[Aniplex Co., Ltd.] The artist for the second half of the 4th term ending theme for the anime “Nekoneko Japanese History” has been selected as Mugi (Cat)! Elfin ‘is in charge of the opening theme.

Aniplex Co., Ltd. The anime “Nekneko Japanese History” 4th half ending theme artist is decided to be mugi (cat)! Elfin ‘is in charge of the opening theme. …………………………………………………………………………………………… “Neko Neko Japanese History”, which is now on the air of NHK E Tele (an anime frame), where another Japanese history of cats dressed as historical figures is unfolding. The artist who sings the ending theme of the fourth half of this work has been decided to be mugi (cat)! The theme for this ending theme is “Nekkohote”, “Everyone wanted to make a song that worried about their roots (and a tree?)” It seems that the feeling of mugi (cat) is included. In addition, the opening will be handled by elfin ‘! Since it is a “historic song” that includes the era of words and the names of great people in the lyrics, it is a song that allows you to learn history by singing and dancing. [Image 1

■ Mugi (Cat) will be selected as the 4th ending theme artist! ・ Ending theme artist Mugi (cat) [Image 2

・ Music information Title: Nekkoho Lyrics / Composition: Mugi (Cat) ·profile: Born in Tokyo in July 1997. Moved to Okinawa in 2002 and settled in January 2009. After living in heaven for five years, in March 2014, I got a new handmade body by Kainushi and returned to the world again. A cat musician who sings, dances, and plays musical instruments (mainly xylophone) to enjoy the new life of Nyan (life) as a “cat to return to heaven” and entertain the Ningen people. ・ Link: HP https://www.mugithecat.com/ ·comment Nekoneko is a ending theme for Japanese history that makes learning fun and interesting, so I tried to make a song that would make everyone worried about their roots (and become a tree?). I want you to sing along with Mugi, “Digging here!
■ The opening theme for the latter half of the 4th term will be handled by elfin ‘, just like the last time! ・ Ending theme artist elfin ‘ [Image 3

・ Music information “Kimagure ☆ Nyannya History!” Song: elfin ‘ Lyrics: mitsu Composer: Ryu * Arrangement: Starving Trancer Performance: Yuma Mizoguchi, E guitar, Tsuyoshi Sugiyama, bass Tokuichi Ishii ·profile: “Beauty” is the two elements governing the impression of the person of “appearance” and “voice”, held together by Asia’s largest top production “Oscar Promotion” and voice actor production largest “Aoni Production”. A four-piece beauty voice unit formed mainly by Riyu Hanafusa, a grand prix winner of the Grand Prix, who won the award from 14,434 entries in the “All Japan Beauty Woman Contest” to discover the new heroine that combines the two. He is active in a variety of artists, actresses, voice actors, models, talents, personalities and more. ・ Link: HP https://www.oscarpro.co.jp/talent/elfin/ ·comment I will continue to be in charge of the opening, and I’m full of happy feelings! I am very happy to be able to deliver a fun and lively song to you with our singing voice! The lyrics are filled with a lot of Japanese history and various events. There will be vocabulary and great names, so please look for them while listening to the song! “If you want to learn, it ’s better to have fun!” Let ’s sing and dance with us to study history!
■ Information on the animation “Nekneko Japanese History”
◆ Story Ieyasu! Mitsunari! Ryoma is a cat! ? Another Japanese history of cats is unfolding! Various great cats that exist in the history of Japan are very active this term. As usual, everyone tries to do everything, but there are still cats in the mood. Get tired immediately, sharpen your nails, sleep. I’m scared of water and loud noises, but only the energy when I’m crazy is amazing. What kind of Japanese history will be created this term! ? Stay tuned for popular cats! Broadcast Broadcast on NHKE TV “Tentere Animation Frame” every Wednesday at 6:45 pm
◆ Delivery d anime store dTV Video market
◆ Staff Original: Kenji Soshi Director: Tomohiro Kawamura Series composition: Akira Shimizu Screenplay: Shimizu Satoshi / Shirako Hirabayashi Coverage cooperation: Masashi Sayori Acoustic director: Kisuke Koizumi Music: KOSEN (Colorful Mannings) Animation production: Joker Films Production / Copyright: “Nekoneko Japanese History” Production Committee
◆ Cast Narration: Koichi Yamadera Voice appearance: Yu Kobayashi Others
◆ Theme song Opening theme “Kimagure ☆ Nyannya History!” Song: elfin ‘ Lyrics: mitsu Composer: Ryu * Arrangement: Starving Trancer Performance: Yuma Mizoguchi, E guitar, Tsuyoshi Sugiyama, bass Tokuichi Ishii Ending theme “Nekkohote” Song / Lyrics / Composition Mugi (Cat)
◆ Official Twitter @ neco2nihonshi (https://twitter.com/neco2nihonshi)
◆ official website http://neco-neco.jp/

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000001945.000016356.html ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ https://prtimes.jp ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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