The first attempt to participate in the 5 store associations in the Tokyo / Higashinakano area will be held, “Machinaka no Bal in Higashinakano” (commonly known as Higanaka no Bar)!

Higanaka Project The first attempt to participate in the 5 store associations in the Tokyo / Higashinakano area will be held, “Machinaka no Bal in Higashinakano” (commonly known as Higanaka no Bar)! November 20 (Wednesday) and 21 (Thursday), 2019, 17: 00-23: 00 …………………………………………………………………………………………… “Machinaka Baru” was held for the first time in November 2018 in the Higashinakano (Nakano-ku, Tokyo) area. In response to the very popular last time, this year, the entire Higashi-Nakano area will be involved, and will be held with the cooperation of 55 stores, approximately 1.5 times the previous year. This is the first event in recent years that five shops in Higashi-Nakano, separated by Yamate-dori and JR tracks, will participate and support over the walls. Higashi-Nakano, where only the stations on the Chuo Line stop, is sandwiched between the subculture town of Nakano, the ethnic town Okubo, and the old-fashioned town of Koenji. But that’s why it has a quiet charm as a nostalgic city that accepts diverse personalities. This event aims to maximize the potential of Higashi-Nakano and increase the number of fans inside and outside the region.
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Main visual Higanaka is amazing! ? Personal stores with a lot of personality gather
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Opened for 2 generations of parents and children, “Japanese food and local sake, Japanese rice Ichiken Maruya” Although it is a convenient area with access to the JR Chuo Line and 4 other lines, the tenant fee market tends to be cheaper compared to neighboring Nakano and Shinjuku, and it is easy for individual owners who open independently to open shops first. . On the other hand, a long-established store that has been operating for nearly half a century since its opening, has been well-established, and the charm of Higashinakano is that it has a good balance between old and new, with a number of specialty shops. Higanaka is amazing! ? A wide range of dishes from around the world within walking distance
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Spanish food, large pot paella Higanaka is a restaurant where a few restaurants are gathered. There are many genres. Traveling around the world, just a short stroll, including Japanese, Western, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Central Asian …! Even if you move your eyes to Japan, you can enjoy not only Japanese cuisine but also local dishes such as Tokushima and Okinawa. The shop has a full line-up from the orthodox red lantern to a slightly tempting dining room, a bar where you can drop in casually, and a special shop that is a little sill but can be used if you get used to it. Higanaka is amazing! ? A bar town that retains the Showa spirit
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Showa bar town “Higashinakano Moon Road” In the old days, it is said to have come to be called “Moon Road” from the street that has the name of Sumiyoshikoji and draws a curve like a crescent moon. Although the number of buildings has decreased considerably due to the obsolete land raising, long-established stores that have survived the eviction trial have continued to operate, and new pointed stores have opened one after another. About “Machinaka Baru” “Machinaka no Bal” is the name of a drinking-walking event held in various locations in Nakano Ward in cooperation with Nakano Ward Tourism Association. During the two-day period, the basic format is that the participating stores offer a “bar menu” of one food and one drink with a common ticket. It was held for the first time at the south exit of Nakano Station in 2013, and has been held nine times in various locations, including Nogata, Ashinomiya, and Shin-Nakano. The planning and operation is in the form of an executive committee, most of which have been implemented by local shopping streets, but in “Machinaka no Bal in Higashinakano”, residents who live and work are aiming to revitalize the Higashinakano area. The “Higanaka Project” that was launched is the center, and is characterized by its high degree of freedom in the form of seeking cooperation from the shopping district.
Results of the first “Higanaka no Bar” The first Bar of Higanaka in 2018, which attracted 42 stores, mainly on the north side of the JR Chuo Line, and sold about 600 tickets (the highest ever record in the city). In the questionnaire to customers, it can be said that about half of the participants participated within walking distance from Higashi-Nakano. It is worth noting that the male-female ratio is half-balanced and the age structure is well-balanced in each era, and it is unusual for a drinking-and-walking event.
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The first (November 2018) PR movie. Thanks to Mr. Bull Nakano and other Nakano City ambassadors!
▼ Announcement flyer
Name: 2nd Machinaka no Bar in Higashinakano (common name: Bar of Higanaka) Date: November 20 (Wednesday), 21st (Thursday), 2019 @ Bar (Back) Period: November 22 (Friday) to December 1 (Sunday) * Tickets that could not be used on the same day during the Bar period can be used as a 600 yen voucher at participating stores. Organizer: Higashinakano Machinaka Baru Executive Committee Co-organizer: Higanaka Project Support: Nakano City Tourism Association / NPO Nakano Content Network Association / Higashi Nakano Hondori Kyoeikai / Higashi-Nakano Ekimae Business Association / Higashi-Nakano Ekimae Restaurant Association (Higashi-Nakano Moon Road) / Higashi-Nakano Ginza Store Association / Higashinakano famous store society / Higashinakano cuisine restaurant association Ticket: Advance sale 3,500 yen / 4,000 yen on the day (5 spells) Reservation site: Machinaka Baru Inquiries: Higashinakano Machinaka Baru Executive Committee <> * This event participates in “Naka no Machi Meguri Expo 2019”. In addition, we carry out with Nakano Ward city promotion business furtherance. ○ List of participating stores (total of 55 stores)
[Main Street Kyoeikai / Waseda Street]
CAFE & DINING SMOOTH / Yakitori / Yakiton Tokuchan / Seafood / Oyster / Okinawa Cuisine Wa / Japanese Food and Local Sake Wagohan Ichiken Maruya / BARU Higashi Nakano GRILL / Spanish Bar Hasta Luego / Bistrobal Paris 4 Ward / Meat and Somen Awa and Yucho Hanare / CAFE & BAR SUPERLUNCHMAGIC
[Moon Road]
Music Bar STRANGE FRUIT / Alley Bar Tavern / A Little Sake Tavern / Komasa Omasa / Dead Gunman’s Society 14 / Shansonie Ma Yang / Journey to Shimanto River / Bar FooL
[Ekimae-dori / JR Chuo Line north side]
Kushikatsu Denga Higashi-Nakano / Space & Cafe Pole Pole / ITSUKI Coffee Roastery / Snack Satoshi / Snack Alice / Bistro de Noodle Bar
[South side of JR Chuo Line, Yamate-dori]
ANCHOR MILLS BAR / Wine Bar LDK / Asian street food bar PHO VA BIA HOI / Wine Bar La Cuna del Vino / Snack Miu / vivo daily stand Higashi Nakano / A little Bar kiminchi / Seasonal ingredients and relaxation designer space 4 Seasons LDK / Creative dining Kosagi-tei / Tachibori Chicken Bar / Gyoza and Karasuma / Izakaya Snack Liz
[Ginza Street / Sakurayama Street]
Sake School and Sake Select Shop VINSY / Dining Tolan / Unagi Kushiyaki Kurikara / Live Pub Studio V / Sweet Hana Akari / Sake DE Fresh Flour Soba Bar Tsukame / Sawaya Sawaya / COFFEE BAR GALLAGE / dining bar KANA / Tea PARM TREE / Kitchen Donald / French cuisine Le Jardin Gorois / BAR SUMER
[As the famous store association]
Yakitori Taisei / Kageage Raise / Ira Highball BAR Smoky Salt / Coffee stand Hayakawa Tei / Italian ROMBO / Russian Cuisine Ko To Tamo Peva / Sake Brewery Marni / Japanese Style Izakaya Pockle Tei

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