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  • [Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.] “AIRFLIP” in Osaka “Sunday” MV released from the major first full album “NEO-N” released today! In addition, the tour final Tomei Osaka starts from Reco!

[Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.]
“AIRFLIP” in Osaka “Sunday” MV released from the major first full album “NEO-N” released today! In addition, the tour final Tomei Osaka starts from Reco!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. “AIRFLIP” in Osaka “Sunday” MV released from major first full album “NEO-N” released today! In addition, the tour final Tomei Osaka starts from Reco! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Finally, today (10/9), Osaka’s four-piece pop punk band “AIRFLIP” welcomes the release of major first full album “NEO-N” with former YELLOWCARD Ryan Key as producer. The music video for the album “Sunday” was released.
[Image 1

“Sunday” is a light song that can be said to be a weekend hymn that calls for Satoshi (Gt / Vo) to speak fluent English high-tone voices, “Tomorrow is Sunday / let’s get away”. The MV “Sunday” was shot on the last day of September on the YouTube Space Tokyo studio. From the room where Satoshi woke up (Studio 3), in the YouTube Space Tokyo, Barista Fujimon (Ba / Cho), then IT entrepreneur Gucci (G / Cho), and the izakaya (Studio 1) headed by three people. , Joins the clerk Ritsuya (Dr / Cho). It’s like a YouTube Space Tokyo tour, with the members who left their jobs gathering together and performing in the studio (Studio 2). Since the video up to the studio performance is a long rotation with one turtle, failure on the way is strictly prohibited. A take video at the end of nearly 20 takes is a must-see. It is finished in a fun video with an unexpected face. In addition, the official predecessor of the Tomeihan Final of the tour starting from October 12th (September) Shibuya GARRET this weekend will be accepted today (10/9). I’d like you to go live with the album “NEO-N” which is packed with the charm of AIRFLIP.
【Music video】
“Sunday” Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO9DhsdARCg “Canvas” Music Video https://youtu.be/glHcBkKx1Do “Days In Avenue feat. William Ryan Key” Music Video https://youtu.be/CKOg2Etbagw “Meaning” Music Video https://youtu.be/JcNOPrCKkns
AIRFLIP Major first full album “NEO-N” Released on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 COCP-40959 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
[Image 2

Recorded music 01.Fly Away 02.Meaning 03.Sunday 04.Canvas 05.Merry Go Round 06.Lost Wave 07.Days In Avenue feat. William Ryan Key 08.Highway 09.Lights On 10.Everlasting Song 11. Brand New Day (Album ver.) Each distribution site, subscribing https://nippon-columbia.lnk.to/GpxEc
“NEO-N Tour 2019-2020” 10.13 (Sun) Shibuya GARRET w / GOOD GRIEF / STAY HOME ALONE 10.19 (Sat) Yokohama F.A.D w / All Good Soldiers / NO BRIGHT GIRL / Kids Return (New!) 10.27 (Sun) Nagoya R.A.D w / Special Thanks / and more 11.16 (Sat) Kyoto GATTACA w / The Winking Owl / HER NAME IN BLOOD / and more 11.17 (Sun) Toyohashi club KNOT w / HER NAME IN BLOOD / MAYSON ’s PARTY / Brightness is Zeitaku (O.A.) / and more 11.23 (Sat) Tochigi HEAVEN ’S ROCK Utsunomiya 2/3 w / BUZZ THE BEARS / Danablu / and more 11.30 (Sat) Sapporo SPiCE w / INKYMAP / TRAST / NOT SO HARD WORK / and more 12.14 (Sat) Hachinohe LIVE HOUSE FOR ME w / FOUR GET ME A NOTS / Mrs.WiENER / ALWAYS SUMMER (New!) 12.15 (Sun) Sendai enn 3rd w / The Winking Owl / FOUR GET ME A NOTS / Mrs.WiENER / BruteRocks (New!) 1.5 (Sun) Kobe music zoo KOBE Sun and Tiger w / Danablu / FAITH (New!) / LABRET (New!) / and more 1.11 (Sat) Niigata CLUB RIVERST w / UNBIRTHDAY (New!) / Mt.BLUE BEAR (New!) / and more 1.13 (Monday / Holiday) Hachioji RIPS w / LABRET (New!) / and more 1.18 (Sat) Izumo APOLLO w / KNOCK OUT MONKEY / and more 1.19 (Sun) Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH w / KNOCK OUT MONKEY / and more 2.1 (Sat) Okayama CRAZY MAMA 2ndROOM w / T.B.A 2.2 (Sun) Takamatsu TOONICE w / T.B.A 2.8 (Sat) Oita club SPOT w / HERO COMPLEX (New!) / and more 2.9 (Sun) Hakata Queblick w / HERO COMPLEX (New!) / and more Tickets on sale 2.15 (Sat) Shinsaibashi Anima 2.22 (Sat) Nagoya Rad Hall 2.24 (Monday) Shibuya TSUTAYA O-Crest 10.05 (Sat) Nara NEVER LAND 10.06 (Sun) Shimane Prefecture Waka Ayu no Sato 10.12 (Sat) Osaka DROP 10.14 (Mon) Nagoya DIAMOND HALL 10.20 (Sun) Osaka Shinsaibashi Live House Circuit 10.26 (Sat) Yokkaichi CLUB CHAOS 11.01 (Fri.) Toyohashi club KNOT 11.09 (Sat) Fukuoka Queblick 11.10 (Sun) Kumamoto Django
[AIRFLIP TV, 5 nights continuous delivery! ]
Vlog for AIRFLIP “NEO-N” Recording with William Ryan Key Ep.1 Drum Session Days (10/4 21:00 delivery) https://youtu.be/t4eV0g4oO-w Ep.2 Guitar Session Days (10.5 21:00 delivery) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_LN8VsslMk Ep.3 Bass Session Days (10.6 21:00 delivery) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngGxONWAIE0 Ep.4 Read Guitar Session Days (10.7 21:00 delivery) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO4CdXehTzM Ep.5 Vox Session Days (10.8 21:00 delivery) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcFd-QhRTQY
[William Ryan Key Profile]
It attracts attention with its original style that violinists are enrolled in the punk rock band. Punk rock band “YELLOWCARD”. In Japan, she started performing at the Summer Sonic and Fuji Rock Festivals, and made numerous performances in Japan. William Ryan Key, the frontman and songwriter. Currently, he is active as an solo artist, producing music, and serving as a support guitar for NEW FOUND GLORY. www.williamryankey.com
【Official site】
AIRFLIP HP www.airflip.info AIRFLIP Nippon Columbia HP columbia.jp/artist-info/airflip/ AIRFLIP Twitter https://twitter.com/airflip_jp

For more information about this release(Japanese):
prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000565.000019470.html ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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