[Beams Inc.] BEAMS × SPACE SHOWER TV joint program “PLAN B”

BEAMS Corporation BEAMS × SPACE SHOWER TV joint program “PLAN B” October 2019 is “EPISTROPH × Shintaro Kunieda” Beams Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shiraku Shiraku) started the eighth edition of the joint program “PLAN B” with Japan’s largest music channel space shower TV in March 2019. In October, “EPISTROPH × Shintaro Kunieda” will be sent.
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PLAN B is a music and video experiment site that explores the artist’s “B-side”, a joint program between BEAMS and Space Shower TV. The pickup artist in October was <EPISTROPHWhile following the artist's commentary and activities, I will highlight the outline. [Image 2

[ARTISTS PROFILE] EPISTROPH Hp: www.epistroph.tokyo/ [CREATOR PROFILE] Shintaro Kunieda Director / Producer / Pitch Odd Mansion Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShintaroKunieda Instagram: www.instagram.com/shintarokunieda/ ・ Broadcast channel: SPACE SHOWER TV ・ Broadcast schedule: Every Thursday from 21:57 to 22:00 (* On air four times a month) ・ July broadcast schedule: # 85 / October 10 (Thu), # 86/17 (Thu), # 87/24 (Thu), # 88/31 (Thu) [Image 3

* All are on-air schedules. Repeat broadcast twice each time. * Once the air is over, you can watch past broadcast programs on the BEAMS official website. Program related information and artist profiles are also featured on the BEAMS official website.
■ BEAMS OFFICIAL WEBSITE “PLAN B” special page: http://www.beams.co.jp/special/plan_b/
■ Program Official Instagram: planb_mag

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