[Shibuya Mirai Design, a general incorporated association] A conference & DJ free party that thinks about the night of Shibuya WHITE NIGHT WEEK SHIBUYA 2019

Shibuya future design Conference & DJ free party to think about Shibuya night WHITE NIGHT WEEK SHIBUYA 2019 Naohiro Ukawa, Kunichi Nomura, Kyoko Usuki, Licaxxx, YOSHIROTTEN, Night Tempo, etc. …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

”WHITE NIGHT WEEK SHIBUYA” will be held for the first time from November 1st (Friday) to 7th (Thursday) 2019 to think about the nighttime economy in Shibuya. What kind of future and possibilities are celebrities and experts involved in Shibuya’s entertainment seeing in Shibuya’s nightlife? Shibuya City co-sponsors and exchanges opinions for the first time in public. * From November 5th (Tue) to 7th (Thu), the 5th floor special venue of Shibuya’s largest live house “TSUTAYA O-EAST”, Naohiro Ukawa, Kunichi Nomura, Kenichi Aono, Toshihiro Sato, Kyoko Usuki, Hitomi Important members of Shibuya’s club and culture scene, such as Taishi, the organizers who are building the night scene of Shibuya right now, the club head of the club and bar, and the Japanese city pop boom that is happening all over the world Exchanging opinions over three days with the artists of the digital native generation, such as Night Tempo, which is a hot topic of fire, YOSHIROTTEN, who is active as the next generation art director / graphic artist, and Licaxxx, who is responsible for the new generation club scene to hold. * And on the day of the conference, entitled WHITE NIGHTGROOVE (TALK & DJ SESSION) Held simultaneously! [Image 2

】 DJs who are active in the field such as DJ NORI, DJ EMMA, DJ WILDPARTY, MIRU SHINODA, Sapphire Slows, 7e for 3 days from November 5 (Tue) to 7 (Thu). You can enjoy music with a drink while watching the night view of Shibuya. A conference where keymen who are active at the forefront of nightlife across generations, genders, and industries will gather, and you will be able to hear the voices of the real world. Please check the official site for the talk theme and schedule. www.white-night-week-shibuya.jp On November 1 (Friday), the day after Halloween, as “OPENING SESSION” of the conference, Satoshi Kanayama (Representative Director of Shibuya City Tourism Association / Director of Future Design Shibuya), Zeebra (Night Ambassador of Shibuya City Tourism Ambassador), etc. Will be on stage. This conference can only be attended by people and media. For general users, please see the live streaming on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/user/sibchtv “WHITE NIGHT WEEK SHIBUYA” is not only a conference, but on November 3rd (Sunday), the largest club circuit in Japan, “Shibuya Entertainment Festival”, where 16 stores from Shibuya participate, November 1 (Friday)-November There are plenty of related events such as “MUSIC NIGHT OUT TOKYO” which will be held around the Shibuya scramble intersection around the 4th (Monday) and a storefront development with an analog record shop! [WHITE NIGHT WEEK SHIBUYA 2019] Schedule: OPENING SESSION Friday, November 1, 2019 20: 00-23: 00 * Only for media and related parties WHITE NIGHTGROOVE (TALK & DJ SESSION) November 5 (Tuesday)-7 (Thursday), 2019 19: 00-23: 00 * General participation OK Venue: TSUTAYA O-EAST Bldg. 5F special venue Fee: Free to join. Please apply from the following. First come first served. As soon as seats run out, the application will be closed. whitenightweek.zaiko.io/_item/319784 Official site: www.white-night-week-shibuya.jp/ Organizer: Shibuya Mirai Design, Shibuya City Tourism Association Co-organizer: Shibuya Ward Support: Shibuya Entertainment Technology Promotion Project Special Sponsor: KDDI Corporation Sponsored by: Mixi Co., Ltd., Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. What is Shibuya Mirai Design? Based on diversity and inclusion, collect ideas and talents of diverse people gathering in Shibuya, such as people living in Shibuya, working people, learners, visitors, etc. Established in April 2018 as a full-scale industry-government-academia collaboration organization that designs possibilities. These experiences / activities are presented as new possibilities for urban life from Shibuya to the country and the world, with the aim of ultimately leading to the sustainable development of not only Shibuya City but the entire society. The fds.or.jp What is the Shibuya Entertainment Promotion Project? “In anticipation of the coming 5G era, Shibuya City, Shibuya City Tourism Association, and Shibuya Mirai Design, Inc. This is a project to make it more interesting, and will promote the creation of new cultures and the creation of attractive cities for tourism, mainly in the entertainment field such as music and art. shibuya5g.org

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