[PARCO Co., Ltd.] Studio “2G” opens on Shibuya PARCO 2F!

PARCO CO., LTD. Studio “2G” opens on Shibuya PARCO 2F! The studio (2G) will open on the second floor of Shibuya PARCO 2F, which will open on Friday, November 22, 2019. [Image 1

“2G” is a new type of shop created by gathering top runners from three genres: “Gallery” by NANZUKA, “Select Shop” by Ogi “Poggy” and Daytona International, and “Art Toy” by MEDICOM TOY. Become. The gallery in the store will hold a collaboration exhibition of “Daniel Arsham” and “Motoru Sorayama” as the first artist. An art toy quoting their work will be released simultaneously from MEDICOM TOY, and apparel-related products will be released simultaneously from P-ROOM THE WORLD by POGGY and Daytona International. Prior to the opening, the exhibition and reception party on November 19th (Tuesday) with Daniel Arsham Opening will surround the two people of Sorayama. Please take it up in your media. * Details of the preview will be announced in late October. 2G is a studio composed of three elements: “Gallery”, “Select Shop” and “Art Toy”. 1. Gallery An art gallery operated by Shibuya’s gallery NANZUKA. An artist’s solo exhibition is held every two months. 2. Select shop Select shop centered on apparel with POGGY (fashion curator) as director. It develops mainly on limited bespoke products that can only be purchased here. Operated by Daytona International Co., Ltd. 3. Art Toy Shop An art toy shop centered on limited bear bricks operated by MEDICOM TOY. Limited development of an artist collaboration line linked to the art gallery.
● Masashi Minamitsuka Born in Tokyo in 1978. In 2005, the contemporary art gallery NANZUKA UNDERGROUND was opened in Shibuya. In 2012, renamed NANZUKA UNDERGROUND to the current name NANZUKA. In 2013, he established AISHONANZUKA in Hong Kong in collaboration with AISHOMIURA ARTS. In the postwar Japanese art system, such as Keiichi Tanaami, Motoi Sorayama, Harumi Yamaguchi, Masayuki Nagare, he is striving to reevaluate talents that have been buried outside the framework of pure art within an international framework. On the other hand, it trains and introduces young and middle-class artists in Japan and overseas, works to build a network with overseas galleries, and actively participates in international art fairs. He also actively interacts with fashion, music, design, etc., and attempts to experiment with major contemporary art issues such as art and design, products and art, and the relationship between daily life and beauty.
● Medicom Toy Inc. President and CEO Tatsuhiko Akashi Born in Tokyo. Established Medicom Toy in 1996. Planning and manufacturing character figures in a wide range of fields, such as movies, TV, comics, and games, based on the concept of “creating what we want rather than product development based on marketing”. In 2000, we announced our own trademark block type figure “KUBRICK” (Kubrick), and in 2001 we announced a bear type block type figure “BE @ RBRICK” (Bearbrick), with artists, brands, companies, characters, etc. We continue sending various collaborations. We are also developing a wide range of businesses such as apparel, miscellaneous goods, and soft vinyl.
● Ogi “Poggy” Motoshi / Fashion Curator Born 1976 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Enrolled in UNITED ARROWS since 1997 and launched Liquor, Woman & Tears and UNITED ARROWS & SONS. He became independent last year and established his own company. In 2015 and 2016, he was selected as “HYPEBEAST 100” for the second consecutive year. In 2016, he started “POGGY ’S BOX”. Pop up at THE PARK / ING GINZA and ISETAN. In 2018, he announced a collaboration between his own project “POGGYTHEMAN” and LEVI ’S (R) MADE & CRAFTED (R). POGGY ’S BOX exhibition was held in Paris this January. Attention is also focused on activities that are not bound by the direction of shops and brands, such as holding pop-ups at stores around the world from autumn. The name “2G” includes respect for Mr. Tsuji Masuda, who made PARCO. In the digital era of 4G and 5G, it was named as a place to express the goodness of making analog things again. It was. The logo design was appointed by Motoi Sorayama, who belongs to NANZUKA. Hajime Sorayama (Introduction to Sorayama) An artist belonging to nanzuka. Collaboration with DIOR HOMME that worked with Kim Jones in 2018 became a big topic. [Image 2

[Image 3

* Perth is an image. The interior design is based in New York and is the first full-fledged shop in Japan for Snarkitecture, such as “KITH”, “Billionaire Boys Club” flagship store, and “Valextra” in Milan in 2017. Appointment. It has a conceptual pop-up zone near the entrance and a gallery behind it. Snarkitecture Snarchture is a collaborative design team based in New York, established to study boundaries between domains. The name comes from “The Hunting of The Snark” by Lewis Carroll, depicting “an impossible voyage of a crew that is unlikely to find an unthinkable creature”. In the process of exploring the unknown, they have created magnificent projects, installations and objects. Snarchture’s work focuses on reinterpreting everyday materials, structures, and programs into novel and imaginative phenomena, with a conceptual approach centered on the importance of experience. By creating a memorable moment that we have never experienced before, we turn our hearts around and become involved. <First Gallery[Image 4

