“Sports Business Japan 2019 together with Stadium & Arena 2019”

Sports Business Japan 2019 together with Stadium & Arena 2019 Secretariat A stadium and arena reform, regional activity, sports SDGs, and a rich two-day study of sports business “Sports Business Japan 2019 together with Stadium and Arena 2019” Held at Saitama Super Arena on November 19 (Tuesday) and 20 (Wednesday). …………………………………………………………………………………………… “Sports Business Japan 2019 together with Stadium & Arena 2019” is a leading player in the sports industry that is becoming increasingly active, such as innovation, regional revitalization, SDGs and other trends, management and structure creation, ICT utilization, etc. A specialized exhibition and conference specializing in sports business that introduces the methods. Full of information on top leagues and clubs, ICT usage such as face recognition, and sports industry trend information. As a side event, it also provides a tour of the stadium and arena to learn the back of the facility from the back yard and business networking opportunities. Promote the exchange of people, technology and information related to sports. Free participation with pre-registration (some paid programs available) As a new attempt, we have implemented entrance / exit management such as conferences using face recognition systems, and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) utilizing the power of sports. It is an effective information gathering place for newcomers to the sports business. [Image 1

Sports Business Japan 2019 together with Stadium & Arena 2019 https://www.sportsbusiness.jp/ ・ Date: November 19, 2019 (Tuesday) ・ November 20 (Wednesday) * Stadium and arena tour: November 18 (Monday) / Networking reception: November 19 (Tue) ・ Venue: Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Prefecture Saitama City, Chuo-ku, Shintoshin 8) ・ Organizer: Japan Society of Sports Industry / Congress Inc./Space Media Japan Inc. ・ Partner: Brintex Ltd.-part of Hemming Group (UK) ・ Special cooperation: Kotobuki Kitting Co., Ltd. / Sports Biz Co., Ltd. ・ Special sponsor: (One company) Japan Top League Cooperation Organization / (One company) Entertainment Committee for STADIUM / ARENA (ECSA) ・ Sponsorship: Sports Agency / (Public Interest) Japan Football Association / (Public Corporation) Japan Professional Soccer League / (Japan Federation of Basketball) / (One company) Basketball Women’s Japan League / (One Company) Japan Volleyball League Organization / (One Company) T League / (One Company) Japan eSports Union / (Japan Public Sports Facility Association) / (Public Corporation) National University Athletic Association / (One Company) University Sports Association (UNIVAS) / (One company) Japan Sports Analyst Association / (Public Corporation) Japan Architects Association / Saitama Prefecture / Saitama City / (One company) Saitama Sports Commission / (One company) New Economic Federation / (Special) Japan PFI / PPP Association / (Local) International Association of Local Authorities (CLAIR) (in no particular order) ・ Official sponsor: Takenaka Corporation / Taisei Corporation / Panasonic Corporation ・ Networking reception sponsorship: KOTOBUKITING CORPORATION ・ Conference sponsor: Yamashita PMC
● Special Advisor ・ Saburo Kawamata, Representative Director and Chairman, Japan Top League Cooperation Organization [Image 2

