented sensation. “Enthusiasm” remains in music history!
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Then, we will deliver a 1986 dissolution concert tour “PARTY” that hit a period in the history of 12 years and a secret gig “SPECIAL LAST NIGHT” held at Kurosawa Film Studio together with documentary videos. The live footage included a stage backed by an armor band’s 12-year career as a performance text for many live artists. The highlights are Miyuki Nakajima, who sings “Woman from the port”, and Yuji Yoshikawa, who sings in the back chorus of “Outlaw”. In addition, Yoshihiro Kai’s backstage and interviews are also recorded. Here is the culmination of the 12-year history of the Kai band!
■■■ Armor Band 45th Anniversary WOWOW Special
■■■ Armor band “THE BIG GIG” October 13 (Sunday) 10:00
[WOWOW Live]
Date and location: August 7, 1983 / Tokyo Metropolitan No. 5 Kai band “HERE WE COME THE 4 SOUNDS” October 13th (Sunday) 11:35
[WOWOW Live]
Kai band “ Documentary of TOUR CIRCUS & CIRCUS 2019 ” October 13th (Sunday) midnight 1:05
[WOWOW Live]
* Repeat broadcast The first live house tour held from July to August 2019, a documentary that is fully in contact with 9 venues across 9 cities. Other special features will continue over the next few months! Program site www.wowow.co.jp/kai/

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