[Maxmara Japan Co., Ltd.] Helen Camock “Che si pu? Fare” exhibition held at Collezione Malamotti

Max Mara Japan Co., Ltd. Helen Camock “Che si pu. + R fare” exhibition will be held at Collezione Malamotti 7th Max Mara Art Prize for Women winner Helen Camock will be exhibiting at Collezione Malamotti …………………………………………………………………………………………… Helen Camock (7th Max Mara Art Prize for Women Winner and 2019 Turner Award nominee) Italy: “Che si pu. + R fare” at Collezioni Malamotti in Reggio Emilia (What can you do?) “Exhibition will be held. [Image 1

Helen Camock “Che si pu. + R fare” Photo: Dario Lasagni [Image 2

Helen Camock and the exhibition. Photo: Emiliano Barbieri, Courtesy Collezione Maramotti Helen Camock’s new work is based on the story of the loss and rebirth of women spun with baroque music by 17th-century female composers, and expresses the feelings of lamenting women from different lands that have lived in history. The In addition to a new book created by the artist, the exhibition will include a video, a series of vinyl-cut prints, a screen-printed freeze, and a research room that displays the books and objects collected or given during your stay in Italy. . This exhibition is a special award that Helen Camock will be awarded every other year in 2018, with the cooperation of Max Mara, Italy’s Collezione Malamotti, and the White Chapel Gallery in London. This is the result of devoting himself to his creative activities while staying in Italy for half a year. Traveling from Bologna to Florence, Venice, Rome, Palermo and Reggio Emilia, she tried to express the feelings of women’s grief and convey the hidden voice to the world. Italian historians, musicians, artists, and singer talked about their stories and research while looking back on their work. The split screen video at the center of the exhibition shows the various women Helen Camock met on her journey, including social activists, migrants, refugees, monks, Catholic nuns, and women who struggled with dictatorship. Interview with ー will flow. The women’s testimony is expressed in a collage of complex words and visuals, adding music and footage taken in various parts of Italy. The five-colored vivid prints depict music and voices in the form of line drawings, and the hand-painted freeze interlaces words and images inspired by the many women Helen Camock met in Italy. The title “Che si pu. + R fare” is taken from the 1664 Italian composer Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677), the lament of the pre-opera. Helen Camock studied classical aria with classical vocal lessons and practiced the melody repeatedly during his stay in Italy. This music will appear in a new video work and will be performed live. Twice during this exhibition, Helen Camock sings Strozzi’s song with a jazz trumpet accompaniment and revives her own tradition. Also, a song by Italian composer Francesca Caccini will be included in the performance as a soundtrack to match a certain movement. Strozzi and Caccini were famous at the time, but afterwards they were buried, and now the song is recognized and played again. Text, photographs, videos, songs, performances, and prints are incorporated into Helen Camock’s multimedia production, which can be described as a visual poet who arranges words and images using paintings, prints, photographs, and images. It is driven by her ambitious efforts to question the stories of blacks and women in the mainstream of history, wealth, power, poverty, and the weak. In addition to the many histories of oppression and resistance, I also dig into my own history, inspired by jazz, blues, poetry, dance, and the words of artists such as James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Audrey Road, etc. Inspired by, Helen Camock digs up countless lost, unreachable and buried voices. From Nina Simone and Alice Coltrane to the 17th-century Italian pre-opera, for Helen Camock, music is a means of further evolving attempts to diversify these historical concepts.

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