Mr. Saburo Kawabuchi
● Planning Committee A planning committee composed of experts representing the sports world produces the conference. Chairman ・ Yoshiyuki Mano Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University Commissioner ・ Shuichi Endo General Incorporated Association Saitama Sports Commission Vice Chairman and Managing Director ・ Masaki Sakaida, lawyer, director of the University of Tokyo ・ Yoko Zetter Land Managing Director, Japan Sports Association ・ Kensuke Yabata General Manager, Regional Planning Department, The Development Bank of Japan, Ltd. ・ Yasunori Taguchi Director, Executive Director, Japan Top League Cooperation Organization ・ Kozo Tajima Managing Director, Japan Olympic Committee ・ Kumi Fujisawa, President of Think Tank Sofia Bank ・ Sadao Horibe Managing Director, Japan Physical Education Facility Association ・ Sam Wiblew Head of Stadia Portfolio, Brintex Ltd. (part of Hemming Group)
● Highlight ・ More than 100 companies / organizations providing cutting-edge technologies and services With the aim of expanding the scale of the sports market, the company will exhibit cutting-edge technologies and services related to the overall sports business with the aim of transforming into a truly earning business and creating new opportunities. ・ More than 20 conferences on the topic of the forefront of sports business A planning committee composed of experts from the sports field selects the themes that must be listened to by sports personnel and speakers who are notable. It is packed with the latest trends in the Japanese sports business, such as the formation of the popular rugby pro league and the entry of companies from different industries into the sports business. ・ Only for Sports Business Japan participants! Stadium and arena tour This is a tour of sports facilities for sports business Japan participants who can see the back of the advanced stadium arena. This time we will visit Saitama Super Arena and Saitama Stadium 2002. ・ Various networking opportunities expand business opportunities Hosted a networking reception for exhibitors, speakers, and visitors. Receptions where sports officials from Japan and abroad meet together can be used to build a wider network.
● Featured conference 29 sessions in 2 days (pre-registration system). The latest trends in the sports business, including key players in the sports world and domestic and overseas leaders gathered together to create a professional league of rugby, the entry of companies from other industries, open innovation, regional revitalization, stadium and arena reform Introducing. “Welcome Speech” November 19th (Tue) 10: 15-10: 45 * Free lecture Saburo Kawamata (no company) President and CEO, Japan Top League Cooperation Organization Director, Suzuki Daichi Sports Agency Motohiro Ohno Governor of Saitama Prefecture Moto Oyama Chairman, Japan Society of Sports Industry / Chairman and CEO of ASICS Co., Ltd. [Image 7

Mr. Saburo Kawabuchi [Image 4

Mr. Daichi Suzuki [Image 5

Motohiro Ohno [Image 6

Moto Oyama
“Changing Japan’s Rugby!-What is the new professional league?” November 19 (Tuesday) 10: 50-11: 45 * Free lecture Saburo Kawamata (no company) Chairman and Representative Director of Japan Top League Cooperation Organization Katsuyuki Kiyomiya Vice President of Japan Rugby Football Association Masaki Sakaida (Public Interest) Japan Rugby Football Association Director, Lawyer, University of Tokyo Director Toshiro Hirose actor, former rugby representative from Japan / HiRAKU representative director [Moderator] Seika Suguro TV Tokyo announcer [Image 7

Mr. Saburo Kawabuchi [Image 8

Mr. Katsuyuki Kiyomiya [Image 9

Mr. Masaki Sakaida [Image 10

Toshiro Hirose [Image 11

Mr. Seika Suguro

● Remarkable efforts ・ First in Japan! Entry / exit management and smart check-in experience such as conferences using face recognition system Sports Business Japan 2019 together with Stadium & Arena 2019 is a face authentication system (service provided by Panasonic Corporation) as a venue for admission management and ICT technology demonstrations for the purpose of eliminating congestion when registering for admission and accepting conferences. Introduce. You can quickly experience a face recognition system that is expected to be used everyday in the sports world. By utilizing ICT, we will reduce the number of management personnel, improve the quality of events through accurate and speedy certification, and contribute to the realization of early implementation. This is the first public participation exhibition (*) in Japan. (As of October 15, 2019, surveyed by Congress Inc.) * Exhibitions excluding private exhibitions organized by companies Panasonic face recognition solution: https://sol.panasonic.biz/solution/face-recognition/ ・ Sports x SDGs Efforts to SDGs with the power of sports A sustainable exhibition with attendees, exhibitors and visitors. Using the power of sports as a drive, we provide opportunities to work on the SDGs through the following initiatives. Sustainable exhibition management As far as possible, we will procure environmentally friendly materials and equipment that reduce the environmental burden, promote local production for local consumption, and reduce paper and power consumption. My bottle recommendation Free water spots will be prepared at various locations in the venue. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own bottles, and conference speakers will also be on stage with their own bottles. Contributes to the solution of micro plastic problems by reducing plastic bottle garbage. (Providing free water spots in the venue: Water Stand Co., Ltd.) [Image 12

