TrySail has been selected as the theme song artist for “High School Fleet Theatrical Version” to be released on January 18, 2020!

Sony Music Labels Inc. TrySail has been selected as the theme song artist for “High School Fleet Theatrical Version” to be released on January 18, 2020! Female voice actor unit TrySail by Momo Asakura, Ten Amemiya, Shiina Natsukawa has been selected as the theme song artist for “Theatrical High School Fleet” on January 18, 2020! TrySail is in charge of the opening theme song for the TV anime broadcast from April 2016. Please look forward to the next theme song! This work will feature 3 members as voice actors. Please look forward to the follow-up report! [Image 1

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■ Introduction About 100 years ago, Japan lost a lot of land due to submersion due to the plate slippage. The water cities that were built one after another to protect the land became maritime cities, and along with the increase in the number of routes that connect them, the profession “Blue Mermaid”, which protects the safety of the sea, became the admiration of female students. Akino Misaki, who admired the “Blue Mermaid” and entered the Yokosuka Girls Marine School, was appointed as the captain of the sailing ship “Harukaze” and participated in marine training with class members. It should be a safe voyage to move the ship and head to the destination, but a number of crises (pinches) awaited them. Overcoming a number of difficulties, such as sudden fire from a teacher ship, battle with a runaway other student ship, rescue operations of a rescue ship, and the safe return to the land, a tight bond is formed between members It was. One month after the turmoil, a new crisis (pinch) comes to Harukaze members who enjoy the test break. That is, the Harukaze class is demolished. The members of Harukaze were all upset again while being upset, and the bond was deepened by preventing the dismantling of the class. The members of Harukaze who have grown through many difficulties in this way. What is the new “crisis” that they visit? This work was aired on TV from April 2016 as an original animation by Takaaki Suzuki, who worked on “Strike Witches” and “Girls & Panzer”. Set in a setting and a world view that has been carefully crafted to match the historical background of “Japan, which has become a maritime superpower due to the submergence of the land,” Including the Akeno who became the captain of the educational ship “Hairu”, the deputy captain, Mashiro Soya, the rich personality of the friends who spent together on the ship, and the relationship between the girls attractively drawn, Fleet battle scenes that seem to be mismatched with such cute characters are realistically depicted based on detailed setting proof that military fans are convinced, It became a big topic from the start of broadcasting. Even after the broadcast, the voice that wants a sequel is first, after the OVA release in May 2017, In full bloom in the early spring of 2020, it will be a national road show as a completely new animation. The ship to be protected (no) and the route to go (mirai). A new story of girls opens!
■ Staff Original draft: Takaaki Suzuki / Character draft: Atto / General Director: Yu Shinoda / Director: Jun Nakagawa / Screenplay: Takaaki Suzuki / Kunihiko Okada / Character design / total drawing director: Naoto Nakamura / Production: A-1 Pictures / Distribution: Aniplex
■ Cast Akeno Misaki: Shiina Natsukawa / Mashiro Soya: Lynn / Shima Tateishi: Nozomi Furuki / Mei Nishizaki: Tomomi Tanezaki / Sachiko Nosha: Yuko Kurose Rin Shiretoko: Yurika Kubo / Moe Mochika: Amamiya Ten Copyright notation: (C) AAS / New Maritime Safety Development Bureau ★ “TrySail Music Video Collection 2015-2019” NOW ON SALE
■ Complete production limited edition Blu-ray: 10,000 yen (tax included) [Special Package] ・ Trunk case image special BOX binding ・ Includes 3 types of travel goods (2 types of bandanas / member supervised “travel game” / trunk case sticker set) ・ A2 posters packed with memories ・ Recorded bonus video “Sunset Kung Fu” Music Video Making
■ Regular Edition Blu-ray: ¥ 6,000 (tax included)
■ Regular Edition DVD: ¥ 5,000 (tax included) ★ “Sunset Kung Fu” -Music Video YouTube EDIT ver.- Watch here → https: // [TrySail Profile] Top runner of female voice actor unit by Momo Asakura, Amami Amamiya, Shiina Natsukawa. The label is SACRA MUSIC. CD debuted in 2015. In 2017, they performed their first arena live, and in the 2018 national live tour, all venues such as Makuhari Messe Event Hall sold out. In addition, he pulled up the album “TryAgain” released on February 27, 2019, and performed a live tour of 20 performances nationwide, which is his largest scale. Each member is active as a solo artist. [TrySail Official Website]

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