The gallery in the store will hold a collaboration exhibition of “Daniel Arsham” and “Sorayama Motoi” as the first artist. This exhibition will be the first collaboration exhibition between Sorayama Motoi and Daniel Arsham. The creativity of two artists trying to go beyond the form of time, place, and even life through the power of imagination has achieved an inevitable fusion. In this exhibition, one new painting by Motoi Sorayama and two sculptures created by collaboration between the two will be presented. In addition, art toys quoting their work will be released simultaneously from MEDICOM TOY and apparel related products will be released simultaneously from P-ROOM THE WORLD. Motoi Sorayama is an artist that has become a legendary figure in Japan and abroad, with works that pursue the beauty of the human body and machines, with amazing real power as a weapon. In the “Sexy Robot” series (1978-) that made the name known to the world, the expression of incorporating the human beauty of women into the robot greatly influenced the subsequent image formation of the robot. In 1999, Sony developed an AIBO entertainment robot concept design. In 2001, the world rock band Aerosmith’s “Just Push Play” (2001) album cover, and last year with Kim Jones. The collaboration with DIOR MEN that I worked on became a big topic. In recent years, Sorayama’s works include “Unorthodox” (The Jewish Museum, New York, 2015), “Desire” (by Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch,  Moore building Miami, 2016), “The Universe and Art” (Mori Museum, Tokyo, 2016, Art Science Museum, Singapore, 2017), “Cool Japan” (Netherlands World Museum of Culture, 2018) It is also announced at the museum inside. Daniel Arsham was born in 1980 in Ohio, USA and is currently an artist working in NY. His works range from three-dimensional works based on the concept of “Fictional Archeology”, paintings, installations, and performances. The works are already in PS1 (New York) The Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami (Miami), The Athens Bienniale (Athens), The New Museum (New York), Musee Guimet, (Paris), HOW Museum (Shanghai), MOCO Museum ( (Amsterdam), and many other museums around the world. The DIOR Men collection has just been announced this June. Collaboration items from Open commemoration special exhibition ArshamxSorayama [Image 5

MA-1 (2G TOKYO × ALPHA INDUSTRIES) ¥ 75,000 [Image 6

Hoodie (2G TOKYO) ¥ 23,000 [Image 7

Graphic Tee S / S (2G TOKYO) ¥ 10,000 Graphic Tee L / S (2G TOKYO) ¥ 13,000 [Image 8

BE @ RBRICK SORAYAMA x Daniel Arsham 100% & 400% ¥ 20,000 [Image 9

BE @ RBRICK SORAYAMA x Daniel Arsham 1000% ¥ 88,000 ((C) Hajime Sorayama (C) Daniel Arsham BE @ RBRICK TM & (C) 2001-2019 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.)
[Image 10

BE @ RBRICK HYPEBEAST 100% & 400% ¥ 13,000 [Image 11

BE @ RBRICK HYPEBEAST 1000% ¥ 48,000 [Image 12

BE @ RBRICK Karimoku fragmentdesign 1000% polygon ¥ 1,000,000 [Image 13

BE @ RBRICK Karimoku fragmentdesign 1000% carved wooden ¥ 1,000,000 (BE @ RBRICK TM & (C) 2001-2019 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.) * BE @ RBRICK Size: Height approx. [100%] 70mm, [400%] 280mm, [1000%] 700mm Using a brand logo specially designed for 2G by Motoi Sorayama. [Image 14

Logo Tee S / S (2G TOKYO) ¥ 7,000 [Image 15

Tumbler (2G TOKYO × STANLEY) ¥ 3,500 [Image 16

iPhone case (2G TOKYO) ¥ 3,500 [Image 17

Car tag (2G TOKYO x retaW) ¥ 1,800 [Shibuya PARCO overview] [Image 18

■ The usable images listed in this release are summarized below. Please download from here. * Only available for news releases and other related issues. [Downloadable until October 27, 2019] www.dropbox.com/sh/vcc0ud2rd66l4xy/AAAmf_TbrnXyJbHe8wlm6Y6Ca?dl=
■ The Shibuya PARCO distribution release can be viewed from the link below. ・ “Unique“ Next-Generation Commercial Facility ”Shinsei“ Shibuya PARCO ”opens late November! (June 18, 2019) www.parco.co.jp/pdf/jp/cname_20190618101432.pdf ・ “Shinsei“ Shibuya PARCO ”Grand Opening on Friday, November 22, 2019! (August 20, 2019) www.parco.co.jp/pdf/jp/cname_20190820095708.pdf ・ “AKIRA ART OF WALL Katsuhiro Otomo x Kosuke Kawamura AKIRA ART EXHIBITION” will be held (September 18, 2019) www.parco.co.jp/pdf/jp/cname_20190919103500.pdf ・ “Shibuya PARCO enjoys food! The menu concept of a wide variety of restaurants and cafes in all 37 stores is open to the public!” (September 24, 2019) www.parco.co.jp/pdf/jp/cname_20190924150520.pdf ・ Shibuya PARCO gallery opening plan announcement! Atsuko Hirano’s food indie label “HIRANO FOOD SERVICE” and “Sunday“ Akko-chan and Itoi ”” are on the rise (October 17, 2019) prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000001120.000003639.html ・ New powerful Shibuya PARCO POP UP space “GATE” is open! The first will be Kiryu’s “st company” (October 18, 2019) prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000001121.000003639.html * Information is as of October 21, 2019 and is subject to change.

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