Water stand ・ Appealing the exhibitor’s efforts in a unified way The exhibitor’s efforts toward 17 goals are uniformly promoted by displaying icons at the booth. In addition, two sessions of Sports x SDGs Special Conference are available. In addition, using video content, etc., as an opportunity to feel familiar and deepen understanding of the SDGs.
● Highlights of the conference (some introductions) Updated from time to time https://www.sportsbusiness.jp/conference-programme/ ・ Theme “Innovation” “Possibility of sports x open innovation” (tentative) * Paid lecture Date and time November 19th 13: 00-13: 45 Presenter Gen Kawai Counselor of Sports Agency (in charge of private sports) Fumiaki Koizumi Chairman of Mercari Co., Ltd. Kashima Antlers F.C. President, Kashima Corporation Yasuhide Okabe TEAM Marketing / Head of APAC Sales, J-League Advisor [Moderator] Kumi Fujisawa, President of Think Tank Sophia Bank [Image 13

Mr. Kawai [Image 14

Mr. Fumiaki Koizumi [Image 15

Mr. Yasuhide Okabe [Image 19

Mr. Kumi Fujisawa
“Nice relationship between sports and media” (tentative) * Paid lecture Date and time November 20th, 14: 15-15: 00 Speaker: Masatoshi Hirata Perform Investment Japan (DAZN) Vice President Activation Kojiro Kurobi, President of Sports Bull Co., Ltd. (Sports Bull) [Moderator] Kumi Fujisawa, President of Think Tank Sofia Bank [Image 17

Mr. Masatoshi Hirata [Image 18

Mr. Kojiro Kurohito [Image 19

Mr. Kumi Fujisawa
“How to enjoy sports events in the future with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics” * Free lecture Date and time November 19th 15: 00-15: 45 Speaker Yasuo Miki (Public Interest) Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee Chief Technology Innovation Officer “Where do university sports go?-The birth and future of UNIVAS” * Free lecture Date and time: November 20, 11: 15-12: 00 Speaker Yuji Ikeda, Managing Director, University Sports Association (UNIVAS) “The appeal of professional club management from the perspective of young managers” Date and time: November 20 from 10:15 to 11:00 Speaker: Asahi Takada President and CEO, Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd./ Director, V. Farren Nagasaki, Inc. Shigeru Aoi, President and Representative Director of Atom Co., Ltd. / Courtyard HIROO Owner / Director of Toyama Growgies Co., Ltd. [Moderator] Yoshiyuki Mano, Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University [Image 20

