【Netmarble Corp.】 “Lineage 2 Revolution” “Nino Kuni” collaboration will be held on October 30!


Net marble “Lineage 2 Revolution” will be collaborated on October 30th for “Nino-Kuni” collaboration! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
● Decided to implement a long-awaited “Nino-Kuni” collaboration on Wednesday, October 30!
● A special site will be opened today on Wednesday, October 16th! Let’s check the information of “Ninokuni” collaboration [Image 1

Net Marble, in the smartphone giant multi-battle RPG “Lineage 2 Revolution (Lineage2 Revolution)”, Ltd. level five (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, President / CEO: Akihiro Hino) popular fantasy RPG work “two of Roh We are pleased to announce that the collaboration with Kuni will be implemented from Wednesday, October 30th. Today, on October 16th (Wednesday), we opened a special site that introduces the content of “Ninokuni” collaboration.
◆ October 30 (Wednesday) decided to implement the long-awaited “Nino-Kuni” collaboration! In the collaboration with “Ninokuni”, the world view and characters of “Ninokuni II Revenant Kingdom”, the third work in the series, are faithfully reproduced. Addition and appeared to work “Loulan”, “Shah tea”, “Arufini”, “Gatto”, “Seshiriusu”, “Sharia” six of the costume, the “Pongo” guardian deity appeared as Agashion, riding pets and weapons Costumes and collaboration dungeons will appear. The details of the “Ninokuni” collaboration will be introduced on the special website released on Wednesday, October 16th today. ・ Ninokuni Collaboration Special Site Https://l2.netmarble.jp/event/ninokuni/
◆ What is “Nino-Kuni II Revenant Kingdom”
◆ ”“ Ninokuni II Revenant Kingdom ”was released as PlayStation (R) 4 and PC game software in March 2018 as the third work of the fantasy RPG“ Ninokuni ”series produced by Level Five Co., Ltd. Anime fantasy story of the elegant graphics and the royal road, such as the game is is a feature as it is, a story / General Director of the level five, President / CEO of Akihiro Hino, Yoshiyuki the character design Momose, the music is Joe Hisaishi in charge. A fantasy work depicting the story of the young king Evan, who was chased by a conspiracy, after becoming part of his precious existence and becoming a great king. [Image 2

“Ninokuni II Revenant Kingdom” Official Website: https://www.ninokuni.jp/rk/ (c) 2018 LEVEL-5 Inc.
◆ What is “Lineage 2 Revolution”
◆ “Lineage 2 Revolution (Lineage2 Revolution),” in the PC-friendly MMORPG “Lineage” series, evolution a “Lineage 2” has gained popularity to expand the service in countries around the world, including Japan, to play with easy smartphone Mobile MMORPG. The game engine uses Unreal Engine 4, which expresses the original worldview with the highest quality graphics in smartphone games. The field where many users gather is the largest open world in the history of smartphone games, and it is possible to move a vast map. In addition, real-time battles that can be carried out regardless of time and place, you can experience the real pleasure of a large number of MMORPGs playing simultaneously. ・ Application download URL [App Store] l2.netmarble.jp/dn/ios.aspx [Google Play] play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netmarble.revolutionjp
■ Official site l2.netmarble.jp/
■ Official Twitter Https://twitter.com/Line2Revo
◆ About “Lineage 2 Revolution”
◆ [Title] Lineage 2 Revolution [Genre] MMORPG [Provided by] Netmarble Corp. [Development company] Netmarble Neo [Supported OS] Android ver.4.4 or later / iOS ver.9.0 or later [Service start date] August 23, 2017 [Price] Basic free (with in-app purchase) Please display the following copyright notice when posting “Ninokuni” collaboration information and images. (c) LEVEL-5 Inc. (c) NCSOFT Corp. (c) Netmarble Corp. & Netmarble Neo Inc. All Rights Reserved.
◆ About Netmarble Corp.
◆ Net Marble provides fun and high quality games to people all over the world. Currently one of the fastest growing mobile game companies in the world, the world’s leading developer and publisher. Since it was founded in Korea in 2000, Blade & Soul Revolution along with the employees of more than 6,000 people (Blade & Soul Revolution), Lineage 2 Revolution (Lineage2 Revolution), Marvel Future Fight (MARVEL Future Fight), BTS WORLD, Seven We have released and serviced quality mobile games such as Knights. Net Marble, the parent company of global MMORPG game developer Kabam and the largest shareholder of global casual game developer Jam City, is Asia’s largest entertainment company CJ ENM, We have entered into a strategic partnership with Tencent Holdings, the largest internet company in Asia, and NCSOFT, a well-known MMO. For more information about Net Marble, please visit company.netmarble.com/en. In Japan, Net Marble Japan Co., Ltd., a Japanese subsidiary of Net Marble, provides mobile game services for smartphones. For more information, please visit www.netmarble.co.jp/. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play, Android and YouTube are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC. Twitter is a trademark or registered trademark of Twitter, Inc. Company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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