Mr. Asahito Takada [Image 21

Mr. Shigeru Aoi [Image 22

Mr. Yoshiyuki Mano
・ Theme “Regional Revitalization” “Possibility of sports × venture × regional revitalization “Saitama Innovation Start-up Program” (Saitama Sports Start-up) Date and time November 19th 12: 00-12: 45 Speaker Yoshiyuki Mano, Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University Yasuyuki Hamada, Assistant to the Counselor with the Sports Agency Counselor (in charge of private sports) Hideo Niisato Deputy General Manager, Industrial and Labor Department, Saitama Prefecture [Moderator] Makoto Satozaki Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory Senior vice president “Regional revitalization and regional revitalization using sports-Thinking from Saitama City” * Free lecture Date and time November 19th 13: 00-13: 45 Speaker Jun Ikeda (no company) Chairman of Saitama Sports Commission Shinichiro Takahashi Saitama City Sports Culture Bureau Sports Department Sports Policy Office Counselor and General Manager Akira Okada, IBM Japan, Ltd. GBS Business Division, iX Senior Managing Consultant Yuji Matsuda, Executive Senior Specialist, NTT Data Management Laboratories, Inc. [Moderator] Katsuta Takayuki Director, Regional Planning Department, The Development Bank of Japan, Ltd. ・ Theme “Sport SDGs” “Sports x SDGs New Tide” * Free lecture Date and time November 19th 15: 00-15: 45 Speaker Tetsuya Kobayashi, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, High Performance Polymer Division, Sustainable Resources Division Sustainable Polymers Division Planning Management Group Manager Sustainable Polymers Shoji Okamoto President Don Don up Co., Ltd. Yohei Iguchi (Member) Director of Meister [Moderator] Yuki Sawada President, Green Sports Alliance “Contributing to society through the power of sports-TEAMMATES for long-term care children’s teams” * Free lecture Date and time November 19th 16: 00-16: 45 Speaker Hanako Kitano (Special) Director of Being ALIVE Japan Yo Yokota Representative Director, Rebanga Hokkaido Co., Ltd. Naoto Mizutani President, Shonan Bellmare Co., Ltd. [Moderator] Tasuke Goto, Asahi Shimbun opinion editorial department reporter Theme “Stadium Arena” “New National Stadium and the future of stadiums and arenas in Japan” * Free lecture Date and time: November 20, 12: 15-13: 00 Mr. Masakuni Nagahama Managing Executive Officer, Principal Architect Sports entertainment domain head Hisao Kawano General Manager, Designated Project Department, Design Headquarters Taisei Corporation “A stadium arena that continues to be used-to enhance its attractiveness and business” Date and time November 20th, 13: 15-14: 00 Speaker Shinya Igarashi Director, Advanced Structural Engineering Division, Takenaka Corporation Shigeto Miki Specialist, Space Technology Group, Engineering Division, Takenaka Corporation Shin Shin Nakamura Takenaka Corporation Environmental Engineering Headquarters Energy Solution Planning Group Head [Moderator] Kazuaki Takane, Manager, Information Engineering Division, Takenaka Corporation “The future stadium that the J-League thinks about” * Paid lecture Date and time November 20 13: 15-14: 00 Speaker Mitsuru Murai (Public Corporation) Japan Professional Soccer League (J League) Chairman Akihiro Chiba Koto Buxiting Group CSO / KOTOBUKITING Asia Pacific CEO [Moderator] Yoshiyuki Mano, Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University Exhibitors (as of October 2019 * random order) Saitama Maishima Project (Osaka City, Osaka Evessa, Orix Buffaloes, Cerezo Osaka) (One company) Saitama Sports Commission Saitama Arena Co., Ltd. Water Stand Co., Ltd. Saitama City Kume Design Co., Ltd. Morten Co., Ltd. Sato Industry Co., Ltd. N-SEATING CO., LTD. Japan Society of Sports Industry Brid Corporation Nissinix Co., Ltd. NEC Nets S Eye Co., Ltd. Chubu Co., Ltd. Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd. NEXO Yamaha Sound System Co., Ltd. (One property) Green Sports Alliance Shimizu Corporation (Special) Being ALIVE Japan Panasonic Corporation Yamashita PMC Co., Ltd. NGC Corporation TANITA Corporation PS Co., Ltd. Higashihata Architecture Office Co., Ltd. CSI Solutions Inc. Itoki Corporation Axess Japan Co., Ltd. Huamosa Life Co., Ltd. (IXPASS) Takenaka Corporation KOTOBUKITING CO., LTD. Taisei Corporation Nikken Sekkei Co., Ltd. MLJ Co., Ltd. Keds Trinity Co., Ltd. Kyoritsu Denko Co., Ltd. Toyo Green Co., Ltd. Kinki Nippon Tourist Metropolitan Area Co., Ltd. Toda Construction Co., Ltd. Terraplas elan inventa / stand works Sygnature Systems Group, LLC Natural grass d & b audio technik Japan K.K. Obayashi Corporation Sakai Design Co., Ltd. AGC Corporation codience playground (stock) Sportip Co., Ltd. Time Capsule Co., Ltd. KAGO Food Sports Co., Ltd. * Random order 【Contact Us】 Sports Business Japan 2019 together with Stadium & Arena 2019 Management Office 5-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8481, Tokyo (in the congress) TEL: 03-5216-5307 / FAX: 03-3263-4032 Email: sportsbusiness@congre.co.jp Hours: Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00 * Excluding holidays

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